This is a contract between you and Pandit RK Shastri at panditrkshastri.com. (It includes modification/ alteration/ deletion/change in this agreement by from time to time).

Free Consent

You declare that with a sound mind and any sort of undue force, influence or pressure on you, you shall be bound by the website terms as also by the disclaimer terms. You also undertake any dispute arising or relating to the non-performance of obligations as a visitor of this website of Pt. RK Shastri or as a seeker of advice, opinion or consultancy from the panditrkshastri.com website services or for non-payment of due for the services rendered as per this agreement, then there is exclusive jurisdiction to file a law suit on you, being the visitor or was seeking advice, shall be at New Delhi court.


Using this site of Pt RK Shastri means you must enter into contract as eligible member as per the applicable laws of the country you reside and India. Your use of panditrkshastri.com website determines that you have the authority, right and capacity to enter this Agreement and must abide to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Even if you have disability to enter into contract should be informed so that subsequently, panditrkshastri.com website terminate/change/restrict at its own discretion.

Term & Termination

This Agreement is very important and will be in effect on using the site as a member of panditrkshastri.com. You may terminate the membership for any reason by writing to terminate the membership. Thus you will not be permitted to get a refund for the unutilized subscription fees to reports or digital content purchased at panditrkshastri.com. The same can be done by the site by sending termination notice to you, the member at your email address you have provided in the Agreement. If panditrkshastri.com terminates your membership as breaching Agreement, you are not receiving any unused subscription fees or refund. After getting terminated also panditrkshastri.com reserves the right to delete the services at any time, though the service stops with immediate effect. Once suspended or cancelled indicates your data cannot be retrieved. We will refund the amount to you, if we cancel the service without reason.

You understand that panditrkshastri.com at its sole discretion may at any time, without prior notice, may prohibit or restrict access to using the website or its related services.

Non-Commercial Use 

The panditrkshastri.com is for the individual member’s personal use only, and may not be used with commercial endeavors unless approved and registered as an ‘Affiliate’ of this Site. This includes giving away links to other websites, regardless of whether it may be some deemed competitive to panditrkshastri.com. Unauthorized and illegal uses of the Site will be investigated, and suitable legal action will be taken. Panditrkshastri.com is entitled to claim from you, your heirs, successors, if any revenue or profit is gained or expected with penalty of 50% of the profit on the unauthorized use of the website. You will not pass on or broadcast any junk email or chain letters to panditrkshastri.com members. Our website reserves the authority to screen messages.

Copyright Policy

The proprietary rights do not permit you a member to reproduce this material or other information without acquiring written consent. If you consider your work is copied through us, you must provide details to our copyright agent such as a description of the work copyrighted and is claimed now as infringed, a written statement about the material description you claim is infringing, a statement of penalty and a statement that this information is accurate and you are the copyright owner. 


Use of the Www.panditrkshastri.com or the service is governed by the panditrkshastri.com Privacy Policy.

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