No. 7 in numerology


How is it obtained ??


The way is simple, suppose your date of birth date is 11 December1991.Then reduce the day, month and year to single digit in the following manner i.e 1+1 1+2 1+9+9+1 = 2+3+20 =2+3+2+0 =2+3+2=7.


Your life path no is hence 7. Here it should be noted that the life path no is not the only number associated with the person in numerology. There are other numbers too such as birth no name number karmic number and there are different ways to calculate them.


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Basics of Numerology No. 7 :-


– Ruling Plant- Ketu (south node of moon).


– Element: Water.


– Lucky numbers for Business: 2, 3, 6 ,7.


– Lucky numbers for Romance: 2,3,7,9.


– Lucky numbers for Marriage:2,3,6,7.


– Best No.:25.


– Lucky Day: Monday.


– Lucky Color: White.


– Tarot card -Chariot.


– Significant Years In Life: 16, 25, 34, 43 ,53 ,61, 70 ,79.


– Favorable Direction: North-West.


– Favorable Taste: Bitter/ Hot/ Spicy.


– Friendly Numbers:8,6,5.


– Neutral Number:3.


– Enemy Number:1,2,9.


– Lucky Metal: Iron.


– Lucky Months: May, August.


– Favorable Period: 21 Dec-22 Feb.


– Best First Name Alphabets: F,P.


Lucky Gem of Numerology No. 7 :-


– Its substitute is Tiger’s eye.


– It should be worn in a ring.


– The ring should be of gold.


– It should be of 3 to 5 Rattis.


– It should be worn in middle finger or ring finger of right hand.


– It should be purified in cow’s milk before wearing it.


– It should be worn in such a manner that outer part of the gem is in contact with elements and inner part with the person wearing it.


– It must not be worn alongside ruby pearl red coral and yellow sapphire.

No. 7 in numerology

Positive Traits of Numerology No. 7 :-


– They like to study.


– They want to analyze.


– They want to gain knowledge and wisdom.


– They have an analytical approach.


Negative Traits :-


– They are timid and shy.


– They tend to be very choosy with friends.


– They don’t easily adapt.


– They are Indecisive and moody.


– They are rebellious.


Famous celebrities of no 7 :-


– Katrina Kaif: 16 July 1+6=7.


– Saif Ali Khan:16 August 1+6=7.


– Mahendra Singh Dhoni:7 July.


– Rabinder Nath Tagore: 7 May.


– Charlie Chaplin:16 April 1+6=7.


Ruling planet :-


– Ketu is the ruling plant of no 7.


– It is Moon’s south mode.


– Some people also regard Neptune as its ruler.


– It is also known as dragon’s tail.


– It is often regarded as a malefic planet.


– It is less malefic than Rahu.


– It is considered as the cause for liberation.


– It bestows knowledge and spirituality.


– It causes destruction and disruption.


– A malefic Ketu can make person cripple


– Benefic Ketu provides with the healing powers.


– Mercury ,Venus, Rahu and Saturn are its friendly planets.


– Sun, Moon and Mars are its friends.


– Jupiter is neutral.


Personality of Numerology No. 7 :-


– They are strong both physically and mentally.


– They are original and independent.


– They are original and independent.


– For them failure becomes key to success.


– They have a philosophical outlook.


– They give new meanings to age old beliefs and values.


– They are restless in nature.


– They travel to the far off places.


– They have grand dreams and visions.


– They have a bent towards occult and clairvoyance.


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Career of Numerology No. 7:-


Suitable Professions For no. 7 :-


– Iron


– Electricity


– Shipping


– Fishing


– Painting


– Poetry


– Writing


– Dairy products


– Chemicals


– Export import


– Foreign dealings

Horoscope compatibility

Unsuitable professions of Numerology No. 7 :-


– Real estate


– Stocks


– Jewelry


Love life of Numerology No. 7:-


– They are extremely romantic.


– They fall in love easily.


– When in love they seek the best in a person.


– They are very demonstrative in love.


– They express their feelings quite frequently.


– 1 2 4 7 are often the best numbers for them as love partners.


Marriage :-


The no 7 people are very choosy with regard to the Marriage.


Suitable for marriage :-


People born on 1,2,5,7,9 of any month are the most suitable for Marriage.


