Compatibility between Virgo and Virgo


Little Bit About Virgo and Virgo


To see an alliance formed between a male and female Virgo seems seeing a comedy movie. Both have the same interests and habits and know each other well. When these two forms an alliance both start thinking that it is he/she running the show. She is an over familiar female. Emotionally she is power packed and can deal with any situation good or bad. She can find vices in any subject, not in a negative sense, but on how to improve that thing and make it better. She relies on her instincts to have a word with anyone.


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Once she falls in love with a man she can do anything to make him feel happy. A Virgo man believes in facts and figures, he doesn’t chase the dreams and live on illusions. He can take any path to success, maybe a shortcut but needs the result to be totally perfect. He might not get the precise result, but he hides his feelings inside him and never shows them to the people around him. He is afraid about the commitment, especially when he has to choose a girlfriend. It takes time to create a bond between these two.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Virgo

Love Compatibility:


A Virgo lady has anything and everything for a Virgo man, who feels lucky to have her around. She is the utmost in determination, once she decides what to do; she achieves her target by leaving no stone unturned. Both have sharp minds that keep on getting new ideas bringing in excitement, but both don’t get connected emotionally. If he doesn’t pay attention to the passion required by his Virgo lady, she might pack her bags and leaves.


A Virgo man doesn’t resemble a prince charming, so their alliance is not going to end in a fairy tale romance. Both keep their communication going, if they don’t find the proper words they light up their fire place and indulged in other activities that rejuvenates their love for each other.

Love Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Virgo

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Sexual Compatibility


Both start immensely and the lack of emotion sharing can create trouble between them. Initially both enjoy the sexual bouts, but after a period of time, due to lack of emotion they lose the compassion of love. Here both blame the other for not getting a proper satisfaction after every bout. Frequent quarrels follow with both losing their interest in each other. It keeps getting bigger and ends in a routine affair.
The moment these two get together each accusing the other on many other issues, it’s a dangerous thing for his libido. It can get anyone of them in depression that can last a long time. Both need to sit down quietly and have a conversation on how to rectify this problem. At least their emotions will wake up and both can have many more sexual bouts that can last a life time.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Virgo

Family Compatibility


In order to have a family between a Virgo man and Virgo lady, both need to resolve many issues that keep surfacing between them. Firstly they can’t hide their desires and expectations from each other, as these are almost the same. They have to pay attention to their own faults before they start criticizing the other. Both are intellectual persons who have spent lots of time together to know each other’s habits.
Now both need to relax and work out a solution. One of them might have to make a better try than the other to keep up the light of love burning. A Virgo man can move mountains on the job, he should give time to pay attention and both survive these hard times and form a happy family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Virgo

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Physical Compatibility


A Virgo girl is tall and has a slim body, dark hair with bushy and twisted eye-brows, beautiful blue color eyes and the one that will never have a pot belly. She has a broad fore-head, fragile ear, nose and lips. Her eyes appear like a mirror and one finds submerged in them. She treads on the road very quickly and her voice is slim and has a shrill to it.
After paying a glance at her, one can never judge her age as she looks lots of years younger.A Virgo male appears neat and clean and has a dress sense. He has a steep fore-head, a smooth nose, eyes are deep and the moment he begins walking one foot doesn’t land the same way as the other. He has a tall height and never bends. He has a pointed jaw-line.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Virgo

Professional Compatibility


A Total perfection is a thing that a Virgo man craves for, so he analyzes the project at hand, studies it in detail, give importance to minor details and then he takes the project on his hand and leaves no stone unturned to achieve success. If he does he feels proud, if he doesn’t get the results as expected, he becomes a strong critic, maybe the project is handled by him. He is fit for research, editing/writing, and proofreading.
A Virgo lady has fortunes in her favor. She earns quite handsomely as she knows her value. She saves money for the future and her bank balance starts getting thinner with the passage of time. She possesses some views like she is generous, frank, self-control, warm-hearted, impulsive, brave and noble, but can get rash at sometimes.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Virgo

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Final Outcome


– She relies on her instincts and he on the basic facts that he believes on what he sees.


– Both have sharp minds when intimate, but don’t share emotions and the fire that began initially fizzles out.


– Both need to be emotionally awake if they decide to stay long enough to stay together.


– Both need many communication lessons, where they can resolve the various issues that spring up in life and live peacefully ever after.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Virgo

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