Witchcraft spells-

Witchcraft is related by the religion Wicca. And the Witch word means wise so is also called craft from wise. It is practised from the old times and then it was practised by the women only as the women were free at home and all the men works to earn livelihood so at home they were very close to the nature so they decoded the powers of nature. They recognized the natural energies and learned the rituals and methods to gather the natural powers within them and started to use them for the curing and healing purposes. These women were well verse in this subject so they were aware with the efficiency of the herbs also. They use these herbs and their gathered energy to cure the people who suffer from different kinds of health ailments. Whether the person is suffering from the mental disease or the physical disease the methods applied by these women were enough effective that they can remove and kind of problem. With the time then they discovered the powers of nature for many other purposes also. Witchcraft spells are the discoveries of these practitioners.


The people who practice witchcraft are called witches. To be the witch is not a very easy task because these people keep their secrets of healing and casting spells to them only. There is no print material available to learn the rituals and rites to caste the spells. There are many types and kinds of methods which are used by the witches to caste the spells. These methods were passed only generation to generation of the practitioners. To learn and to be the expert in the field of witchcraft needs a lot of dedications and hard work. As much as you will work on this subject that much you will be perfect in casting the spells and practising the rituals. The witches have faith in the natural energies, especially in the five elements of the universe. The five elements the air, water, earth and the fire are the main source of their powers to caste the spells. Certain rituals and methods are performed to attain the powers of the five elements which helps the practitioner to caste the spells.


witchcraft spell


The person who has gathered much energy will be the perfect in casting the spells as the energy gathered by him will help him in casting the spells. To gather the energy within yourself you will have to undergo many kinds of methods and rituals. When you will find the best method for you and the method which suits you in attaining the energy then you will have to practice it daily to get the energy. The energy gathered by you is your efficiency for casting the spells. So you will have to work a lot to find out the ritual and the method that is best for you to get the energies of the five elements. There is no terms and conditions to become a witch but if you want to be a witch then you must have full dedication and faith in casting the spells because without faith you will not be able to gather energy and you will never be able to caste the spells.


Witchcraft Love spells-


There are many uses of these spells and now these spells are used for the different kinds of purposes. These spells have all the powers to resolve all kinds of problems which happen in our daily life and to avoid all kinds of unwanted situations which we face. These spells are bliss for the people who lose their love following any kind of reasons and the people who face differences in their married life. By utilizing these spells they can get their lost love back and can remove all kinds of disturbances and differences from the married life. You will be able to fill your love relationship and married life with love and affections. With the help of Witchcraft spells you will be able to get the love of the person whom you like.


In the cases in which a person loves someone but he cannot express his feelings but he has strong wishes to get the love of that person then he can use these spells to create3 love in the heart of that particular person for himself in a very short time period. When a person has strong crush on anyone and takes the decision to get that person in his or her life then by casting these spells he or she can marry their crush. There are many more uses and advantages of these spells. When someone practice some kind of a black magic or some other evil thing on the person then the target person has to encounter many kinds of problems and difficulties in his life.


He is unaware that what has gone wrong with his life and finds no one who can resolve his situations or who can save him from the effects. These spells are the best option to get rid from any kind of black magic no matters how much strong it is. By using these spells you will be able to get rid from all kinds of evil things and you will be protected from all these kinds of things for further. The person who becomes the target of such things is ruined from all the sides. He faces loss of wealth or property and suffers from severe diseases which can result death at last. The person has no use of any medicine on him. He faces disputes at home and disturbances in married life he loses his mental ability to take his own decisions. These spells will remove all kinds of evil things and their effects from the person.


witchcraft spell

Method Of Casting Witchcraft Spells- 


Casting Witchcraft spells needs to follow a proper methodology. To caste the spells a particular atmosphere is created by lighting candles and incense and fragrances are used and flowers are used. The witches prefer to caste the spells outdoor and the place which is close to the nature. It is helpful for them in attaining the powers of the nature. A circle of nine meters of diameter is created on the floor which is the influenced area for the energies attract. In this area only the person who is casting the spells and the person for whom the spells are being casted are seated but when the spell casting is done by the group of people it is called coven there is separate method over there. Actually witches believes in two worlds that exist one is in which we all are living and is called by them the visible world and the one is invisible world.


