No. 9 in numerology


How is it obtained??


Numerology is a science of numbers. Every number here has a resonance. The numerological No that a person belongs to is calculated by no of different methods as there are many numerological numbers which a person has. For example one method is that if a person’s date of birth 29-01-1976 then we will calculate his numerological number as under2+9 0+1 1+9+7+6 = 11+ 1 + 23= 1+1+ 1 + 2+3 = 2 + 1+ 5 = 8.


Hence from above equation we can deduce is that this person’s life number as per numerology is 8.


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Basics of Numerology No. 9 :-


– Ruling Planet-Mars.


– Ruling Element: Fire.


– Lucky no’s for Business:1,3,6,9.


– Lucky no’s for Romance:1,3,7,9.


– Lucky no’s for Marriage:1,3,6,9.


– Best No.:27.


– Lucky Day:Tuesday.


– Lucky Color:Red.


– Significant Years In Life:18,27,36,45,54,63,72,81.


– Favorable Direction:South.


– Favorable Taste:Bitter.


– Friendly Numbers:2,3,9.


– Best First Name Alphabets:A,D,I,J,M,O,R,T,Z.

No. 9 in numerology

Lucky Gem of Numerology No. 9 :-


– Their lucky gem is Coral.


– It should wait 6 to 10 rattis.


– It should be worn in gold or iron ring.


– It should be worn on Tuesday.


– It should be worn in middle finger.


– It should be purified in soap water for at least three hours before wearing.


– It should not be worn along with diamond, emerald blue sapphire cats’ eye.


– It should be worn in such a way that the outer part should be exposed to nature and inner part touches the skin of person.


– Its substitute is cornelian.


Positive Traits of Numerology No. 9 :-


– Broad approach


– Intuitive


– High ideals


– Inspirational


– Assertive


– Trusting


– Generous


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Negative Traits :-


– Too sensitive.


– They seek perfection everywhere in everything.


– Lethargic


– Disconnected


– Lack of focus


– Inability to concatenate


Famous celebrities of no 9 :-


– Salman khan 27 Dec 2+7=9.


– Priyanka Chopra 18 July 1+ 8=9.


– Akshay Kumar 9 Sept.


– Nelson Manila 18 July 1+ 8=9.


– Suresh Raina 27 Dec 2+7=9.


Ruling planet For no. 9 :-


– Mars is the ruling planet of no 9.


– It is the divine commander in chief.


– It is the planet of fire and heat.


– It is personifies as a masculine figure.


– It is often malefic.


– Sun moon and Jupiter are its friendly planets.


– Mercury is its enemy planet.


– Saturn Rahu and Ketu are neural towards it.


Personality :-


– They have a strong physique.


– They have an attractive personality.


– They are always giving.


– Their finances are seldom in good shape.


– They often lose focus from their goals.


– They are often materialistic.


– They are often very aggressive.


– They are often materialistic minded.


– They are dissatisfied with themselves.


Career :-


They should opt for professions where they could give vent to their abundant energy and channelize it properly. The most suitable professions are for them are.


Suitable professions :-


– Army


– Police


– Air force


– Sportsmen


– Fitness trainer


– Medicine


– Real estate


– Iron and Steel


– Politics


Unsuitable profession :-


– Artist


– Teacher


– Poet


– Painters


– Musicians


Love life :-


– They are not very much inclined towards romance.


– They look at the concept of the relationship with disgust.


– The very idea of soul mate does not appeal to them at all.


– They dislike the concept of relationship.


– They are not emotional or possessive.


– They don’t find pleasure in love and sex.


– They are mostly unable to satisfy their partners.


Marriage :-


They often do not get attracted towards marriage or sex. But once they enter a relationship they take the full responsibility and take complete care of their partners and family.


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Suitable for marriage :-


The no’s 1,3,6,9 are the most suitable for them from marriage perspective. The best partners for them would be the people born on 1, 3,6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30 dates of a month.


Unsuitable for marriage :-


The numbers 2,4,5,7,8 are the most unsuitable numbers for them to marry. The people born on dates 2, 4 5, 7, 8 , 11 13, 14, 16 17 20 22, 23, 25, 26 , 29, 31 of any month.


Health :-


The no 9 people are physically very strong and they usually have a good health. But they may encounter some health hazards.


Hazards :-


– Chicken pox


– Small pox


– Measles


– Kidney trouble


– Throat problem


– Bronchial tube infections


Herbs :-


– Onion garlic


– Ginger


– Pepper


– Mustard seed


– Horse-radish


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Unhealthy months :-


– April


– May


– October


– November


Unhealthy years :-




Month of No. 9 September :-


The September is the 9th month of the year so it has the vibration of no 9 energy. It is an ideal month for.


– Conclusion and endings.


– To see things from clear perspective.


– To enforce much needed changes.


– To sum up and analyze.


– To clear mind and space.


– To do something special and wonderful.


|| Mantra ||


repeat 108 times a day


– Repeated 11 times daily.


House no 9 :-


Any house whose address is 9 or the sum total of whose number’s is 9 has the resonance of no 9.It should be decorated in calm colors. There should be lots of plantation and fresh flowers should be put out.


Suitable for No. 9 :-


– The young people.


– The students as it enhances studies.


– The people who do things in short bursts.


– The people who are in a hurry.


– The people who sleep late at night.


– The people who have plenty of spare time.


Unsuitable for No. 9 :-


– The aged people.


– The relaxation and peace.


– The yoga and the meditation.


Vehicle no 9 :-


Any vehicle that bears the registration no 9 or sum total of whose digits is 9 has the resonance of no 9.


Gifts :-


The ideal gifts for no 9 are those that are in tune with their abundant energy flow.


Gifts for no 9 :-


– Biographies


– Thrillers


– Brain teasing games


– Camera


– Picture frame


– Mobile phones


Gifts from no 9 :-


– Bathe oils


– Scented candles


– Tarot cards


– Back massager


– Chocolates


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Alphabets for no. 9 :-


The letters I and are the no 9 alphabets. They are numeric equivalent of 9.


– I represent law and order .it is the third vowel of alphabetical series.


– R stands for tolerance and humanity.


Negatively they could account for the short tempered and moody nature.


Precautions and advice :-


Number 9 persons should take following precautions in order to nullify the malefic influence of Mars and to extract their true potential.


– They should always remain alert.


– They should never mess with officials.


– They should take care of the health of their wives.


– They should be careful against electric shock and explosion.


– They should get involved in a law suits .


– They should avoid hunting.


– They should be cautious against accidents..


– They should avoid excessive sex.


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– They should choose their romantic partners carefully.


– They should avoid hasty surgical operation.


– They should avoid extreme negative emotions.


– They should not rely on others.


– They should invest heavily in sale and purchase of property.


– They should not indulge in sorrow and pain.


Karmic lesson


The best karmic lesson for them is of patience. They are highly compassionate and benevolent .They should not however become the doormats or martyrs. They should believe that the world is a benevolent place and not a cruel place.


Lucky signature style for no. 8 :-


– It should be slanting upwards.


– The last letter should be a bit elevated than the preceding letters.


– The length should be between 3 to 6 cms.


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