No. 6 in numerology


How is it obtained ??


The way is simple suppose your date of birth date is 11 December 1991.Then reduce the day, month and year to single digit in the following manner i.e 1+1 1+2 1+9+9+1 = 2+3+20 =2+3+2+0 =2+3+2=7.


Your life path no is hence 7. Here it should be noted that the life path no is not the only number associated with the person in numerology. There are other numbers too such as birth no name number karmic number and there are different ways to calculate them.


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Basics of Numerology No. 6 :-


– Ruling planet- Venus.


– Element: Water.


– For Business: 3, 6, 9.


– For Romance:2,5,6,8,9.


– For Marriage:3,6,9.


– Best No.:24.


– Lucky Day: Friday.


– Lucky Color: Silver.


– Significant Years In Life: 15,24, 35,42,51,60,69,78.


– Favorable Direction: South-East.


– Favorable Taste: Sweet.


– Favorable Taste: Hot/spicy.


– Friendly Numbers: 1,4,6.


– Neutral Number: 3,8,9.


– Enemy Number:2.


– Lucky Metal: Gold.


– Auspicious Month: Jan, May, July.


– Auspicious Period: 21 May-23 June and 21 Aug-23 Sept.


– Best First Name Alphabets: F,H,N,X.

No. 6 in numerology

Lucky Gem of Numerology No. 6 :-


– Their lucky gem is Diamond.


– Its substitute is White Zircon.


– It can be worn in any finger.


– It should weight 7 Rattis.


– It should be worn on Friday.


– It should be purified in raw cow’s milk.


– It should be worn in platinum or white metal ring.


– It should not be worn with Ruby’ Pearl, Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire.


– It should be worn in such a manner that outer part is in contact with nature and inner part touches the person’s skin wearing it.


Positive Traits of Numerology No. 6 :-


– They are highly ambitious and determined.


– They have leadership qualities.


– They are always seeking opportunities.


– They is are very honest.


– They are loyal friends.


– They are very fair in the business dealings.


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Negative Traits :-


– They tend to exhibit dominating character at home and at work.


– They are emotionally not very strong.


Famous celebrities of no 6 :-


– Guru Nanak Dev Ji 15 April 1+5=6.


– A.R Rehman- 6 Jan.


– Sachin Tendulkar -24 April 2+4=6.


– Anil Kapoor- 24 Dec 2+4=6.


– Madhuri Dixit -15 May 1+5=6.


– Sania Mirza- 15 Nov 1+5=6.


– Malika Sherawat -24 Oct 2+4=6.


– Imran Hashmi -24 March 2+4=6.


– Rakesh Roshan- 6 Sept.


Ruling planet :-


– The ruling Planet of number 6. is Venus.


– Venus is also called the morning star.


– It is the most radiant planet in the eastern sky during night.


– Venus is a benefic planet.


– It has a feminine and aquatic nature.


– Venus is the lord of the sensuous side of human nature.


– Venus governs romance, beauty, fine arts, and sexual pleasure and refined tastes.


– Venus rules the adolescence.


– Venus effects are a bit different on women than on men.


– Mercury and Saturn are its friendly planets.


– Jupiter and Mars are neutral to Venus (though Jupiter is regarded as its enemy by Venus as Venus is the guru of daitiyas or asuras and Jupiter is the dev guru of devas as per mythology).


– Sun and Moon are its enemy planets.

Horoscope compatibility

Personality of Numerology No. 6 :-


– No 6 People have magnetic personalities.


– They have the power to attract people towards them.


– They are moody.


– They are often critical of other people.


– They are humanitarians.


– They are interested in the welfare of others people.


– They often lack sound judgment regarding other people.


– They feel they are the best.


– They neglect the merits of other people.


– They are over protective of their near and dear ones.


Career of Numerology No. 6:-


Suitable Professions For no. 6 :-


There is a professional code to which no 6 adhere to and that is be true to yourself. The directions north northeast and west are favorable for business. They mainly excel in professions like.


– Real Estate Broker


– Commission Agent


– Hotel Manager


– Chef


– Confectioner


– Architecture


– Interior decorator


– Jewelry designer


– Musician


– Painter


– Sculptor


– Fiction Writer


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Unsuitable professions :-


They might find some professional not to their liking specially if they require teamwork because No 6 people want others to stick to all the morals and principles which they follow and that could be a difficult proposition. The directions south east and south west are unfavorable for business for them. They generally dislike professions like.


– Army


– Air force


– Police


– Politician


– Fitness trainer


– Sales and Marketing


Love life :-


They have an immaculate love life as they are governed by Venus which is the planet of love and romance.


– No 6 have a long lasting and happy married life.


– No 6 people always believe in mature and mutually beneficial relationship.


– They take care of their family in the best possible manner.


– Their caring and selfless nature gets them a lot of friends from both genders.


– They get full support from their partners.


– They can easily patch up any broken or stained relationships.


– 2 5 6 8 9 are the most suitable numbers for their love partners.


