No. 2 in Numerology


How is it obtained ??


The way is simple, suppose your date of birth date is 11 December1991.Then reduce the day, month and year to single digit in the following manner i.e 1+1 1+2 1+9+9+1 = 2+3+20 =2+3+2+0 =2+3+2=7


Your life path no is hence 7. Here it should be noted that the life path no is not the only number associated with the person in numerology. There are other numbers too such as birth no name number karmic number and there are different ways to calculate them.


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Basics of Numerology No. 2 :-


– Ruling Planet: Moon


– Element: Water


– Lucky no’s for Business: 2,7,8


– Lucky no’s for Romance: 2,3, 7,8


– Lucky no’s for Marriage: 1,2,7,8


– Best No.:29


– Lucky Days: Monday, Friday


– Lucky Color: White


– Significant Years In Life: 11,20,27,28,47,56,65,74


– Favorable Direction: North- West


– Favorable Taste: Salt, Alkaline


– Friendly Numbers: 1,3


– Neutral Number: 6,8,9


– Enemy Number: 4,5


– Lucky Metal: Silver


– Tarot card; High priestess


– Auspicious Months: Feb, April, Aug, Nov


– Auspicious Period: 28th June- 25th July


– Best First Name Alphabets: B,D,K,M,O,R,T,Z

No 2 in numerology

Lucky Gem of Numerology no. 2 :-


– The lucky gem for them is Pearl.


– It is also called Moti.


– Its substitute is Moonstone.


– It should be worn in the ring.


– It should be of 5 to 7 rattiest.


– It should be worn in little finger.


– It should be worn on Monday.


– It should be worn in such a way that the outer part of ring is in contact with the nature and inner part touches the skin of person wearing it.


– It should be purified in unboiled milk for 3 hrs before wearing it.


– It should not be worn along with cat’s eye diamond blue sapphire and emerald.


– It should be worn in such a way that the outer pat touches nature and inner part touches skin.


Positive Traits of Numerology No. 2 :-


– They have a sympathetic nature.


– They are extremely concerned about others.


– They are highly devoted people.


– They are tactful and diplomatic.


– They are quite emotional.


– They are persuasive, in a quiet way.


– They are never forceful.


Negative Traits of Numerology no. 2 :-


– They are over-sensitive.


– They have a delicate ego.


– They are timid or fearful at times.


No 2 Celebrities of Numerology no. 2 :-


– Mahatma Gandhi 2 Oct.


– Amitabh Bachchan 11Nov 1+1=2.


– Shah Rukh Khan 2 Nov.


– Rajesh Khanna 29 Dec 2+9 =11 1+1=2.


– Vinoba Bhave 11 Sept 1+1=2.


– Ajay Devgun 2 April.


– Sonakshi Sinha 2 June.


Ruling planet of Numerology no. 2 :-


– Moon is the ruling planet of Number 2.


– The Moon is one the most important planet.


– We receive suns energy indirectly from moon.


– This energy is soothing.


– It has medicinal effects.


– The Moon reelects the feminine aspects of Sun.


– The moon provides the life-giving energy.


– It gives the creative energy.


– It gives magnetic and positive energy.


– It rules the Cancer sign.


– It is exalted in Taurus.


– Moon is debilitated in Capricorn.


– Its sign of fall is Scorpio.


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Personality of Numerology no. 2 :-


– They have a gentle nature.


– They have a romantic nature.


– They have an artistic temperament.


– They are inventive.


– They are the nature lovers.


– They have a dynamic nature.


– They have a great intuition power.


– They tend avoid any confrontations and disputes.


– They often keep things up to them.


– They are very caring and sacrificing.


– They neglect their own welfare.


– They sacrifice all that they have for others


– They can get very angry if provoked beyond limits.


– They tend to avoid any fight or conflict.


Career :-


The no. 2 people stick to the career they get .They often hold on to it .So they are generally well settled in the job they are into. The gentle professions are tailor made for them.


Suitable Professions of Numerology no. 2 :-


– Teacher.


– Counselor.


– Doctor.


– Nurse.


– Fashion stylist.


– Real estate.


– Dietician and Nutritionist.


– Indoor sports.


Unsuitable professions of Numerology no. 2 :-


– Army.


– Police .


– Technician.


– Stocks.


– Outdoor sports.


