No. 8 in numerology


How is it obtained??


The way is simple, suppose your date of birth date is 11 December1991.Then reduce the day, month and year to single digit in the following manner i.e 1+1 1+2 1+9+9+1 = 2+3+20 =2+3+2+0 =2+3+2=7.


Your life path no is hence 7. Here it should be noted that the life path no is not the only number associated with the person in numerology. There are other numbers too such as birth no name number karmic number and there are different ways to calculate them.


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Basics of Numerology No. 8 :-


– Ruling Planet-Saturn.


– Ruling Element: Air.


– Lucky no. for Business: 1,2,8.


– Lucky For Romance: 1,2,4,5,7.


– For Marriage: 1,2,4.


– Best No.:26.


– Lucky Day: Saturday.


– Lucky Color: Black.


– Significant Years In Life: 17, 26, 35 ,44, 53, 62, 71, 80.


– Favorable Direction: West.


– Favorable Taste: Bitter.


– Lucky Metal-Iron and lead.


– Tarot card – Strength.

No. 8 in numerology

Lucky Gem of Numerology No. 8 :-


– It is also called Neelam..


– Its substitute is Neeli.


– It should be worn in the ring .


– The ring should be of 4 to 6 Rattis.


– The ring should be made of Lead or Silver.


– It should be worn on Middle finger .


– It should be worn in Right hand.


– It should be worn on Sunday .


Positive Traits of Numerology No. 8 :-


– Born Leaders


– Authoritative


– Efficient


– Capable


– Street smart


– Judgmental


– Spiritual


– Disciplined


– Successful


– Professional


Negative Traits of Numerology No. 8:-


– Cruel


– Violent


– Intolerant


– Greedy


– Zealot


– Blunt


– Bossy


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Famous celebrities of no 8 :-


– Narender Modi -Date of birth is 17 Sept so his birth no is 1+7=8.


– Dr Manmohan Singh-Date of birth is 26 Sept so his birth no is 2=6= 8.


– John Abraham – 17 Dec 1+7=8.


– Shilpa Shetty –8th June .


– Asha Bhonsley- 8th Sept.


Ruling planet of Numerology No. 8:-


Saturn hold sway over number 8 it is their ruling planet .It is considered to be most malefic of all the planets. It is the most distant planet from the Sun, since Sun is its enemy planet.


– Saturn is the slowest moving planet of all.


– Saturn is the planet of dark as it rules over the dark side of nature such as the conscious and subconscious minds.


– It is also regarded as the planet of karma and fate.


– A strong Saturn brings about leadership fame authority justice and long life.


– If it is weak and malefic it will cause morbidity bring greed and spell doom.


– Rahu Ketu are its best friends .It is also friendly with Mercury and Venus .


– It has a neutral relation with Jupiter.


– Sun Moon and Mars are its enemy planets.

Horoscope compatibility

Personality of Numerology No. 8 :-


– The no 8 tends to exhibit a dual personality due to the influence of Saturn.


– They have overtones and undertones of both spirituality and materialism.


– They are the hard working and the diligent individual’s.


– They are tagged as work alcoholics often.


– They tend to learn a lot of karmic lessons in their lifetime.


– Generally they are the last but the fast movers all because of strange and complex nature of Saturn.


– Though they believe in fair play but will never hesitate to resort to unfair means to achieve their ends.


– Though they have a pretty enlightened spiritual side but they often behave in a strange practical ways to attain their materialistic goals.


– They are actually quite sweet natured individuals but are often misinterpreted.


– They are very generous and helpful people who often serve the poor and downtrodden and work for their betterment.


– They are driven toward success with a strong will. They are dynamic and always in motion full of activity and change.


– Their work is a source of extreme pleasure for them.


– They are never satisfied with the low deeds and small achievements.


– They believe in playing it fare at least as long as possible.


– They are wise and grave and being prudent is their hall mark.


Career of Numerology No. 8:-


As it is ruled by Saturn which is the planet of karma .The most relished of the professions are those that involve taking the task to its ultimate conclusion by the use of hard core practical methods. No 8 resonates and excels at its best as business house owner or as a manager or in any professional and executive capacity .As a financial analysts engineer contractor lawyer and judge.


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Which careers should no 8 choose??


The no 8 people should choose profession where results and benefits area sort of unpredictable in nature as this number is ruled by Saturn which has the ability to switch the fortunes of a person to extreme from best to worst and from high to low so they should be in the profession which involves daring and risk taking abilities.


– The stock trading business.


– Lottery and casino business.


– The business of Iron and steel.


– Coal and timber.


– Oil and seed.


– Printing and publishing.


– Travel and Tourism.


– Business related to the construction.


– Profession in occult sciences.


Love life :-


1, 3, 5 ,6 ,7, 9 are the numbers that are most suited to them from a romantic point of view. The no 8’s are really very choosy about their partners but once they enter a relationship they are very loyal and devoted.


