No. 1 in Numerology


How is it obtained ??


The way is simple, suppose your date of birth date is 11 December1991.Then reduce the day, month and year to single digit in the following manner i.e 1+1 1+2 1+9+9+1 = 2+3+20 =2+3+2+0 =2+3+2=7.Your life path no is hence 7. Here it should be noted that the life path no is not the only number associated with the person in numerology. There are other numbers too such as birth no name number karmic number and there are different ways to calculate them.


Since every number has its own resonance and vibration the individuals with different numerical identities have varied personalities. So, numerology basically is a study of numbers associated with the individual since birth. It is as ancient as any other branch of astrology. Ancient people have always been using them as they fully realized its importance and significance. In ancient Indian astrology. It has always been referred to as Ank-Shastra or the Sankhya-Shastra.


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Basics of numerology no. 1 :-


– Element: Fire


– Lucky no’s for Business:1,4,8,9


– Lucky no’s for Romance:1,3,4,6


– Lucky no’s For Marriage:1,2,4,8,9


– Best No.:28


– Lucky Day’s: Sunday , Monday


– Lucky Color: Golden


– Significant Years In Life:10,19,28,37,36,55,64,73


– Favorable Direction: East


– Favorable Taste: Hot/ spicy


– Friendly Numbers: 2,3,9


– Neutral Number: 5


– Enemy Numbers: 4,6,8


– Lucky Metal: Gold


– Tarot card: The Magician


– Auspicious Months: Jan, May, July, October


– Auspicious Period: 21 July-28 October


– Best First Name Alphabets: A,D,I,J,M,Q,T ,Y

No. 1 in numerology

Lucky Gem of numerology no. 1:-


– The lucky gem for them is Ruby.


– It is also called Manik.


– Their substitutes are star ruby, Red Zircon, Garnet and Red Agate.


– It should be worn in the ring.


– The ring should be of Gold.


– It should be worn in Middle finger.


– It should be worn on Sunday.


– It should be purified in the Lemon juice at three hours before wearing. Life:10,19,28,37,36,55,64,73.


– It should not be worn along with Diamond Blue Sapphire, Gamed and Cat’s Eye.


– Some astrologers also recommend Yellow Sapphire.


– It should be worn in such a way that the outer pat touches nature and inner part touches skin.


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Positive Traits of numerology no. 1 :-


– They are highly ambitious .


– They are very determined.


– They have the leadership qualities .


– They always seek new opportunities.


– They are extremely honest and loyalty in character.


– They are a loyal in friendship .


– They are totally fair in business dealings.


Negative Traits of numerology no. 1 :-


– They have dominating nature.


– They do not care about others emotions.


– They are inconsistent and fickle.


Numerology No 1 Celebrities :-


– Bhagat Singh 28 Sept 2+8=10 1+0=1.


– Dhirubhai Ambani 28 Dec 2+8=10 1+0=1.


– Mukesh Ambani 19 Dec 1+9=10 1+0=1.


– Hritik Roshan 10 Jan 1+0=1.


– Lata Mangeshkar 28 Sept 2+8=10 1+0=1.


– Rattan Tata 28 Dec 2+8=10 1+0=1.


– Aishwarya Rai 1 Nov.


– Anushka Sharma 1 May.


– Anushka Sharma 1 May.


Ruling planet of numerology no. 1 :-


– The ruling planet of number the mighty Sun.


– It is the origin of the life.


– All the other planets revolve around the Sun.


– Sun is the source of energy for all the planets.


– Sun is the basis of life.


– It passes through one zodiac sign on monthly basis.


– It is at peak in Aries.


– It is exalted in Leo.


– Sun is the ruler of this zodiac sign Leo.


– Its energy starts diminishing from Libra.


– It is at its lowest in Pisces.


– It rises again till it reaches Aries.


Personality of numerology no. 1 :-


– They have a dominating personality.


– They are highly energetic.


– They are born leaders.


– They are great motivators.


– They have an abundance of novel ideas.


– They have Originality in them.


– They are fond of latest technology.


– They believe in talking the task to completion.


– They are creative minded.


– They are pioneers in any field.


– They have a charming personality.


– They possess a strong physique.


– They have the gift of the gab.


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Career of numerology no. 1 :-


Since they exhibit the multiplicity of talent have the plenty of option in front of them to take up as their careers.


Suitable Professions of numerology no. 1 :-


– Politics.


– Army.


– Police.


– judiciary.


– Advertising.


– Interior designing .


– Films.


– Television.


– Theatre.


– Sports.


– Business.


Unsuitable professions of numerology no. 1 :-


– Research work.


– Routine jobs.


– Jewels and Gems.


– Antiques.