Unsuitable for marriage :-


People born on 4 6 8 of any month are most unsuitable for them from marriage point of view.


Health of Numerology No. 7:-


– Head injuries


– Stomach pain


– Lung pain


– Eye problems


– Chronic and incurable diseases


Solution :-


To avoid and cure the above mentioned health related issue no 7 persons must have a salt free fast on Tuesday.


Month of No. 7 July :-


July is the seventh month of calendar and it represents and stands for spiritual energy.


– This is the month for self-introspection and soul searching.


– It is the time to explore ones thoughts, read and write.


– To focus on intellectual growth.


– It’s the time to communicate and interact especially with nature.


– It’s the month to improve the spiritual aspect.


– It is the month when the intuition power is at its peak.


– It is the most favorable month to spend time with pets.


– The month of July basically is all about finding the ways to attain peace at all costs.


|| Mantra ||




– Repeat 171 times from new moon to full Moon


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House no 7 :-


The house, whose no is 7 or whose sum total of the digits is no 7, resonates the energy of no 7.


Suitability of No 7 house :-


– This is the best suited for meditation and spirituality.


– It is under very subtle and strange influences so best suitable for weird or bizarre people and things.


– This house may have a deceptive appearance and might exhibit dual nature so it often suits dual nature people and activities.


– Some part or structure may be defective or apparently invisible at first instant, this may prove suitable to carry out secret and hidden activities.


Unsuitable for No. 7 :-


– Youngsters and students might just not like the calm and sedate atmosphere of the house.


– People who are engaged in regular day today activities might also want to stay away from it.


– Perfection seeking people who want everything up to date might just not like it as well.


– This is also unsuitable for older people as it often has dampness problems and drainage issues.


Vehicle no 7 :-


The vehicles who bear the registration no 7 or whose sum total of digits is no 7 vibrates the energy of no 7.


Suitable for :-


– Creative and spiritual minded people as it encourages spirituality and enhances creativity because it facilitates the analytic abilities and in depth analysis.


– Behind the steering wheel stay enhances your intuition power so suitable for people who prefer long drives.


Unsuitable for Numerology No. 7 :-


– Youngsters who indulge in rash and careless driving.


– Who want a hassle free ride as it breaks down quite often.


– Aged people who want less maintenance as it takes lots of dents.


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Gifts :-


The gifts given to and taken from the number 7 people should be according to the numerical chemistry of both.


Gifts for no. 7 :-


– Computer software


– CD’s


– Wine


– Bicycles


– Books


– Pendulums


– Tarot cards


Gifts from no. 7 :-


– Healing crystals


– Music instruments


– Sports equipments


– Biographies


No 7 Alphabet :-


The alphabets that belong to no 7 are G,P and Y. They emit the no 7 energies.


– G Represents mysticism spirituality and religious beliefs. People with g as initial are creative and imaginative.


– P stands for power.


– Y stands for freedom and self-expression.


On the flip side though these people can be selfish and imposing.


Precautions and Advice :-


– They should show more interest in accumulation of money and wealth and other materialistic things.


– They must respond and react aggressively to the stupid and callous actions of others. They must not take it easy all the time.


– They must like or dislike people on the basis of their intellect, and not their social status.


– They must not over indulge in charities. They should inspire others the art of self-dependence.


– They should not have any anti-life thoughts.


– They should never indulge in deep diving.


– They should not be fickle minded and alter their opinions quite often. This could create problems for them.


– They should be more action oriented rather than just indulge in thinking and wondering.


– They must not let any opportunity to go waste. This could prove harmful.


– Wealth comes to number 7 persons normally by their middle age. They would be advised not be unnecessarily boastful and haughty. It would limit them from enjoying it to the fullest.


– They should not depend on anyone else except for their own thought and effort. This is critical if they are in a partnership or in some business.


– They must not indulge bizarre rituals and religious practices.


– Number 7 vibration is best suited for independent business. They must not play any subordinate roles.


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Karmic lesson


The best karmic lesson for them to learn is that of practicality. They are an emotional lot and at times they allow emotions to completely take control of them hence hampering their ability to think logical and analytically.


Lucky signature style for no. 7 :-


– Signature should slant upwards


– It should move clockwise.


– Angle should be between 6 to 15 degrees.


– There should not be any dot or line.


– It should end on higher scale.


– Length should be between 4 to 6 cms.


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