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At www.panditrkshastri.com we would like to invite all new and old writers to contribute with your understanding. If you have interest in astrology and would like to make use of it for assisting others, panditrkshastri.com is the medium to reach large viewership. Your article can be on Astrology Vedic or Western Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Palmistry, Spirituality or any other occult topics.


Article Submission Guidelines-

  • Posts must be approximately 600+ words long, preferably more. We only need the best for our visitors and posts shorter compared to this are generally less helpful.
  • We only take articles which are written in English at this moment.
  • The article must not contain affiliate links.
  • Articles must be written simply by you and totally authentic! We will be checking ALL submissions for breach of copyright.
  • No offensive language is to be used in one of the articles.
  • We book the right to format the submitted article to match the rest of the panditrkshastri.com posts.

This tends in order to be only correcting spelling and grammar and incorporating any additional images required to associated with article more visually appealing.


How to submit post On panditrkshastri.com ?

In case you are interested please contact Astrologer Rk Shastri and a merchant account will be registered on panditrkshastri. com and the required username & Password will be given to you along with complete instructions on what to submit your posts.

Email- info@panditrkshastri.com

Benefits of posting on panditrkshastri.com:

  • You will get a backlinks (only in author Box) for your weblog for every article you submit on panditrkshastri. com. This will be a great way to build backlinks and entice more visitors to your site.
  • Higher exposure for the work on our Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter accounts.
  • Increased traffic, loyal readers and SEO for your blog page and your ability to show your work.

So what you are awaiting? write for us plus get maximum exposure!

Regarding more queries, You are able to get in touch with us via Contact All of us Page.

Email- info@panditrkshastri.com





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