The person can attain that world only after the death. The people are living there as in the forms of spirits. They believe that all the living things have spirit in them and they have faith that the mountains, oceans, seas etc. also have their own spirit. The practitioners of witchcraft are very close to nature and they are well verse in the techniques and rituals which are used to attain the powers and energies from the nature. They energize special kinds of tools which are filled with the energies and are sued for the many kinds of works and purposes. The widely used tool is known as the Talisman which is worn on the neck of the person. It is energized by performing designated rituals and by casting selected spells on them when they are charged with different practices and spells then they are ready to help you in getting you specific kind of wish or desire to be fulfilled. Some of the energized and charged tools are worn by the people and some of them are meant to be placed at home or work place. When a selected tool is placed in the house it brings peace and harmony in home and protects the residents of the home from the evil eye and black magic kind of things.


witchcraft spell


There are special tools available to attract good luck and to avoid bad luck. The tool which is placed at the work place is meant to avoid loss in business and to make huge gains. These tools are pre energized by the witch and she places these tools by practising rituals and special methods to get the desired results. These Talismans are charged by placing it in the pentacle and some sand is thrown on it to get the energies of earth and then some incense is lighted to get the energies of the air. Then to attain the energy of the fire you will have to light a candle and pass the Talisman from the flame of the candle.


Then to charge it with the energies of water spread some drops of the water on it and say the purpose for which it is going to be used. The process concludes concentration while practising the method and the most important thing is the energies which you have collected prior by practising the special kind of ritual. When the charging of the Talisman is over then takes it in your hand rise the hand to show it to God to get his blessings. In the older times also some special kinds of tools which were energized by performing specialized rituals and by casting selected spells were used to place at home or at work place these tools were helpful to protect the occupants of the house from the evil spirits and other evil things and which were place at the work place were used to make their business profitable and to avoid losses in business.


bussines problem


Some of these energized tools were worn on the body of the people like jewellery and they were worn to attract good luck and to avoid bad luck the people who used to suffer from any kind of disease they also use these kinds of energized tools to be cured. These tools are helpful for the people who start a new business to make the business profitable and to avoid losses and to protect the business from the evil eyes. When someone plays any kind of mischief or practice black magic kind of thing on you or wants to ruin your business then this tool protects you from the enemies and from the evil eye.


 Witchcraft Real spells-

Witch craft is now very much popular among the people and has made its space in each and every field. When people practice black magic on someone to take revenge or to put curses on the person or to ruin the person then Witch craft spells plays an important role in removing the back magic and its effects. These spells are casted with a proper methodology in which worshipping, attracting and attaining the energies of elements of the universe, casting spells in a specially created atmosphere by lighting incense and by the use of fragrances and candle lighting. There are many kinds of methods and rituals present in the witchcraft to caste these kinds of spells. If you have lost your love or have lost your spouse following any kind of reasons then you can use these spells to get your lost lover or spouse back to you. When a person becomes the target of some black magic or some other kind of evil thing then these spells are most useful to remove black magic and to remove any kind of evil things and their effects from the person.


When a person becomes the victim of these things then he is ruined from all the sides as he faces loss of wealth and property, he suffers with different kinds of diseases where no medicine works on the person and with the time the disease becomes the cause of death, he faces disputes at home, differences in married life he has no peace and harmony in his life at all. By using these spells he can get rid from all kinds of evil things and their effects in a very short time period and for the future he will be remain protected from all kinds of these things. If someone is under the influence of some spirit then also these spells can be used to remove the spirit from that person. But when you ask any witch who is practicing witchcraft under the Wicca religion to practice it to harm anyone then he will not help you at any cost because they never use their energies to harm people they only work for the welfare of the humankind.


