What is Numerology??


Numerology like palmistry is a branch of astrology. Just like the way we study and predict a person’s traits and characteristics by studying the natal chart in astrology and by studying palm in palmistry, similarly, we study the numbers in numerology to view an individual’s personality in numerology.Every moment and everywhere we are just surrounded by the numbers and we spend all our lives dealing with them.


Since every number has its own resonance and vibration the individuals with different numerical identities have varied personalities. So, numerology basically is a study of numbers associated with the individual since birth. It is as ancient as any other branch of astrology. Ancient people have always been using them as they fully realized its importance and significance. In ancient Indian astrology. It has always been referred to as Ank-Shastra or the Sankhya-Shastra.

What is Numerology

Chracterstics of Numerology:-


1. Numerology helps us to realize our individualities and discover the universe by the use of numbers.


2.  It’s the Universal language of numbers. What it supposedly does is that it just relates the numbers of the living or the non-living objects.


3.  Numerology is often used to design and decide the best time and manner for the most significant of life activities.


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4.  It can help you predict the best time and place for marriage investment travel study etc.


5.  Numerology is the study of numbers in the way they reflect an individual’s behavior traits characteristics and tendencies as per the divine plan.


6.  Numerology can be further sub-divided into the predictive science branches such as the tarot card readings etc. It is the world of numbers.


7.  The precision with which the numbers are often able to describe one’s personality could at times be really surprising.


8.  It is a sacred Maths and it is totally up to us how we use it to understand our life and existence.


Pythagorian Numerology:-


Pythagorian Numerology it was devised by Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, who combined the mathematical disciplines of Arabic, Druid, Phoenician, Egyptian and Essence sciences. Since then, it has ever evolved since then. It has been the spiritual foundation for many secret societies, such as the Masons, Anthroposophists Rosicrucians, and many others.


Today, its popularity continues to grow. Numerology columns now appear regularly in newspapers and magazines. Numerologists are consulted with increasing regularity for everything from personal romance to business decisions. As the modern industrialized world becomes more computerized and digitized the fascination with this ancient spiritual science only grows.


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How it Numerology works:-


The underlying idea behind the whole concept of numerology is that whole your life and the universe and the cosmos itself is affected by the person’s birth and his/her birthdate. and this factor is used by the numerologist to find the core numerology numbers i.e. the birth path number heart no etc. By calculating these numbers by using the birthrate we can predict the life path and journey of a person, his nature, his personality traits. His life challenges and the lessons from them his reaction to different situations and persons etc. By calculating all the numbers of numerology one can read what it tells about him and his life journey on the whole.


What is Name Numerology??


In a person’s name each letter corresponds to a certain number which has an influence and bearing on a person’s personality. Furthermore, the placement of each number in the name determines the influence that number has. So the name numerology is just the study of the significance of numeric numbers and its placement on one’s personality. The first letter of the name is often called the cornerstone as it tells about a person’s personality and approach to life. The last letter of the name which is called the capstone often tells about the grit and determination that a person posses. The first vowel of the name is indicative of the secret desires which only your closet of people has an idea of.


You can actually alter the vibrating effects of the name with the help of numerology if we just add or deduct a few letters from his or her name The name that is given to the child should also be given according to the numerological calculations so that it perfectly fits the individual’s personality. The name that is given to a person at the time of birth is of tremendous importance in numerology. The entire numerological calculations are actually dependent on the name and the date of the person. Even a slightest of alteration in the name of a person can bring about the tremendous change in the personality and the fortunes of the person. It can either make or destroy him.


Numerology by Date of Birth:


The date of birth is very significant in making the numerological calculations. You can know your life path number by adding up your date of birth numerical and the number you come up is your life path number. Similarly, you can also discover the other significant numbers like expression number, Personality number, Heart’s desire numbers, Hereditary number Growth number and etc much more through the numbers and digits to get the more insight about yourself and others not to mention the entire world and the cosmos itself.


It is very helpful in getting an insight into the nature of your existence i.e. what kind of persona you have and all the traits and characteristics that you exhibit. The date of birth numerology tells us the character and traits and also helps to predict the life path. The date of birth numerology is the best type of the personal numerology as by their date of birth numerology we are able to predict and measure all the major life events and happenings. The date of birth of Numerology actually forms the basis of the personal numerology.


Numerology compatibility:


Numerology can be used to a really good effect in order to calculate the romantic relationship compatibility and discovering the ideal life partner from the marriage point of view. The most important numbers in calculating the numerological compatibility are the life path number and the destiny numbers or expression number. In numerology, every person has its essence in the life path number. So my life path number we can easily check and predict the compatibility of two people for partnerships and relations ships. This is just not restricted to the romantic and marriage relationships but even the long-standing business relations and social and friendly relationships could be chalked out by suing numerological science.


As we all know that some days are better than others and some months are more beneficial than others this is because every day month and years has its own energy vibration and the resonance, which we can discover only by the use of numerological science. There are plenty of tools available now for the purpose of the numerology calculations. Romantic numerology readings can be used to define as to how the certain numbers having a major impact on two individuals personalities will just interact and react and as such how their lives and destiny will hence be defined by the virtue of it. By calculating the destiny number you can get really a fine glimpse into yourself and the hurdles you will come across during your lifespan either alone or in a relationship and you will be responding to them, Will you be a mover or a shaker.


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Numerology Numbers

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