Scorpio 2017 horoscope

scorpio Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)


January to March


People belongs to this sign are very friendly and they are very kind. In the starting of the year you will remain happy and prosperous. You can face some tensions related to your work. In this part of the year your all works will be completed. You will get many opportunities but in this part of the year avoid investing money. In the last part of the year you can make investments.


April to June


This part of the year will bring happiness and you can get promotion in your job also. To avoid problems you will have to take control over yourself. There will be peace and happiness at your home. You can go somewhere with your family. You can meet your old friend with whom you were not in contact from the long time period.


July to September


In this part of the year you will get rid from your very big problem. In this part of the year you will be satisfied with your income. You will not have to worry about your health in this part of the year. You can face minor issue related to your child.

October to December


In this part of the year you can face some issue with your colleague but you can take control over the situation by controlling yourself. Think twice before starting any new task. This period will be very auspicious for your business.


horoscope prediction



Love life

Those who are single will get their love in the middle of this year and those who are already in love relationship can start preparing for marriage. Married people will enjoy their married life but minor issues can happen.





In this year your health will be alright but in the end of the year you can face minor problem related to your head or throat. The problem will be very minor and it will be for very short time period. Beware of cold wear warm cloths to avoid problems.





The people who are making efforts from a very long time period to get a job they will find job in the starting of the year. The people who want to start new business then starting of the year will be auspicious for them.


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