You may find lot of astrologer/tantriks who would be claiming that they are best astrologer or have an expertise in astrology, and can solve your problem in few hours. Out of them only few are genuine and rest are just money diggers. So be careful before choosing your astrologers.


I am sure out 0f 10 people who are reading this article , 5-6 are those who have been to any astrologer at any phase of their life. Some get success and some doesn’t. So it becomes more important to choose the astrologer wisely.


Best Famous Astrologer Of Chennai- Pandit Rk Shastri


Pandit R.K. Shastri ji is a very well known name in the field of Astrology and he is the Top best and famous Astrologer in Chennai. He offer all the related services all over the world. People praise for his abilities in the field of Astrology. He has helped many people by solving their different kinds of problems with the help of Astrology. The remedies provided by him really work like miracles and the problem get resolved very soon.


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Why Pandit R.K. Shastri ji is Best and why people prefer him ?


1. His predictions always comes true.


2. Suggestions and remedies given by him change lives of the people.


3. He is very educated and very expert in his field.


4. Pandit R.K. Shastri ji has attained several mystical powers.


5. He works for the welfare of the people selflessly.


6. You can get all the Astrology services under one roof.


7. He has done research for many years and possesses enough experience in this field.


8. Top best and famous Astrologer in Chennai can remove all types of problems with the help of Astrological remedies.


9. He hails from such a family in which astrology is practiced from many generations.


|| अगर आप किसी स्त्री या पुरुष को अपने वश में करना चाहते है और चाहते है की जैसा आप कहे वैसा ही वह करे तो इसके लिए करे क्लिक – यहाँ ||


Awards and accolades won by Top best and famous astrologer in Chennai :-


1. He has won seven gold medals constantly for his contributions in the field of Astrology.


2. Pandit R.K. Shastri ji is awarded Jyotish Rattan by national astrologers society.


3. He is also awarded as a Best Astrologer in India by national Cosmology centre.


4. He has attained Doctorate in the field of Astrology.


5. He is also awarded for his Astrological remedies book.


5. National jyotish society has awarded him as Jyotish bhusahan.


|| दुनिआ के पांच सबसे असरदार और खतरनाक उपाय जानने के लिए यहाँ करे – क्लिक ||


Services provided by Top best and famous astrologer in Chennai :-


1. Kundli making, reading and matching.


2. Palmistry, forehead and face reading.


3. Numerology services.


4. Provides Gems by analysing birth chart.


5. All types of Vedic Havan, Pooja and rituals


If you want answer of one question and short remedy of your problem then you can ask in the comment box at the bottom.


6. Provides astrological solutions for all types of problems.


7. Suggest newborn baby names.


8. Marriage rituals.


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In Chennai many seminars on astrology are organised from the last many years and people take part in these seminars widely. People related to different professions used to consult us to get solutions for their problems and to get Astrological advice for different occasions. In this city very renown CBRT India academy provides all types of courses of Astrology and every year many students passes out from this academy. The people of Chennai have their full faith in Vedic astrology and they use to take astrological advice from us for different types of occasions. Top best and famous astrologer in Chennai can be contacted by all the means of communications and you can also meet him personally by taking an appointment.


Note – You can get complete one year horoscope report just for 1100 Rs.


  1. Pandit Rk Shastri has been awarded 3 consecutive times as the Best Astrologer in Cennai By TCBMS ( Trinity Chennai Bhrighu Mahasabha Sangh ).


2. His Writing appears in Many Newspaper, magazines and Tv.


3. Serving in Chennai From Last 20 Years with Family.


Having dedicated offices in Chennai, making easier for People to reach him personally.


Well Known name in Chennai. Organises Various Camps on astrology, Numerology.


