No. 11 in numerology


How is it obtained??


Numerology is a science of numbers. Every number here has a resonance. The numerological No that a person belongs to is calculated by no of different methods as there are many numerological numbers which a person has. For example one method is that if a person’s date of birth 29-01-1976 then we will calculate his numerological number as under 2+9 0+1 1+9+7+6 = 11+ 1 + 23 = 1+1+ 1 + 2+3 =2 + 1+ 5 = 8.


Hence from above equation we can deduce is that this person’s life number as per numerology is 8 .But if we get a master number after the addition i.e 11 or 22 then we do not reduce it to single digit For example if the date of birth of a person is 02 01 1970 I.e. 0+2 0+1 1+9+7+0
2+1+8= 11
So the life number here is 11
It should be written as 11/2.


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Basics of Numerology No. 11 :-


– Ruling Planet-Pluto.


– Ruling Element: Fire.


– Lucky no’s for Business:5 14 23.


– Lucky no’s for Romance:4 13 22 31.


– Best No.:11.


– Lucky Day:Friday and thrusday.


– Lucky Color:yellow and green.


– Favorable Direction:West.


– Favorable Taste: Hot and spicy.


– Friendly Numbers:1, 10, 11, 28 .


– Neutral Number:2.


– Enemy Number:4 5 13 22 31.


– Lucky Metal:Copper .


– Tarot card: The Justice.


Lucky Gem of Numerology No. 11 :-


– Yellow topaz is the lucky gem for them.


– It should be of 4 to 5 rattis.


– It should be worn on Thursday.


– It should be worn on the index finger.


– It should be worn in the ring.


– The ring should be of Gold.

Numerology No. 11

– It should be purifies in cow ‘s milk at least three hours before wearing it.


– It should be worn in such a manner that the outer part is in touch with nature and the inner part with the skin of the person wearing it.


Positive Traits of Numerology No. 11 :-


– Intuitive


– Charismatic


– Instinctual


– Adaptable


– Steady


– Dynamic


– Creative


– Intelligent


– Ambitious


Negative Traits of Numerology No. 11 :-


– Oversensitive


– Work alcoholic


– Anxious


– Shy


– Stressed


– Conflicted


– Scattered


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Famous celebrities of no 11 :-


– Prince Charles


– Chetan Kumar


– Barrack Obama


– Madonna


– Paris Hilton


Ruling planet For no. 11 :-


– The no 11 is ruled by the planet Pluto.


– Pluto is the indicator of death, rebirth, transformation, and karma.


– Pluto brings hidden things from their subconscious to their awareness.


– Pluto is a turbulent and uncontrollable energy.


– Pluto can be cruel, sadistic, treacherous, or secretive.


– Pluto can lead into the darker aspects of the world such as: drugs, alcohol, dangerous situations, etc.


– Pluto inspires to take a risk to have this new experience.


– Pluto causes the Number 11 to be intense, complicated, and deeply philosophical.


– Pluto is the planet of the high idealists.


Personality of Numerology No. 11 :-


– They have highly developed intuition power.


– They have a spiritual bent of mind.


– They are highly creative.


– They are visionaries.


– They provide gateway to the higher self.


– They perform the illuminating task.


Career :-


The no 11 people have the ability to do several and enormous work at one time. In fact they are often termed as work alcoholics. They generally are self employed as they do not like to assist or subordinate. They consider money as the synonym of joy.


Suitable professions of Numerology No. 11 :-


– Financial analyst


– Business manager


– Stock trader


– International relations


– Export and import


– Designer


– Photographer


– Writer


– Painter


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Unsuitable profession :-


– Iron and steel


– Electricity and electronics


– Army


– Police


– Oil and coal


Love life of Numerology No. 11:-


– They are very loyal and devoted in the relationship.


– They are very charming and attractive.


– They fully understand their partner.


– They are highly sensuous.


– They are highly romantic.


– They love slow foreplay.


– They are generally very careful about choosing their partner.


Marriage :-


The no 11 people have a facile and ductile character .They often seek the partner who can give a pat on the back and is able to cope up with their sensitivities positively. They should choose the partner as per the need of souls and not the heart.


Suitable for marriage :-


The numbers 2 11 22 10 are the most suitable numbers for them to marry.


Unsuitable for marriage :-


The numbers 4 5 13 22 31 are the most unsuitable for them to marriage.


Health :-


The no 11 people enjoy a good health by and large but still they may encounter the following health hazards.


Hazards :-


– Nervous system disorders


– High blood pressure


– Depression


Herbs :-


– Ginger


– Garlic


– Turnips


– Honey


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Unhealthy months :-


– July


– December


Unhealthy years :-




Month of No. 11 November :-


November is the 11th month of the year and resonates the energy of the no is an ideal month for.


– To Strengthen the relationships.


– To trust your intuition.


– To make love life happy.


– To make life harmonious.


– To move on to the next stage.


– To get spiritually inclined.


The date 11/11 needs a special mention here. Since it’s the eleventh date of the eleventh month the no 11 vibration get intensified many a times. This date has a great spiritual significance.


Gifts :-


The no 11 people are very fond of the sensuous gifts.


Gifts for no 11 :-


– Aftershave


– Perfume


– Cookware


– Cotton wear


Gifts from no. 11 :-


– Watches


– Rings


– Fitness equipments


– Sports accessories


– Guitars


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Precautions and advice :-


– No 11 people should always be realistic about their dreams and ambitions.


– No 11 should follow a fixed routine to be on track.


– No 11 should not make snap judgments about people.


– No 11 people should make special efforts to carry their ideas through.


Karmic lesson


The greatest karmic lesson for them is to have faith in their intuition power. Their rational minds are always at conflict with their intuitive instincts. They should have complete faith in themselves and full trust in other people.


Lucky signature style for no. 11 :-


– It should be slanting upwards.


– It should be underlined.


– Its length should be between 6-8 cms.


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