Love life of numerology no. 1 :-


– They are the initiators in a relationship.


– They tend to dominate their partners..


– They have an aggressive approach in live.


– They tend to settle down with their lovers.


– They are highly possessive.


– They are devoted and dutiful.


– They always seek a best partner for them.


– 1,3,4,6 are their lucky numbers for romance.


– 2,5,7,8,9 are their unlucky numbers for romance.

Horoscope compatibility

Marriage of numerology no. 1 :-


They only choose extraordinary people as their life partners for them who can match them in every way. They tend to stay single for long in search of an ideal life partner.


Suitable for marriage of numerology no. 1 :-


The numbers most suitable for number one to marry are 1, 2, 4, 8,9 .they should marry a person who are born on dates 1, 4 ,7 ,10 ,13, 16, 22 ,25, 28 and 31 of the month.


Unsuitable for marriage of numerology no. 1 :-


The most unsuitable no for them to marry are 3 5 6 7 .they are just not suitable for them to enter into a lifelong bonding.


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Health :-


The no 1 do have a robust physique so they tend to stay hale and healthy most of the time .But they do suffer from some health hazards as they do tend to overexert themselves.


Hazards of numerology no. 1 :-


– High blood pressure.


– Heart diseases.


– Eye weakness.


– Blood related diseases.


– Circulatory system problems.


Remedy of numerology no. 1 :-


– They should have early dinner.


– They should avoid meat.


– They should stay away from alcohols and drugs.


– They should stay away from alcohols and drugs.


– They should have regular check up.


– They should consume honey.


Herbs of numerology no. 1 :-


– Lemon


– Ginger


– Barley


– Saffron


– Dates


– Thymes


– Cloves


– Bay leaves


– Nutmeg


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Unhealthy months of numerology no. 1 :-


– January


– October


– December


Unhealthy years of numerology no. 1 :-


– 19


– 37


– 55


Month of January of numerology no. 1 :-


January is the first month of the calendar. It resonates the no 1 energy. The energy of no 1 is exalted in this month .It gets amplified many times.


– To start something new and fresh.


– To take stock of past.


– To gain new knowledge.


– To acquire new skills.


– To undertake new projects.


– To form new teams.


|| Mantra ||


“AUM HRIM HRIM SURYAYE NAMAH AUM Repeated 7,000 times from new moon to full moon “


House no. 1 :-


Any house whose no is 1 or sum total of whose digits is no 1 gives the no 1 resonance.


– It catches attention of everyone.


– Person living in no 1 house is generally the person of high authority or power.


– It could have both good and bad influence.


– A sick person improves his health in no 1 house.


Suitable for numerology no. 1:-


– People with dominating personality.


– People of high authority and power.


– Politicians and diplomats.


– People who are sick.


– People who desire independence.


– People who are work alcoholics.


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Unsuitable for numerology no. 1 :-


– For young students.


– For mediation and concentration.


– For routine work people.


– For people with simple lifestyle.


Vehicle no. 1 :-


Any vehicle whose registration no is 1 or sum total of whose digits is no 1 has no 1 resonance. If it is of Red color the effects of no 1 energy is magnified greatly.


Suitable for numerology no. 1 :-


– Speed racers and Bikers.


– Car Rally and Grand Prix drivers.


– Adventures drivers.


– Brash Youngsters.


Gifts of numerology no. 1:-


The no 1 people relish gifts that symbolize their power and status and are luxurious.


Gifts for no 1 :-


– Jewelry


– Weapons


– Perfumes


– Watches


– Champagne


– Gadgets


Gifts from no 1 :-


– Watches


– Chocolates


– Guns


– Mobiles


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No 1 Alphabet :-


The no 1 alphabets are A, J and S. All the three no 1 alphabet is the most powerful letters that belong to the movers and shakers of the world.


– A signifies confidence


– J stands for aspirations


– S represents beginning


Negatively they could also account for lazy and impulsive behavior.


Precautions and Advice :-


No 1’s should take the following precautions to realize the full potential of the energy of no 1.


– They should not be extravagant in matters of money.


– They should not indulge in ostentation.


– He should not indulge in speculative activities and gambling.


– They must not be over daring and take unnecessary risks. Taking unnecessary risks could be dangerous for the number 1 person.


– They must be careful while choosing their partners for marriage and romance.


Karmic lessons of numerology no. 1 :-


The best karmic lesson for them is that of renunciation .They should just give a gentle touch to their well-focused and methodical plans to achieve their aims. They should not keep moving ahead blindly as this could be detrimental to their cause.


Lucky signature style of numerology no. 1 :-


– It should be uniform from start to end.


– It should be between 4 to 5 cms.


– It should be slanting upwards.


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