Taurus 2017 horoscope

taurus Taurus ( May 21 – June 21)


January to March


This period of the year will be fine for your family relations and you will enjoy peace and happiness at your home. You can travel somewhere during this period. If you take any task in your hands you will finish it successfully but you will have to put some extra efforts. You will be winner at your workplace.


April to June


You can fall in love during this period of the year. You can face some stress or tension because of your business. If you will start any business related to iron during this period then you will be successful. This period is very auspicious for starting any new business.


July to September


All your negative impacting Planets will be calm and you will get rid from all of your problems. You will get success in every field and you will enjoy your family life with joy and happiness. You will get increase in sources of your income.

October to December


During this part of the year you can face issues related health of your family member. But you need not to worry at all because with the time everything will be fine. You will definitely get success in your business.


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Love life

Your love life will be fine and love and bonding with your partner will remain good. You can think to take your love relationship to the next level. You will clearly notice increase in love and bonding with your partner. For your love relationship this part of the year is best for you.





In the starting of the year you will have to take care of your health. You can face issues related to joint pains or throat. Rest of the year is very good for your health.





In the starting you will have to struggle but after some time you will get a fine job. If you want to start new business then first week of the March month is very auspicious for you.

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