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Love life of Numerology no. 2 :-


– They are very sincere and loyal in their relationships.


– They do not believe in temporary relationships.


– They want to have a long lasting relationships based on faith and on trust.


– They are firm believers in true love.


– They wish to convert their love relationships into marriage.


– They tend to be possessive towards their love partner.


– They often find their love through their acts of kindness.


– 2,3,7,8 are their lucky no for romance.


– 1, 4, 5, 6, 9 are their lucky no for marriage.


Marriage of Numerology no. 2 :-


For No 2 people marriage is more about the heart and mind connection with their partner rather than just seeking the physical and sexual pleasure. It is mandatory for their partners to stand by them in rough and tough times as they tend be very emotional and often have frequent mood swings.


Suitable for marriage of Numerology no. 2 :-


The lucky numbers for them to marry are 1,2,7,8.


Unsuitable for marriage :-


The most unsuitable numbers for them to marry are 3,4,5,6 and 9.


Health of Numerology no. 2 :-


Since they are week in their bodily constitution they often suffer form a number of health hazards.


Hazards :-


– Asthma


– Anemia


– Insomnia


– Nervous disorders


– Digestive problems


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Remedy :-


– They should get properly vaccinated.


– They should do regular exercise.


– They should stay away from the people suffering from contagious diseases.


– They should go for the walk.


– They should not put excessive strains on them.


Herbs :-


– Cabbage


– Turnip


– Cucumber


– Melon


– Linseed


Unhealthy months :-


– January


– February


– July


Unhealthy years :-


– 20


– 25


– 29


– 43


– 47


– 52


– 65

Horoscope compatibility

Month of January of Numerology no. 2 :-


February is the No 2 month of the year. Its numeric equivalent is 2. It has the no 2 resonance.


– It stands for love.


– It has a harmonious vibration.


– It is the month to let go the past grudges.


– It is the month when you can trust your instincts.


– It the month when you can go with your intuition.


– It is the month to make way for new things to come.


|| Mantra ||


” AUM SOM SOMAYE NAMAH -AUM AUM SHRIM KRIM CHAM CHANDRAYE NAMAH-AUM Repeat any of two mantras eleven thousand times within new moon to full moon “


House no 2 :-


Any house whose address is No 2 or sum total of whose digits is No 2 has the No 2 has the no 2 resonance.


– It is an attractive house.


– It is very comfortable and homely.


– It has love and warm atmosphere.


– Its decoration is simple.


– It inspires sensitivity.


Suitable for :-


– For nice and gentle people.


– For people who believe in simple living.


– For those who share hospitality.


– For sensitive people.


Unsuitable for :-


– For those who indulge in ostentation.


– For those with stable mindset.


– For people unwilling to offer hospitality.


– For insensitive people.


Vehicle no 2 :-


Any vehicle that bears the registration No 2 or whose digits add up to No 2 provides the harmonious no 2 vibration. This should always be kept clean and well maintained.


Suitable for :-


– For people who want to give way to others.


– For those who avoid confrontation.


– To attract love vibes.


Unsuitable for :-


– Who tend to over decorate their vehicle.


– Who indulge in reckless driving?


Gifts :-


The gifts for no 2 people should be according to their nice gentle and sensitive nature. They just love sensuous gifts.


Gifts for no. 2 :-


– Perfumes


– Aftershave


– Romantic novels


– Cooking items


– Grocery


– Pen sets


Gifts from no. 2 :-


– Cotton wear


– Spa voucher


– Sports tickets


No 2 Alphabet :-


B, K and T are the no 2 alphabets.


– B represents emotions.


– K stands for extreme behavior


– T signifies growth.


Negatively they symbolize greed dissatisfaction and indecisiveness.


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Precautions and Advice of Numerology no. 2 :-


Number 2 people should practice following precautions to tap their complete potential.


– They should not lose their self confidence.


– They should not lose heart on small things.


– They should complete the work they undertake.


– They should stick to their decisions.


– They should be careful in selecting their romantic partners.


– They should not show any haste.


– They should stay cool in face of adversity.


– They should not go for deep diving.


– They should stay away from flattery.


– They must not be inordinately in the company of women.


– They should not take important decisions on a full-moon day.


Lucky signature style :-


– It should begin at a point.


– It should turn clockwise.


– It should slant upwards.


– Its length should be around 4 to 6 cms.


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