No. 5 in numerology


How is it obtained??


The way is simple, suppose your date of birth date is 11 December1991.Then reduce the day, month and year to single digit in the following manner i.e1+1 1+2 1+9+9+1 = 2+3+20 =2+3+2+0 =2+3+2=7.


Your life path no is hence 7. Here it should be not`ed that the life path no is not the only number associated with the person in numerology. There are other numbers too such as birth no name number karmic number and there are different ways to calculate them.


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Basics of Numerology No. 5 :-


– Ruling planet Mercury.


– Element: Earth.


– Lucky no’s for Business: 3 5 9.


– Lucky no’s for Romance:3,5,6,8.


– Lucky no’s for Marriage:3,5,9.


– Best No.:23.


– Lucky Day: Wednesday.


– Lucky Colors: Green,White.


– Tarot card: The Hierophant.


– Significant Years of Life: 14, 53,35,41,50,59,68,78.


– Favorable Direction: North.


– Favorable Taste: Hot/spicy.


– Friendly Numbers: 1,4,6.


– Neutral Number: 3,8,9.


– Enemy Number:2.


– Lucky Metal: Gold.


– Auspicious Month: Jan, May, July.


– Auspicious Period: 21 May-23 June and 21 Aug-23 Sept.


– Best First Name Alphabets: F,H,N,X.


Lucky Gem of Numerology No. 5 :-


– The lucky gems for a number 5 is Diamond and Emerald.

No. 5 in numerology

The diamond :-


– It must be own.


– Its weight should be about 7 rattis.


– It should be worn in a ring.


– The ring should be of platinum or white metal.


– The ring should be in contact with nature at the top and the finger at the bottom.


– The diamond may be worn in any finger.


– It should be worn on Friday.


– The diamond should be purified in raw cow’s milk for 3 hours before wearing.


– It must not be worn with, red coral and yellow sapphire ruby and pearl.


– It’s substitutes are and white coral., tourmaline white zircon.


Positive Traits of Numerology No. 5 :-


– Analytical.


– Problem solver.


– Adaptable .


– Versatile.


– Adventurous.


– Freedom loving .


– Curious .


– Enthusiastic.


Negative Traits of Numerology No. 5 :-


– Restless.


– Impatient.


– Dislike Routine work.


– Switch activity all the time.


– Never take things to completion.


– Don’t think of future.


– Over daring.


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Famous celebrities of no 5 :-


– Aamir Khan 14 March 1+4=5.


– Virat Kohli 5 Nov.


– Jawahar lal Nehru 14 Nov 1+4=5.


– Rohit shetty 14 March 1+4=5.


– Abhishek Bachchan-5 Feb.


– Himesh Reshmiya 23 July 2+3=5.


– Kajol 5 August.


Ruling planet :-


– The Mercury is the ruling planet of number 5.


– It is the smallest planet in solar system.


– It is known for, mercurial nature.


– It is an evergreen planet.


– It is known for its versatile nature.


– It is a benefic and auspicious planet.


– It is associated with intelligence.


– It is related to quick response.


– It is a planet of mixed temperament.


– It exhibits dual nature.


– It is exalted in its own sign Virgo.


– It is friendly towards Sun, Venus, Rahu and Ketu.


– It is neutral with Saturn, Mars and Jupiter.


– It shows enmity with Moon but the same feeling is not shown by the Moon.


Personality of Numerology No. 5 :-


– They are nice gentle and soft.


– They possess an inquisitive mind.


– They are keen to learn anything at any moment.


– They have a jolly nature.


– They wish to keep others happy.


– They can easily and befriend anyone.


– They have an impulsive temperament.


– They take prompt decisions.


– They are quite adaptive to change.


– They can generate instant money in a bizarre manner.


– They lack ability to plan or make especially long-term plans.


– They are highly are intuitive, you can precisely judge the intentions of other people.


– They can predict the moves of others.


– They are always quick to respond.


– They are highly hyperactive.


– They are willing to take risks.


– They can adjust your behavior according to the other person’s nature and temperament.


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Career of Numerology No. 5 :-


Since they are ruled by the mercurial mercury the best suited professions for them will be the ones where the fortunes highly fluctuate.


Suitable Professions For no. 5 :-


– Stock broker


– Investor


– businessman


– banker


– medicine


– law


– politics


Unsuitable professions of Numerology No. 5 :-


They just are not made for the professions that are too predictable.