Learning Witchcraft is not easy task as it needs dedication and faith in the Witchcraft. The practitioners spend their whole life in learning this magic and this magic is more than the religion for them. As there are no print materials made by the Ancestors of Witch craft users so it is only transferred from the generations to generations. If you want to learn this art then fist of all you will have to gather the energies of the five elements of the universe. There are different methods and rituals which are used to gather powers of the nature within yourself. You have to practice them all and have to find out that which method suits you the best then you will have to practice that method and the ritual daily to get the powers. The power gathered by you will increase the proficiency of the spells casted by you. You will have to gather as much power as you can that will also help you in casting the Witchcraft spells. Nobody can deny that the witch craft spells can make our life easy and comfortable as it has all the powers to resolve all kind of difficulties and there nothing related to the evil things so is can be used safely and without harming anyone. It’s like a wishing well which has all the capacities to fulfil our all the needs and wants.




Tools Used in Witchcraft Spells –

There are specific tools which witches use to caste the spells as these tools do not have any powers in themselves but they makes the process of casting Witchcraft spells more easy and simple. First of all they use Athame, it is a kind of sharp edge knife and it is used to draw a circle which is used as the influenced area used for the casting of spells. The handle is engraved with magical symbols and it represents the element fire. The other important tool is Pentacle which is made of the wood or some metal and it is engraved with the pentagram and it is used as the altar for the witches on which specific things are placed which are charged and energized with the energies. The other tool is Wand which is made from the sacred trees like apple tree, cherry tree or peach tree wood and it is used to invoke god and goddesses and their blessings are taken to caste the spells.


Censer the other tool of the witches which is an incense stand and some sand is placed in the bowl to make the incense sticks stand in the sand and its ashes drops in the bowl. It represents air element. The water element is represented by Chalice. The directions North, East, West and south also play an important role while casting the spells. The process of cleansing the tools before using them is an important task. For the cleansing they are washed with the natural water which is taken from the natural source of water like river, sea or ocean and then they are buried under the ground for several days to purify them. It is believed that if there is any negative energy present in the tool then it will go away and the tolls will be purified and ready to use. Instead of burying the tolls you can put them in a water bowl but it is important that the water should be brought from the natural source of water and some sea salt should be mixed in the water and put the tools in the water to get them purified.



While casting the spells there are many important things which are mandatory for the spell casing spells are to be followed sincerely. Even the phases of the moon are very important in making your spell casting process successful and effective. Mostly the spell casting is practiced while waxing moon and waning moon. Even the days and time is also mentioned for casting the spells. All the methods and rituals have their different methodology so you should be aware with the complete method and the rituals and very important when and with which ingredients are to be used for the spell casting. Following proper method and procedure will give you the desired results.


Witchcraft spells are very effective and strong and they give their results in a very short time period. These spells do not harm anyone and there are no sacrifices done in the Witchcraft. The witches have faith that anything wrong done for the living being will come back to you three times larger. They do not even help anyone in practising magic against any person. The casting spell process is done by using the old methods which are in their tradition and the rituals are practised with the use of candles, incense, special herbs, oils and crystals etc.. and the energies and powers gathered by the witch. The candles plays an important role in casting spells and the candles are used from the ages for the different purposes like to worship and making prayers.



The candle is the source of fire element it draws away all the negative energies from the place where you are processing spell casting. It helps the caster to attain the energy from the fire element. The color of the candle, placement of the candle and the number of the candles they vary from method to method for casting Witchcraft spells. The herbs are the natural way to keep the negative energies away. All the herbs and plants have some kind of properties in them and the witches are well known to them they recognize the powers the herbs and utilize them according to their needs. The herb used in the casting spells and rituals are in the combination form and according to the requirement of the procedure. Some of the herbs are used as the Talisman and worn on the body to keep the negative energies and evil things away and some of them are used to take herbal bath for the purifying the body and some of them are consumed and drunk for the cleansing of thoughts and mind.



