Lio 2017 horoscope

Leo Leo (july 23 – August 22 )


January to March


For the Leo this year will be very auspicious. In this year you are going to get many opportunities. In the starting of the year you will face shortage of money but after some time everything will be fine. This year will show you many up and downs but later you that will be beneficial for you. During this period you can travel also.


April to June


This part of the year will be very good for the happiness of your family. But you can face problems related to your business. Your married life will be perfect. In this part of the year you can go somewhere with your family. You can remain in tensed with the health of your family member.


July to September


You will remain very busy with your work and you can encounter some stress. But your efforts will bring very good results for you. The atmosphere at your home will remain very charming because of some good news. Bonding with relatives will remain strong and you can also organize some function at home.

October to December


In the last of the year you can face problem related to your health but that problem will be for very short time period. Your hard work will be praised by your boss and your superiors. In this part of the year you will take part in religious functions.


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Love life

The people of this sign who like someone from the long time for those people this year will be perfect to express their feelings because they will not have to listen no. The people who are facing differences in their married life for them everything will be fine in the starting of the year.





In the middle of the year you can face problems related to joint pains but rest of the year your health will be fine. You can remain in stress due to work load.





You put all your hard work and efforts but you are still unable to get success but now the time has come to get success. This is the best year for your career.
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