Why People Consider him as Best Astrologer of Chennai :-


1. Free Consultancy over the Phone.


2. Complete Satisfaction.


3. Provides Accurate Predictions and Yearly Report of astrology Chart.


4. Minimal Charges of Rs 1100 for Making One year Horoscope and Giving Complete Insight about your Personality.


5. Having complete knowledge of Various Hawan and pooja Path.


अगर आप वशीकरण स्पेशलिस्ट बनना चाहते है और करना चाहते है किसी को भी अपने वश में तो करे क्लिक – यहाँ




1. Complete Anaylsis of Astrology Chart and Kundali


2. Complete Numerology Services.


3. Vastu Visits to houses, shops and Commercials sights.


4. Love Compatability Report


5. Remedial Measures on Various Issues of Life.


6. Chart for Child Education and Future.

Best Famous Astrologer In Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali



Does Pandit Rk Shastri Uses Black magic to harm some one No
Does Pandit Rk shastri work is safe Yes
Will it create some problem in the life of other person No
Does Pandit Rk Shastri makes any sacrifice of Animals in Pooja No
Pandit Rk shastri has any other website from this No
Can we meet him in Personal Yes
How we get money back if we are not satisfied  just send mail to him.
In how many Days Refund Procedure is initiated In 7 days


If you want answer of one question and short remedy of your problem then you can ask in the comment box at the bottom.


Astrology is a discipline that imparts knowledge of creating horoscopes and to use the celestial bodies’ positions, to interpret on understanding the human existence on the earth. Astrology and science are different disciplines and is also based on different principles. Yet, astrology has a set of mathematical proof to be calculated. Pandit RK Shastri, the famous astrologer in Chennai, very strongly says that a planetary position informs the success or failure of a person.  Astrology according to Panditji is not any guessing game; in fact it is based on the quantitative calculation and your creative application of power. This depth of knowledge in astrology has made Panditji a best astrologer in Chennai.


Telephonic Consultation Charges are 1100 Rs and Personal Consultation charges are 2100 rs.


One thing is certain that only a talented and knowledgeable astrologer like Pandit RK shastri can help people easily come out of their problems to a great extent. He is not simply referred as the top astrologer in Chennai, but it is because of his accurate predictions that work in number of occasions. He has clients all over the globe and the list of clients keep increasing due to the references and recommendations passed on by each other. He is a famous astrologer in Chennai and can be approached for various problems such as love affairs, love marriage, inter cast marriage, family issues regarding the marriage, getting your lover back, child issues, children not in favor, study, job carrier, business benefits, enemy court case and physical problem solutions.


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Apart from the astrological consultation, he is renowned as the best astrologer in Chennai for his online prediction. He offers personalized horoscope and also gives clear details of the planets position. He shows the divisional charts and explains that even a lay man can understand the depth of his horoscope and so feels comfortable to put his problems to this top astrologer in Chennai, Pandit RK Shastri.  He not only explains the details, but also recommends the remedial aspect. He is been dealing with international clients and his specialization in prediction is the main catch bringing in people from various fields such as politics, stock market, health, business, finance, match making and films.


If you want answer of one question and short remedy of your problem then you can ask in the comment box at the bottom.




Kundli matching is important while match making to know the compatibility and the same applies to know your astrology predictions. Your horoscope is the key that helps you come out of your problems when experts like Pandit RK Shastri, the best astrologer in Chennai ensure the perspective of your horoscope. A horoscope contains essential information right from the birth to the present time through which astrologers find the upcoming bad and good events. This is helpful when an astrologer gives the exact prediction and predicts before starting. This information attracts people as they find it convenient to work towards the good and to stay safe towards the bad.




Pandit RK Shastri, the best astrologer in Chennai, is helping many people attain their ways of success. He does not make any differences and gives his prediction to anyone approaching him. He is able to solve issues relating to love affairs, love marriage, inter cast marriage, family issues regarding the marriage, getting your lover back, child issues, children not in favor, study, job carrier, business benefits, enemy court case and physical problems.  He does not give answers on a random basis, instead sincerely works out the horoscope and finds an appropriate solution. He convinces each person by showing him the right path.


Telephonic Consultation Charges are 1100 Rs and Personal Consultation charges are 2100 rs.


Pandit RK Shastri, the best astrologer in Chennai, is in high demand. This metro city is full of tech savvy and industrialists that with the growth of jobs, there is increase in problems and it includes professional, individual, persona and married life problems.  Fortunately, Panditji is showing the right path to many, you can also be one of the fortunate. 