– Regular office jobs


– Mechanical jobs


– Teaching


– Work in assembly lines


Love life :-


– Number 5 people are highly charming and attractive.


– They have a charismatic personality.


– They have a lot of romantic relationships.


– They can easily influence opposite sex and make them their fans.


– They always remain popular among both the sexes.


– They lack the sense of commitment. Towards their romantic partners.


– Their partners are often feeling offended and neglected. This can be the cause of breaking up of relationships.


– 3,5,6,9 are the most suitable numbers for romance.


– 1,2,4,7,8 are the most unsuitable for romance.

Horoscope compatibility

Marriage :-


In spite of their flirting and romantic nature, they tend to be very careful while choosing their life partner.


Suitable for marriage :-


Suitable for marriage people with no 2, 5 and 9 are most suitable to tem for marriage. Generally these people settle down with the stable minded people who are not all that demanding.


Unsuitable for marriage :-


The most unsuitable numbers for them to marry 1, 4 and 8.


Health of Numerology No. 5 :-


The health of no 5 generally remains stable thought life. but they should take necessary preventive measures.


Hazards :-


– Nervous disorder


– Insomnia


– Skin infections


– Cough and cold


– Nervousness


– Biliousness


– Flue


Remedy of Numerology No. 5 :-


– Taking preventive measure.


– Taking proper rest.


– Having adequate sleep.


– Through meditation.


– Maintaining clean environment.


– Taking healthy food.


– Drinking clean water.


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Herbs of Numerology No. 5 :-


– Nuts


– Thymes


– Carrots


– Parsley


– parsnips


Unhealthy months :-


– June


– September


– December


Unhealthy years :-


– 14


– 23


– 41


– 50


Month of April :-


May is the fifth month of the year and it has a number 5 vibration stands for change. It is a month of:


– Adventurous spirit.


– Freedom loving energy.


– Cerebral pursuits.


– Distractions.


– New things.


– New opportunities.


– Clearing obstacles.


– Hard work reward.


– Personal freedom.


– Restrictions.


– Positive pay off.


– Romance.


– Enjoyment.


|| Mantra ||




– Repeat during meditation, maximum possible number of times during new moon and full moon.


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House no 5 :-


Any house whose no is 5 an whose sum total of digits adds up to no 5 gives no 5 vibration.


– It’s always a busy place.


– It’s restless in nature.


– There is a lot of get together.


– People are always coming out an going in.


– A telephone is essential.


– Car is much needed.


Suitable for :-


– People who are single.


– People who are outgoing.


– For those who like to socialize.


– For Young Bikers.


– For telecommunication business.


Unsuitable for :-


– People who want to relax and meditate.


– People who are calm and sedate.


– For families.


– For old people.


– For students.


Vehicle no 5 :-


Any vehicle that gives has no 5 as its registration or its digit add up to sum ottal of no5 has no 5 vibes attached to it.


Suitable for :-


– Speed racers.


– Youngsters.


– Long distance drivers.


– Transporters.


Unsuitable for :-


– Slow and safe drivers.


– Middle and old age people.


– Daily routine drivers.


Gifts :-


No 5 just love surprises. So the best gift for them will be the ones that they never expect.


Gifts for no. 5 :-


– Books


– Electronic appliances


– Music DVD’s


– Latest gadgets


– Binoculars


– Travel accessories


Gifts from no. 5 :-


– Rings


– Perfumes


– Candles


– Antiques


– Coins


No 5 Alphabet :-


The no 5 alphabets are E N and W.


– E stands for love and compassion.


– N represents imagination.


– W stands for self-expression.


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Precautions and Advice :-


Number 5 people should take following precautions to realize the full potential of their destiny.


– They should not be over speculative.


– They must go for walk either in morning or evening for at least half an hour.


– They should always remain cheerful and joyful.


– They should avoid being in a sad or depressing atmosphere.


– They should take all the precautions for flue cough and cold.


– They must consume lots of vitamins and calcium to protect their blood from purities.


Karmic lesson of Numerology No. 5 :-


The karmic lesson for no 5 is of sobriety .You should try to be humble and try to dispense your pride to correct your karma. You must not be always judgmental and critical of others.


Lucky signature style for no. 5 :-


– It should start clockwise.


– It should slant upwards.


– There should not be any gap between initials and name.


– The length should be around 5 cms.


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