No. 4 in numerology


How is it obtained ??


The way is simple, suppose your date of birth date is 11 December1991.Then reduce the day, month and year to single digit in the following manner i.e1+1 1+2 1+9+9+1 = 2+3+20 =2+3+2+0 =2+3+2=7.


Your life path no is hence 7. Here it should be noted that the life path no is not the only number associated with the person in numerology. There are other numbers too such as birth no name number karmic number and there are different ways to calculate them.


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Basics of Numerology No. 4 :-


– Ruling Planet: Rahu (Moon’s North mode).


– Element: Fire.


– Lucky no’s for Business:1,4,6.


– Lucky no’s for Romance:1,4,6,8.


– Lucky no’s for Marriage:1,4,6.


– Best No:31.


– Lucky Days : Sunday , Saturday.


– Lucky Color: Gold.


– Tarot card: The Emperor.


– Significant Years in Life: 13,22,31,40,49,58,67,76.


– Favorable Direction: East.


– Favorable Taste: Hot/ Spicy.


– Friendly Numbers: 5,6,8.


– Neutral Number: 3.


– Enemy Number: 1,2,9.


– Lucky Metal: Gold.


– Auspicious Month: Feb, April, Aug.


– Auspicious Period: 21 June to 31 Aug.


– Best First Name Alphabets: A,D,J,M,Q,T,Y.


Lucky Gem of Numerology No. 4 :-


– Its lucky gem is Gomed.


– It is also called Hessonite.


– It should be born in silver ring.


– It should be of violet color.


– It should be worn on Saturday.


– It should weight 3 rattis.


– It should be worn after two hours of sunset.


– It should be washed with water and fresh milk.


– It should be worn while chanting Mantra “Om Raam Rahve Namaha.

No 4 in Numerology

Positive Traits of Numerology No. 4 :-


– They possess excellent organizing skills.


– They are brilliant at systematizing.


– They are good at managing.


– They are reliable and. responsible.


– They have a practical approach.


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Negative Traits of Numerology No. 4 :-


– They are rigid, and inflexible.


– They are narrow-minded at times.


– There is a tend to hide their feelings.


Famous celebrities of no 4 :-


– Sridevi 13 Aug 1+3=4.


– Juhi Chawla13 Nov 1+3=4.


– Kishore Kumar 4 Aug.


– Priety Zinta 31 Jan 3+1=4.


– Sardar Patel 31 Oct 3+1=4.


– Barak Obama 4 Aug.


– Sarojini Naidu 13 Feb 1+3=4.


– Tabbu 4 Nov.


– Arbaaz Khan 4 Aug.


Ruling planet of Numerology No. 4:-


– Rahu which is the Moon’s north node is the ruling planet of Number 4.


– It is also called Moon’s north mode.


– It reflects the basic bipolar nature of man.


– According to some Pluto is the ruling planet of no 4.


– It is a disruptive force mainly acting on mental level.


– Normally Rahu is a malefic planet is dynamic in nature and low in vibration.


– It is hedonistic and perpetually dissatisfied.


– It creates confusion, ignorance, phobias and makes people have big plans which are hard to accomplish and take long time.


– It makes people work hard and perform bad karmas.


– Well placed Rahu provides talent for painting, writing and editing.


– It brings brings fame and success.


– Such a Rahu makes a person bold, intelligent and secretive.


– It facilitates foreign travel.


– Melefic Rahu destroys power of discrimination and sensitivity.


– It makes person selfish, pessimistic and egoistic.


– Rahu rules the zodiac sign Virgo along with Mercury.


– It is exalted in Taurus.


– Its sign of fall is Scorpio It’s Friendly signs are Gemini and Pisces.


– Its enemy signs are, Leo and Taurus and Cancer.

Horoscope compatibility

Personality of Numerology No. 4 :-


– They are cerebral individuals.


– They are highly aware of right and wrong.


– They are always honest in their dealings and relationships.


– They highly value the honesty in others.


– They work very hard to make realize their dreams.


– They are loyal and reliable.


– They are best friends and life partners.


– They only have a small circle of friends.


– They tend to be serious, stubborn and rigid at times.


– They are often difficult to approach.


– They are highly expressive of their feelings.


– They often act in a frank manner.


– They are always committed to their plans.


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Career of Numerology No. 4 :-


The main characteristics of number 4 are being highly practical and examine every minute detail. They have an unusual flair for performing well under repetitive schedules. They have a great commitment to discipline. They can excel in fields like


Suitable Professions For no. 4 :-


– Architecture


– Landscaping


– Taxation


– Managing


– Organizing


– Banking


– Engineering


– Financial planning


– Accountancy


– Athletics


Unsuitable professions :-


They often find less challenging and adventurous professions unsuitable for them. They often tend to shy away from creative pursuits.