Pandit Rk Shastri Provides Best and His Famous Astrology service in the following areas of Chennai:-


Redhills Kodungaiyur Eest Kodungaiyur west Puzhal
Moolakadai Kolathur Parry’s Corner Royapuram
Vallalar Nagar New Washermenpet George Town Choolai
Sembiam Oragadam Pattravakkam Avadi north
Kathivakkam Sathangadu Kadambakkam Kathirvedu
Basin Bridge Jamalia Kosapet Anna Nagar
Ambattur Chinmaya Nagar Defence Colony Padi
Korattur KK Nagar KK Nagar East Karambakkam
Saligramam Shakthi Nagar Virugambakkam Valasaravakkam
Thirunindravur Ramapuram M.G.R Nagar Poonamallee
Porur Alandur Perungudi Besant Nagar
Thiruvanmiyur Madipakkam Pallikaranai Kovilambakkam
Injambakkam Pallavaram Mudichur Varadharajapuram
Pazhaverkadu Ponneri Athipattu Sholavaram
Minjur Red Hills Ennore Pattabiram
Thirunindravur Avadi Kattupakkam Poonamallee
Thirumazhisai Pallavaram Pozhichalur Anakaputhur
Pammal Chrompet Keelkattalai Chitlapakkam
Tambaram Selaiyur Madambakkam Medavakkam
Sithalapakkam Kovilambakkam Nanmangalam Karapakkam
Kanathur Muttukadu Kelambakkam Kovalam
Siruseri Mugalivakkam Vyasarpadi Old Washermenpet
Korukkupet Choolai Pattalam Korattur



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  • Nidya September 4, 2016   Reply →

    Hello Sir,

    I need prediction for some of my questions.SO what are the details that is required for prediction and how much do you charge for online prediction.
    Iam not sure about my exact birth time.I have an approximate time.will that be sufficient?

    • Shastri Ji September 5, 2016   Reply →

      we need your name, date of birth , birth time and birth place to tell you better.

    • Vinodhini February 11, 2017   Reply →

      Hai sir iam vinodhini my elder brother sathyaraj rasi midhunam natchathiram thiruvadhirai. He is having raghu kedhu dhosham and chevvai dhosham and we are searching a good bride for him when he will get marriage his date of birth 13. 07. 1988 is there any pariharam. How much you will charge sir?

  • Subramanian October 11, 2016   Reply →

    I want to see jathagam for my friend. How much do you charge?

  • Shiva November 8, 2016   Reply →

    Name . Swetha Shiva
    D.o.b . 24 . 11.2004
    Place of birth. Muscat , oman
    Time of birth 0505 PM

    Can you pls send the jhadagam .

    • Shastri Ji April 6, 2017   Reply →

      It is your Life Prediction

      You are a lover of all that is beautiful, whether it is a work of art, a pleasant landscape or a person of good appearance. Not only do you value beauty as measured by the eye, but you are attracted also by beauty in other forms. Good music appeals to you, a good character possessed by an individual appeals to you. You are a connoisseur of everything that is above ordinary.You have a gift for making other people happy. You know how to comfort those who are troubled and you know how to make them pleased with themselves. This is a rare gift and there are not enough people like you in the world.You are not as practical as some people, and in keeping appointments, you are not too punctual.You are somewhat over-sensitive and there are times when you are put out needlessly. But your displeasure does not show itself in the form of a squabble. Disharmony is a thing you avoid at all costs. May be, you nurse a grievance, but this is something that others are never allowed to sense. You keep it strictly to yourself.

      You are idealistic and inspiring to others, for you have inherent spiritual faith. Extremely sensitive, you are well liked – you rarely hurt others’ feeling. Your happiness comes from the realisation that the difficulties of life are the lessons that you have to learn to become a complete individual.

      You tend to be miserable in many ways because you are afraid to tell people how you feel about them. Thus, you build up hostility. Start immediately to say what is on your mind and you will begin to find meaningful relationships with others.

