No. 22 in numerology


How is it obtained??


Numerology is a science of numbers. Every number here has a resonance. The numerological No that a person belongs to is calculated by no of different methods as there are many numerological numbers which a person has. For example one method is that if a person’s date of birth 29-01-1976 then we will calculate his numerological number as under 2+9 0+1 1+9+7+6 = 11+ 1 + 23 = 1+1+ 1 + 2+3 = 2 + 1+ 5 =8.


Hence from above equation we can deduce is that this person’s life number as per numerology is 8 .But if we get a master number after the addition i.e 11 or 22 then we do not reduce it to single digit For example if the date of birth of a person is 17 06 1970 I.e : 1+7 0+6 1+9+7+0
8+6+8= 22
So the life number here is 22
It should be written as 22/4.


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Basics of Numerology No. 22 :-


– Ruling Planet-Uranus.


– Element:Air.


– Lucky no’s for Business:1,2,7.


– Lucky no’s for Romance:1,2,4,7.


– Lucky no’s for Marriage:1,2,7.


– Best No.:22.


– Lucky Day:Saturday.


– Lucky Color:Blue and Gray.


– Significant Years In Life:13 22 31 40.


– Favorable Direction:West.


– Favorable Taste: Bitter.


– Friendly Numbers:1, 4, 7.


– Neutral Number:2.


– Enemy Number:3 5 6.


– Lucky Metal:Copper.


– Tarot card: The Fool.

No. 22 in numerology

Lucky Gem of Numerology No. 22 :-


– The lucky gem for them is neelam.


– It is also called blue sapphire.


– It should be worn in the ring.


– The ring should be made of silver.


– The ring should be worn in the middle finger.


– Its weight should be about 3 to 6 rattis.


– It should be worn on Saturday.


– It should not be worn along with the ruby pearl and yellow sapphire.


– It should be worn in such a way that the outer part touches the nature and the inner part is in contact with the skin.


No. 22 Celebrities :-


– Bill Gates (28 October 1955, a 31/4 and 22/4 hybrid).


– Clint Eastwood (31 May 1930).


– Oprah Winfrey (29 January 1954, a 31/4 and 22/4 hybrid).


– Sir Paul McCartney (18 June 1942, a 31/4 and 22/4 hybrid).


– Sir Richard Branson (18 July 1950).


– Arnold Schwarznegger(30 July 1947).


– Bryan Adams (5 November 1959).


– Nicole Kidman (20 June 1967).


Ruling planet of Numerology No. 22:-


– Uranus is their ruling planet.


– It us the planet of rebellion.


– It one of the outermost planets.


– It moves rather slowly through the zodiac.


– Its effect is felt more generationally than individually.


– It tells about new ways to look at the things.


– It is the planet of originality.


– It is the planet of inventions.


– It rules the computers and telecommunications.


– It provides for all the cutting edge technologies.


– It takes nearly 84 years to complete a trip around the zodiac.


– It rules the zodiac sign Aquarius.


– It is the rules of the eleventh house.


– It is sudden, violent and unexpected.


– It causes earthquakes and other natural disasters.


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Personality of Numerology No. 22:-


– They are insightful.


– They are extremely talented.


– They are extremely courageous.


– They are highly intelligent.


– They are extremely powerful.


– They are family-oriented.


– They are highly emotional.


– They have a charismatic personality.


– They are highly practical.


– They are loving and caring.


– They are creative and imaginative.


– They are extremely dedicated to their goals.


– They have the ability to think up elaborate plans and bring them to life.


– They apply practical knowledge to their aspirations.


– They are able to create extensive empires.


– They dislike any confrontation.


– They often appear insensitive or detached .


– They complete tasks with noble intentions .


– They work for the betterment of everyone.


– They can be unconventional, bizarre or eccentric.


– They have immense organizational skills.


Career of Numerology No. 22:-


Any profession that requires high degree of leadership power and organizational skills is just suitable for them. People who have the master number 22 are often scientific and compassionate. This is an excellent combination.


Suitable professions of Numerology No. 22:-


– Business


– Finance


– Healthcare


– Counselors


– Doctor


– Nurse


– Designer


– Architect


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Unsuitable professions of Numerology No. 22:-


– Teacher


– Writer


– Painter


– Poet


Love life :-


– They offer emotional support and perspective in a relationship.


– They remain a steady and loyal partner.


– They often express romance in objective ways.


– They are more focused on their personal ambitions.


Marriage :-


People with this vibration should seek a spouse who can contribute to their dreams. If they learn to understand their flaws, they will become a more well-rounded mate.


Suitable for marriage :-


The no 1 2 and 4 are the most suitable for them to marry as these numbers share a lot of common traits.


Unsuitable for marriage :-


The no 3 and the number 5 people are the most unsuitable for them to marry as these are the unlikely matches.


Health :-


The no 22 people have an abundance of energy so they are often in a healthy state.but they might just face some health hazards.


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Hazards :-


– Anxiety


– High blood pressure


– Nervous disorders


– Respiratory problems


– Arthritis


Herbs :-


– Spinach


– Ginger


– Cucumber


– Nuggets


– Almonds


Unhealthy months of Numerology No. 22:-


– July


– December


Unhealthy years of Numerology No. 22:-




Unhealthy months of No. 22 November :-




Gifts :-


The no 22 will just love any gifts that solves their do it yourself purpose.

Horoscope compatibility

Gifts for no 22 :-


– Handbags


– Shoes


– Wallets


– Watches


Gifts from no 22 :-


– Electronic gadgets


– Sports equipment’s


– Gift vouchers


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Precautions and advice :-


– They should not develop a negative outlook.


– They must not get obsessive or too focused on tangible wealth.


– They must retain a powerful, optimistic outlook at all times.


– They should not stray from their path.


– They should steer clear from material desires.


– They should not become overbearing and domineering.


Karmic lesson


The karmic lesson for them is of restraint .They should be aware of when to calm down. They should channelize their abundant energy in a proper manner. They must learn to put faith and trust into others.


Lucky signature style for no. 22 :-


– It should be slanting upwards.


– It should be underlined.


– It should be consistent.


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