Marriage :-


The no 8 had a generally delayed marriage because their ruler Saturn is a slow moving planet. Owing to the complex and unpredictable nature of Saturn sometimes there marriage is troubled as their partners find it tough to catch up to them.


Who should marry a No 8??


Satrun which rules no 8vibrates with immense energy fluctuates from one end to another within a short span of time so the ideal partners should be those no who are able to absorb and channelize the supreme energy hence emitted to a proper direction. the people born on 1 2 3 4 6 7 9 date of any month will be suitable for marriage.


Health of Numerology No. 8:-


No 8 s often suffer from mental instability, depressions and anxieties. They are also prone to ear troubles speech problems and asthma. Since Saturn is a lame planet as per mythology they are often susceptible to limbs.


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Month of No. 8 August :-


As August is the eight month of the year so it is also associated with no 8 in Numerology. So during the month of August the energy of number 8 multiplies and more so if the birth falls on 8 August.


– The month of August provides with the opportunity to meet the people that will be helpful to realize your dreams and goals.


– It is the month when the no 8 is able to express freely and most emphatically.


– No 8 is the most proactive during the month of August.


– It is during august they no 8 is able to get all the things done and fulfill all desires.


– This month is the most suited for the property and the investments.


– This is a month to look into each and every minute detailed also for the microscopic self inspection.


|| Mantra ||


repeat 108 times daily “


House no. 8 :-


If a house has a no 8 on it or its total adds up to no 8 then it resonates the energy of no should be choosy to make it their residence.


Who should live in no 8 house??


The house no 8 is generally a good address to have. If a person is highly energetic than this is the best place to live for him particularly if he is self employed .if he is in business of real estate than this house is an invaluable asset because its value will surly skyrocket in a short span of time Thanks to the Saturn vibrations it emits.


Who should no avoid no 8 house??


This is not the place for sedate people. People who refrain from the unpredictable things and are averse to any changes in life especially the spontaneous ones should never opt for no8 house no. If someone himself is having no 8 as his number than he/she should never live in No 8 house as both the no 8 energies fused together can prove to be a highly unstable, destructive and inflammable.


Vehicle no. 8 :-


The vehicle who has registration of no 8 or whose sum total adds up to no 8 gives no 8’s resonance. These vehicles generally prove to be more durable and less prone to the mechanical problems.


Who should own vehicle bearing no 8??


– As this vehicle is surrounded by the saturnalia energies so this is best suited for people who are of adventurous sort like speed racers and motorcyclist etc. This is the best suitable vehicle for performing stunts and tricks as it compatible perfectly with the unpredictability.


Who should not have No 8 vehicle??


if a person prefers a safe riding and is not typically fond of high speeding and is a bit weak hearted tan the no 8 vehicle is not made for him/her. This is not for the ones who follow the daily routine path.


Gifts :-


The gifts that are highly appreciated by no 8 people are the one’s that are really expensive and are of superlative qualities.


What gifts should be given to no 8 people??


The no 8 love the gifts that adds up to their distinctive flair and energy They will be delighted if you gift tem something like latest technology gadgets .A bizarre looking thing will be always very handy like a decorative weapon or something like that or an antique coin for that matter.


What gifts should no 8 people give to others??


The no 8 should be very choosy about what they gift others .They should gift things that that correspond to the other people’s no and not to their no which is 8 as other energies cannot sync properly with 8and so it could be fatal.


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No 8 Alphabet :-


The alphabets H Q and Z are the numeric equivalents of 8.They resonate No 8 energy.


– H stands for creativity and power people with initial letter as h in their names have the ability to accumulate wealth by themselves stands for originality free will and inner strength.


– The initial Q is a mark of a genius.


– Z is the final letter of the series .It stands for peace and hope.


On the flip side of it though, these alphabets may symbolize greed, brashness and self centered behavior.


Precautions and Advice for no. 8 :-


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– Number 8 persons should overcome hesitation in matter of work.


– They should avoid being static. Motion and Travel are more beneficial for them. Close interaction with people can be extremely useful.


– They should do their own work instead of depending on others.


– They should avoid climbing high mountains or diving into deep waters. They should be extra careful with such things.


– They must be very careful in choosing a proper woman as woman may create trouble for them in love matters.


– Number 8 persons tend be very rigid. Unnecessary high headedness would lead to difficulties.


– They should be optimistic and wait patiently for their time to come.


– There could be hurdles in the path of number 8 people but once these had been overcome immense joy commences.


– No 8 people should never take the help of family members.


Karmic lesson


The no 8 is ruled by Saturn who is also known as the planet of karma also actually it is the no 8 people who give the karmic lessons to others .people with no 8 as karmic number are generally self assured larger than life people who seem to dominate all the time. The karmic lesson for no 8 is to develop a tendency to share as they tend to be greedy and shallow at times.


Lucky signature style for no. 8 :-


– They should have an upward slanting signature.


– The last letter of the signature should be on elevated plane from all the preceding letters.


Length of signature should be around 5 cms.


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