  • C.b.nithin prasath January 22, 2017   Reply →

    Sir I want to know my future in find the details below.
    My date of birth =17.07.1984
    Time of birth: 3.06 pm.
    Place of birth : chennai

  • Dhinesh February 6, 2017   Reply →

    Name: Dhinesh
    Date of birth: 22-10-1988
    Birth time: 3.05am
    Birth place: Pondicherry
    Dear sir
    I want to know about my career and life

    After 5 years actually who am I ? either I will be a well-known personality or should i lead a normal middle class life ( Any sudden change will change the entire complexion of my life?)

    When should I get marry? How about the mutual companionship between us? When I will meet her?

    • Shastri Ji April 6, 2017   Reply →

      Dhinesh, क्योंकि आप धैर्यवान हैं और आप एक स्थिर कार्यचाहते हैं, इसलिये आपको जल्दबाजी की कोई आवश्यकता नहीं है। आपको बैंकिंग,सरकारी सेवा, बीमा क्षेत्र जैसे क्षेत्रों में भाग्य आजमाइश करनी चाहिए जहां परपरिवर्तन धीरे-धीरे एवं सुनिश्चित तौर पर होता हो। आप इस प्रकार के कार्यमें न सिर्फ लम्बी दौड़ में बेहतर प्रदर्शन करेंगे बल्कि आपको उसके भीतर देखनेका धैर्य और साहस भी है।

      Dhinesh, आपके पास अद्भुत स्मरण शक्ति, बेहतर स्वास्थ्य एवंआपके चरित्र में एक विशेष आकर्षण है। यह निश्चित तौर पर इंगित करताहै कि आप नेतृत्व करने के लिये ही पैदा हुए हैं। चाहे आपका कार्यक्षेत्र कोई भीक्यों न हो, आप उसमें बेहतर करेंगे। परन्तु जब आप छोटे पद से वरिष्ट पदकी ओर बढेंगे तथा यदि पदोन्नति मन्द होगी, तो आप निराश हो जाएंगे औरकुछ गलत बोलकर आप अपने हाथ आए हुए अवसर को खो देंगे। एक बार आपवरिष्ठ पद पर पहंुच गये, आप दृढ़ता से स्वयं को स्थापित कर पाएंगे। इससेयह स्पष्ट होता है कि आप उच्च पद पर अपेक्षाकृत बेहतर प्रदर्शन करेंगे। निश्चयही, हमारी यह सलाह है कि आरम्भिक समय में आप आगे बढ़ने के प्रति सचेत रहें।

      Dhinesh, आप सभी प्रकार से पैसा बनाने की क्षमता रखते हैं फिरचाहे वह उद्योग हो, व्यापार हो या दूसरों को नौकरी देना हो। आप हर परेशानीसे निकलने का रास्ता जानते हैं और आप जीवन में जो भी मार्ग चुनेंगे, उसकेप्रति कृतसंकल्प रहेंगे। आप अपने सभी प्रकार के कार्यों में बड़े जोखिम उठानेवाले हैं। आप जीवन को खेल की तरह ज़्यादा लेते हैं बजाय कि गम्भीरता से लेनेके। व्यापक स्तर पर भाग्य आपका जीवन के उत्तरार्ध में साथ देगा। आपको वित्तीयसम्बन्धों की चिन्ता करने की कोई आवश्यकता नहीं है। एक बार आपके जीवन काप्रारम्भिक भाग पूर्ण हो जाए, आप उस समय में रखी हुई बुनियाद का पूरा फायदाउठाएंगे। आपको जीवन में धन व पद प्राप्त होगा।

  • SUMIT KANT February 18, 2017   Reply →


    Sumit Kant
    DOB- 10.04.1963 at 1.05 PM at Dhanbad, Jharkhand now

    • Shastri Ji February 22, 2017   Reply →

      There is possibility of changing jobs after the jume. It will bring auspicious time for you

  • Sureshram May 13, 2017   Reply →

    Dear shastri
    Am suresh from chennai ..I lost my job more than 6 Month am searching but not getting any .at some cost getting but at last mint am not getting .am totally depressed have 1 year baby am suffering a lot I tried my best ..when I’ll get job.. pls help me don’t know what to do
    D.o.b 7.11.1984 .time.7.10AM at chennai tamilnadu

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