– 1 3 4 7 are most unsuitable love partners.


Marriage :-


For no 6 people marriage is a divine union of two souls for them it is a way to connect mentally and emotionally with their partners.


– Number 6 are very charming and attractive in matters of marriage and romance.


– These easily get carried away in relationships.


– Some of them might end up finding extramarital affairs.


– Mostly 6s are not highly sex oriented towards.


– Bonding and connection works more for them rather than physical compatibility.


Suitable for marriage :-


People born on 2 ,4 ,6, 9 of any month are suitable for marriage with them as they can be their friends


Unsuitable for marriage :-


People born on 1, 3, 5 ,7 ,8 are most unsuitable for them for marriage viewpoint as they might be their enemies.


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Health :-


They focus more on their inner well being that outer physique.


Hazards :-


– Nose and lung infections


– Urinary tract problems


– Breast problems in women


– Constipation


– Heart problems


Remedy :-


– They should consume food in high quantities.


– They should not overstress themselves.


– They should get protection against ill health.


Herbs :-


– Mint


– Melon


– Spinach


– Beans


– Apple


– Apricot


– Peaches


– Figs


– Almonds


– Walnuts


Unhealthy months :-


– May


– October


– November


Unhealthy years of Numerology No. 6 :-


– 15


– 24


– 42


– 51


– 60


Month of june :-


June is the 6th month of the year. it is traditionally the month of marriage and commitment.


– It’s time to take a fresh look at your relationships.


– It’s the month to solve all the problems in relationships.


– This is the most ideal month to get married


– It’s the month to paint and decorate your home.


– All the actions of no 6 people get an extra power and punch during the month of June.


|| Mantra ||




– Repeat 11 times a day.


House no 6 :-


The house whose No is 6 or the sum total of whose digits is six resonates the energy of no 6.


– It surly will be the most attractive or artistically decorated house and will have beauty, symmetry and refinement.


– There will be usually predominance of pastel shades.


– There is a preference for pink or blue.


– The overall vibes it emits will be of harmony.


Suitable for Numerology No. 6 :-


– This is perhaps the best address for artists, writers and teachers.


– Who want to have a wide social circle as this house is favorable for harmonious co operations.


– Who want to have party an enjoyment?


– Who want to have close bonding to their family and loved ones.


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Unsuitable for Numerology No. 6 :-


– Not at all suitable for practical and money minded people.


– Not conducive for scientific pursuits.


– Not a place for people who prefer loneliness.


– Not conducive for heavy muscular activity.


– Not viable from business point of view.


Vehicle no 6 :-


Any vehicle whose registration no is 6 or its digits add up to no 6 has resonance of numerological no 6 the no 6 is a great registration number as it makes one’s aura electric and generates favorable vibes for love and family. Generally it is highly decorated and customized.


Suitable for Numerology No. 6 :-


– Actors.


– Pop stars.


– Sportsmen.


– Rock Bands.


Unsuitable for :-


– Businessmen.


– Laymen.


– Medical practitioners.


– Scientific researchers.


Gifts :-


The most ideal gift for them will be ones that are a bit bizarre and uncommon and enhances their creative pursuits and spurs up their creative energy.


Gifts for no. 6 :-


– Paintings/p>

– Perfumes


– Books


– Sculptures


– Photo frames


– Crockery


– Scented candles


– Green clothes


– Pink slippers


Gifts from no. 6 :-


– Laptops


– Mobiles


– Watches


– Fitness equipments


No 6 Alphabet :-


The no 6 alphabets are F, O, and X.


– The alphabet F represents love and compassion.


– O Represents boldness patience and intelligence. it is one of the most powerful alphabets and represents all the movers and shakers of the world.


– X stands for sexuality and sensuality.


Negatively the no 6 alphabets could also account for unfaithful character, over melodramatics and self pity.


Precautions and Advice :-


Number 6 persons need take following precautions to take the full advantage of their destiny. These precautions are:-


– They should never trust people blindly.


– Friendship should be on the basis of intellectual abilities and not on mutual needs and desires.


– They should not be stubborn and inflexible as it is a destructive emotion.


– They should never act in haste.


– Number 6 persons must love the inner beauty of women and not just her external glamour.


– Number 6 should never become lazy.


– They must continue to work hard.


– They should be careful of the fact that excessive love making must not become lust for them.


– They should stay away unnecessary socializing .This could divert their mind from their priorities.


– They must avoid use of intoxicants. They may cause serious illness.


– They should refrain from excessive eating of sweet dishes and spicy foods. This can cause ill health.


Karmic lesson of Numerology No. 6


The karmic lesson for no 6 is that of discipline. They should understand that hurdles and obstacles come in our way just to test the strong and determination. To improve their karma they should stop giving special treatment to everyone they come across. They should do away with their sweetness little a bit.


Lucky signature style for no. 6 :-


– The signature should slant upwards.


– The length of signature should be between 4 to 6 cms.


– There should be no line drawn under the signature.


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