Santaan Gopal Mantra

Santaan Gopal Mantra


Children are the best gift a person receives from the God because children fill the life of the person with happiness cans charms. Home is complete only with the children but there are some couples who remain deprived of the loveliest gift of the God. It is seen that even after several years of marriage, couples are unable to conceive a child. They consult various doctors to get their problem solved but a couple is declared medically fit to conceive a baby even then they are unable to have a child. Sometimes there is no Yog of a child in the horoscope of the person and sometimes negative impacts of some planetary positions are creating hurdles and people think that they are not having a child just because of some physical lacking. They keep on spending huge money in big hospitals and remain childless.
In the Ancient holy Vedas, there are very useful methods are available by which conceiving a child can be possible. If we notice one thing that a person only leave his child to run his clan and son is essential for this purpose. To create Yog for child and son in the horoscope the most powerful mantra is Santaan Gopal mantra. The people who don’t have any child they can have a child by using this mantra and the couple who will enchant this mantra according to the method given here will have a son. To use Santaan Gopal mantra you will need to Sidh this mantra first but instead this you can use Santaan Gopal Yantra.


What are the uses of Santaan Gopal mantra??


(1) To have a baby.


If the couple is not having child even after many years of marriage because of some physical lacking or because of some planetary positions than Santaan Gopal mantra can be used to have a child.


(2) To have a baby boy.


Son takes forward the Clan and a person’s soul rests in the peace after death only if his son will give fire to the body of the person. By using Santaan Gopal mantra couple can get a baby boy very soon.


If someone is not getting pregnant because she or he has become the target of some evil kind of thing then you can use Santaan Gopal mantra to remove that evil thing.


Some cunning and clever people use the black magic method on others by which the target person will not have a child forever. But Santaan Gopal mantra has all the powers to remove all such types of evil things.


(3) For painless and problem free delivery of a baby.


If you are pregnant and near the delivery days and you wish to have painless and problems free delivery then also you can practice this mantra.


(4) For a healthy baby.


Everybody wishes to have a healthy child so by using santaan goal mantra you can have a healthy child.


(5) If the couple is not having a child because of Planetary positions in the horoscope.


Santaan gopal mantra can remove all types of Doshas that are creating obstacles in having a child. Sometimes couple thinks that they are not having a child because of some medical complication but the problem is due to the planets present in the Horoscope. You can also use this mantra to remove any kind of problem due to the planetary positions.


Material required for practicing Santaan Gopal mantra:


(1) Idol or photo of Shri Krishan in child form.


(2) Some fruits and flowers.


(3) White butter.


(4) Chandan powder.


(5) Rosary of Tulsi 108 beads.


(6) One flute.


(7) Earthen lamp with pure ghee.


(8) Incense sticks.


Method of Santaan Gopal mantra:


(1) First of all, couple wear white clothes after taking bath.


(2) Now place the idol of Lord Krishna in the Temple in your home.


(3) hen place Santaan Gopal Yantra with the Idol of Krishna.


(4) Now put some Chandan on the forehead of the Idol.


(5) Then place some fruits and flowers as offerings in front of the idol.


(6) Now offer some white butter to Lord Krishna.


(7) Light some incense sticks and place them near the idol.


(8) Then chant the mantra for 108 times with the help of Rosary of Tulsi beads.


|| Mantra:


“Om shreem kalim gloum Deviki sutt Govind Vasudev Jagatpate Dehi mein Tannaye Krishan Tvamanh Sharanam Gatt”


(9) Now offer Flute to Lord Krishna so place it in front of the idol of Krishna.


(10) Couple must eat white butter with dinner as Prasad.


Important information for practicing Santaan Gopal mantra:


(1) Couple must wear only white clothes while practicing this mantra.


(2) Every day you have to offer new flute and after that give them all in the temple.


(3) When you give flutes in the temple then also make offerings of Jaggery and White mustard seeds.


(4) White butter must be used homemade.


(5) Time of practicing the method should be same every Thursday.


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