No. 3 in numerology


How is it obtained ??


The way is simple, suppose your date of birth date is 11 December1991.Then reduce the day, month and year to single digit in the following manner i.e 1+1 1+2 1+9+9+1 = 2+3+20 =2+3+2+0 =2+3+2=7.


Your life path no is hence 7. Here it should be noted that the life path no is not the only number associated with the person in numerology. There are other numbers too such as birth no name number karmic number and there are different ways to calculate them.


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Basics of Numerology No. 3 :-


– Ruling Planet: Jupiter.


– Element: Ether


– Lucky no’s for Business: 3,5,6,7,9


– Lucky no’s for Romance: 1,3,6,9


– Lucky no’s for Marriage: 3,5,6,7,9


– Best No:12


– Lucky Days : Tuesday, Friday


– Lucky Color: Yellow


– Significant Years In Life:12, 21,30,39,48,57,66,75


– Favorable Direction: North East


– Favorable Taste: Sweet


– Friendly Numbers: 1,2,9


– Neutral Numbers: 4,8


– Enemy Number: 5,6


– Lucky Metal: Gold


– Tarot card; The Empress


– Auspicious Months: March, June, Sept, December


– Auspicious Period:19th Feb-21 Nov and 21 Nov to 21 Dec


– Best First Name Alphabets: C,G,L,S

Number 3 in numerology

Lucky Gem of Numerology No. 3 :-


– The lucky gem for them is Yellow topaz.


– It is also known as the Amethyst.


– It should be worn in the ring


– The ring should be of Gold.


– It should be of 4-5 rattiest


– The ring should be worn in the index finger.


– It should be worn on Thursday.


– It should not be worn with Gomed and blue sapphire.


– It should be worn in such a way that the outer part of gem is in contact with nature and inner one with the skin.


– It should be purified in the cow’s milk 3 hours before wearing it.


Positive Traits of Numerology No. 3 :-


– Optimistic


– Joyful


– Kind


– Compassionate


– Friendly


– Social.


– Good mental and emotional balance.


– Intuitive


– Creative


Negative Traits of Numerology No. 3 :-


– Indifferent


– Mood swings


– Maniac


– Lack concentration


– Lack stamina


– Over-optimistic


– Non-stop talkers


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No 3 Celebrities of Numerology:-


– Swami Vivekanand 12 Jan 1+2=3.


– Rajnikant 12 Dec 1+2=3.


– Kareena Kapoor 21 Sept 2+1=3.


– Rani Mukharjee21 Mar 2+1=3.


– Yuvraj Singh 12 Dec 1+2=3.


– Abraham Lincon.12 Feb 1+2=3.


– Warren Buffet 30 August 3+0=3.


– Benzir Bhutto21 Feb 2+1=3.


Ruling planet of Numerology No. 3:-


– The ruling planet of No 3 is Jupiter.


– It plays an important role in Astrology and Numerology.


– It is a Giant planet.


– It is a self-illuminating planet.


– It radiates much more energy than it actually receives from Sun.


– It is known as Guru, in Sanskrit.


– It means heavy’ and remover of darkness.


– It is also called Brahaspati.


– It is a teacher of “devas” or the Gods.


– It is a planet of courage.


– It is a planet power.


– It is a planet of efforts.


– It is a planet of energy.


– It is a planet of knowledge.


– It rules communication skills.


– It rules over marriage.


– It is a ruler of progeny.


– It rules education.


– It rules over fate.


– It rules over foreign journeys.


– It is a benefic planet.


– Sun, Moon and Mars are its friendly planets.


– Mercury Venus and Rahu are its enemy planets.


– Saturn and Ketu are neutral to it.


– It governs the Sagittarius and Pisces signs of zodiac.


– It is exalted in Cancer sign.


– It is debilitated in Capricorn sign.


– Gemini and Virgo are its determinant signs..

Horoscope compatibility

Personality of Numerology No. 3 :-


– They have a strong Physique.


– They have a lot of stamina.


– They just love being surrounded by the members of opposite sex.


– They are independent minded.


– They are very hard working.


– Their aim is to have control and authority.


– They are the scientists of life.


– They want to find practical solutions for making life more enjoyable and colorful.


– They have a good at communication skills.


– They have vitality.


– They work on different projects simultaneously.


– They have the ability to switch over from one task to another.


– They believe that to duty is divine service.


– They love order and discipline.


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Career of Numerology No. 3 :-


No 3 people do not relish the routine jobs a lot so they often keep on switching their jobs.They should take up jobs that inspires them and give happiness to them and others.


Suitable Professions For no. 3 :-


– Artists


– Musicians


– Actors


– Dancers


– Teachers


– Real estate


– Sports


– Garments


– Home care


Unsuitable professions :-


– Routine jobs


– Mechanical work


– Work on assembling lines


Love life :-


– They have an attractive personality.


