sagittarius 2017 horoscope

sagittariusSagittarius (November 22 – December 21)


January to March


People belongs to this sign will see many up and downs in this year. In the starting of the year you can face some challenges but you will get your family support. You can attain success but you will have to put some extra efforts. You can face some issues related to property.


April to June


In this part of the year your all problems will be resolved and you will get many new opportunities. Due to fast food you can face problem related to your stomach. If you will take care of your food habits then you can avoid this problem. You will get some good news in this period of the year.


July to September


You will be stressed because of studies of your child but your family lie will be fine. Because of some old friend you will get your work done. You hard work will be praised by your superiors and you can get promotion also.

October to December


This period of the year will be some more expenses and you can make expenditure on social or religious occasions. People who are in job will get several opportunities. People who are in business will also have more than usual gains.


horoscope prediction



Love life

You can visit some romantic place with your partner and you will have good time over there. People who like someone at their work place will get their love this year and the people who are already in love for them this year will be fine.





In the last part of the year you will have to take care of your health because you can face problems related to skin or eyes. In the end of the year be vigilant on your health.





This year will show you many up and downs but you will get many opportunities in this year and you can find many ways of income.


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