– Poet


– Writer


– Artist


– Teacher


– Indoor sportsman


Love life of Numerology No. 4 :-


– They make the best life partners on the earth.


– These are, loyal and trustworthy.


– They can go to any extent to be in the good books of their partner.


– They also make their partners struggle with them. In their pursuits.


– 1,4,6,8 are their lucky numbers for romance.


– 2 ,3,5,7,9 are their unlucky numbers for romance.


Marriage :-


As they are unconventional people they are generally not very romantic, they tend to remain very loyal to their partners and do their bit always to satisfy them. They must exercise a great care in choosing the right partner.


Suitable for marriage :-


3 5 9 are their lucky numbers for marriage. Marrying the persons of these numbers would be beneficial for them.


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Unsuitable for marriage :-


1 2 4 6 are their unlucky numbers from marriage point of view. Marriage with the people belonging to these numbers may not prove successful and long lasting.


Health :-


The no 4 people suffer with some unusual health issue as compared to the other numbers.


Hazards :-


– Respiratory problems


– Breathlessness


– Cold


– Depression


– Melancholia


– Urinary problems


Remedy :-


– They must take proper diet.


– They should keep their bodies warm in winters.


– They should avoid being alone.


– They should avoid red meat.


– They should avoid allopathic medicines.


Herbs :-


– Spinach


– medlars


– Sage


Unhealthy months of Numerology No. 4 :-


– January


– February


– September


Unhealthy years of Numerology No. 4:-


– 13,8


– 22


– 31


– 40


– 58


Month of April :-


April is the fourth month of the year and has the number 4 vibration since its numerically no 4.It is the known as the month of the teacher. It is an ideal time to.


– Gain fresh knowledge.


– Learn new skills.


– To look at finances.


– To add to the beauty of nature.


– To take up new home projects.


|| Mantra ||


” First


– Repeat 210 times a day during the period new moon (bright half of moon) or when faced with a problem.


House no 4 :-


Any house whose no is 4 or sum total of whose digits adds up to 4 has a number 4 vibration. it is not everyone’s cup of tea since its influence can be overpowering.


– It is not a place for everyone to live.


– It can be overwhelming.


– It has certain odd features about it.


– It could be the place of upheavals.


– It could be a frustrating place.


– It could cause financial problems.


– It may create relationship problems.


Suitable for :-


– People with a strong positive will.


– People who are hard working.


– People who have an unconventional approach.


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Unsuitable for :-


– Parent s and children having contradictory viewpoints.


– People who have a conventional work approach.


– People who are of easy going nature.


Vehicle no 4 :-


Any vehicle whose registration number is 4 or sum total of whose digits is 4 has a number 4 vibes attached to it .If the color of the vehicle is silver or white than it enhances its good effects


Suitable for :-


– Rough and sturdy drivers.


– Dense and narrow roads.


– Planning and thinking.


– Financial matters.


Unsuitable for :-


– People who want safe driving.


– Conventional drivers.


– Highway drivers.


Gifts :-


The ideal gifts for the number 4 people are the ones that are of high utility.


Gifts for no. 4 :-


– Watches


– Wallets


– Bags


– Shoes


– Electrical items


– Sports equipment’s


Gifts from no. 4 :-


– Perfumes


– Jackets


– Musical Equipment’s


No 4 Alphabet :-


The no 4 alphabets are D, M and V.


– D represents balance.


– M stands for stability.


– V is for construction.


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Precautions and Advice :-


Number 4 persons should take certain precautions in order to realize their true potential. These are:-


– They should not be oversensitive and possessive.


– They must avoid the tendency of being lonely.


– They should not be pessimistic in the face defeat.


– They should not always support an underdog.


– They should learn to accept obstacles in their way.


– They should recognize the opportunities.


– They must also prepare themselves to negate the adverse events.


– They must not swing to extremes.


– They must keep an eye on their hidden enemies, as they are the biggest threat to them.


– They must avoid the urge to make or break friendships quickly.


– They should judge people according to their intellectual and moral worth.


– They should execute their plans effectively.


– They should not always seek advice of others.


– They should not be over aggressive.


– They should not be selfish.


– They should not be extravagant.


– They should focus more on savings.


– They should be tolerant.


– They should take care of their spouse’s health.


– They must try to choose a profession carefully.


– They should not be aristocratic .


– They shouldn’t make false promises.


– They should take proper medical care and food.


– They should stay away from animals.


Karmic lesson :-


The karmic lesson for no 4 is the satisfaction and patience. They should work out the purpose of their life and use all their talent sand abilities to achieve their goals. They must put purpose into practice and bring order in their life.


Lucky signature style for no. 4 :-


– It should slant upwards


– It should be around 4 cms.


– There should be a line under the signature.


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