– They can impress anyone with their charms.


– They have a good looking appearance.


– They can mesmerize others.


– They evoke the fantasies of other people.


– They often face heart breaks due to their impulsive nature.


– 1, 3 6,9 are their lucky numbers for romance.


– 2 4 5 7 8 are their unlucky numbers for romance.


Marriage :-


With regard to marriage the no 3 people are highly practical minded .They want the best life partners for them even if it costs waiting a little bit longer .They have a tendency to dominate their partners. They give more attention to their career than their family and personal matters.


Suitable for marriage :-


The most suitable numbers for them to marry are 3,5,6,7,9 as these no’s complement the qualities of no 3 to quite an extent.


Unsuitable for marriage :-


The numbers 1,2,4,8 are the most unsuitable numbers to marry for the no 3 people as these numbers might just not be able to cope up with the highly practical no 3.


Health of Numerology No. 3 :-


Since the no 3 are highly hyperactive and mentally charged so they generally encounter the cerebral problems and nervous system disorders.


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Hazards :-


The major health hazard that they encounter are:


– Heart problems


– Skin problems


– Arthritis


– Skin disorders


– Nervous strains


– Neuritis


– Sciatica


Remedy :-


– They should have proper intake of food.


– They must avoid the intake of food with heavy fat contents.


– They should do a lot of meditation.


Herbs :-


– Apples


– Pineapples


– Grapes


– Mint


– Wheat


– Cherries


– Strawberries


– Mulberries


– Beet root


– Peaches


– Olives


– Saffron


– Cloves figs almonds


– Nutmegs


– Pomegranates


Unhealthy months of Numerology No. 3:-


– December


– February


– June


– September


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Unhealthy years :-


– 12


– 21


– 29


– 48


– 57


Month of March :-


The March is the third month of the year it resonates with the energy of number 3.It is during this month that the energy of no 3 gets magnified and amplified. It becomes double or triple is an ideal month for.


– Expansion


– Growth


– Increase


– Abundance on all levels


– Lots of activity in all sectors of life


– Consolidation


– Execute plans


– Learn lessons


– Personal happiness


– Wonderful surprises


– Creativity


– Wonderful opportunities


– Stabilizing


– Visualizing


– Manifestation


– Self improvement


– Self development


– Re assessment


|| Mantra ||


” AUM BRIM BRAHASPATAYE NAMAH -AUM Repeat 19,000 times from new moon to full moon “


House no 3 :-


Any house whose address is three or sum total of the digits is 3 has a numbers 3 resonance. It vibrates with the energy of no 3.It is often an interesting residence.


– It creates desire for expansion.


– One feels plenty of expansion in it.


– It encourages increasing.


– It is a fun house.


– It represents creativity.


– It brings a lots of visitors.


– It provides unrestricted living.


– It provides for freedom.


– It exhibits dual nature.


Suitable for :-


– People who seek freedom.


– People who want to grow and expand.


– For students and youngsters.


– For people who believe in socializing.


– People who do not want any restrictions.


– It suits artists.


Unsuitable for :-


– Business.


– For people with reserve and serious nature.


– For old and middle aged people.


Vehicle no 4 :-


The vehicle whose registration no is 3 or sum total of whose digits is 3 resonates on no 3 energy.


– It will make travelling a fun.


– It will attract attention.


– It brings a lots if good luck.


– It will encourage social activities.


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Suitable for :-


– Grand prix drivers.


– Artist.


– Rock stars.


– Youngsters.


Unsuitable for :-


– Businessmen.


– Middle aged people.


– People with routine job.


Gifts :-


The number 3 energy is a highly creative energy, so the ideal gifts would include anything that is in tune with the creative instincts.


Gifts for no. 3 :-


– Useful tools


– Paintings


– Ceramics


– Wine


– Fancy glasses


– Jewelry


Gifts from no. 3 :-


– Antiques


– Garments


– Perfumes


– Bikes


– Watches


– Gadgets


No 3 Alphabet :-


The no 3 alphabets are C, Land U .These are numerical equivalent of 3.


– C stands for creativity.


– L stands for communication.


– U signifies for good luck.


On negative side it could mean ruthlessness and greed.


Precautions and Advice :-


Number 3 people should undertake following precautions in order to do full justice to the true potential of their destiny.


– They should not be extravagant in spending money.


– They should stay away from jealousy.


– They should make future plans.


– They should be wise in the matters of investments.


– They should not show any haste.


– They should shun the company of unscrupulous people.


Karmic lesson :-


The karmic lesson for them is of selfless service. They could find it hard to focus or their attentions and thoughts might just be scattered. They might just appear arrogant or eccentric. Though they are highly creative but they find it tough to express their thoughts and feelings.


Lucky signature style :-


– It should start clockwise.


– It should be slanting upwards.


– It should be about 3 cms.


– There should be a line under it.


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