Witch craft spell



Who Can Cast Witchcraft Spells-


The Witch craft spells can be casted in the two manners, in first way you can spells caste at your own level if you have got the best ritual which can increase your spiritual powers and you have enough practiced it to gather energies and powers within yourself. After completing all the methods to gather the energies and powers and after exercising different kinds of rituals and when you have all the knowledge that these spells are to be casted in this manner and these particular things will be used in the casting then you are able to caste the spells at your own level.


And another one is for the people who do not have much knowledge and they are practicing witchcraft to learn the rituals and the methods then they caste the spells in the groups called coven. The particular coven is under the guidance of some senior priest who directs you to perform the different kinds of tasks. From the coven the newcomers use to learn rituals and methods of casting spells. When you join the coven then you will have to take oath that the rituals and methods learned over there and the other related things will not be discussed outside with anyone. This is a mandatory law which you will have to be followed very sincerely and other thing you will have to keep with you is the identity of the other members of the coven. You are not allowed to disclose it even to your family members.


Misconceptions About Witchcraft Spells-


Book of shadows which belongs to the Wicca religion and it is the key guide for the witchcraft Spells. It contains all the rituals, methods of practising magic, traditions, laws and terms to practice witchcraft and the specially designated all kinds of spells which are used and approved by the other witches. The people have myths and misconceptions about Witchcraft spells that

1- witchcraft is practised to harm others and some say to practice witchcraft the practitioners use to give sacrifices of living beings but we clear you that Witchcraft is not an evil kind of thing and it respect the nature and natural things so its practice does not consist anything which is against the nature.

2- It is also stated that black magic is associated with the witchcraft but it is very far away from the truth as black magic is totally a different subject and field and it has nothing to do with the witchcraft. It is only practised for the healing purposes and to remove each and every kind of problem and troubles of the people.

3- With the help of the witchcraft Spells we can live our life in peace and harmony. The Witchcraft spells are bliss to the mankind and anybody can take advantages from it. If you are interested to learn this art and want to serve the humanity then this art is the best way.

4- If you want to know about the authentication of this art and want to learn that whether it works or not then there is a big yes that this art works and it is only the intentions behind the practising of the method if the method is done for the benefits of the people then it will definitely work.

5- If you are practising it with the wrong intentions like to take revenge from someone or to harm any other person then it will not work. Even no witch will help you if you are doing it for the wrong reasons because for witches it is more than a religion and they never go out of their limits. This art is practised from the older times and many people have taken the advantages of this art.


Problems which are solved by Witchcraft Spells –


Now it is becoming famous all over the world.



3. Married life,

4. Career,

5. Education,

6. Job,

7. Promotion In Job

8.Not conceiving a child,

9. Loss in business,

10-Bad luck and evil things

11. And Many More like problems can be resolved in a short time period with the help of this art, The people who are not getting job in spite of being capable for it then these spells will work like miracles for you. The couple who is unable to have a child even after many years of marriage can get a child as by getting assistance from the natural energies and elements of the universe. The person who is facing bad luck from all the sides can get rid from the bad luck and can attract the good luck by utilizing this art.


The people who practice this art they are very close to nature and they know the rituals and methods to gather the energies of the nature and they know how to utilize them for the welfare of the people. The method to attain the energies of the nature and the elements includes special rituals, practices, worshipping, praying, concentrating and meditating. Some of the rituals will also help you to be a good human being and to be kind to others. You will be able to high up your personality and wisdom level. You will come near to God and nature and with their assistance you can get any kind of your wish or desire to be fulfilled. There is no harm in learning this art and in practising it rest all the things are myths. If you want to use this art with the good intentions then you will not be disappointed.

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