Compatibility between Virgo and Taurus


Little Bit About Virgo and Taurus


Both share many aspects of life on a common platform, with no hiccups about anything. Both can form an alliance that can last forever. Virgo man admires her power for a certain purpose and a Taurus lady equally admires his sharp mind. Various likes and dislikes are common to them. So it is inevitable to come close and enjoy the life on cloud 9. A Taurus lady is totally cool & calm, who has a grace of her own, and a very fine voice. She acts very gently doing any of the chores she indulges in.


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She also studies in details of the project in hand and the result is a good one mostly. She does display a fiery character, but very rarely. She can prove to be a pillar of strength for her Virgo lover.A Virgo man is never skeptical about his job, he studies everything in detail, plans accordingly and results are mostly beneficial. He is such a perfectionist that he wants his colleagues to work in the same manner as he himself does. He might ignore the feelings of his colleagues, when doing a particular job, giving them a complex. But basically he is an authentic lover who keeps the flames of love burning with his better half.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Taurus

Love Compatibility:


A Virgo man considers himself lucky when he finds a buddy called Taurus lady, who is very soothing and take care of all his needs and desires. He trusts her blindly as she does do her job in a sensual way that he himself has nothing to worry. He finds living with a Taurus lady can be so sweet for a perfectionist like him. Whenever a minor scuffle breaks out between them, she takes a firm stand and later it proves to be right.


He is responsible for her basic requirements and fulfills them. He might differ on some issues, gets annoyed and create unnecessary jealousy in her mind. Initially this alliance is not created smoothly, but once both hit the bull’s eye, it is hugely rewarding for both of them. Even she believes it a tough task to stay with such a perfectionist.


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Love Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Taurus

Sexual Compatibility


Sexual partnership is quite stirring between these two as a Virgo man feels ashamed to divest in front of his lady Taurus. A Taurus lady can take care of her lover very attentively and make feel relaxed and both get complete satisfaction after a sexual bout. For a Virgo man it seems so unreal that he starts admiring her skills. Initially he thinks the first encounter will be rough and scary, but she sooths him down with her tender ways.

Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus and she takes sex differently. She teaches her sexual partner that tenderness is what makes their life beautiful when applied to their sexual bouts. Here she becomes the teacher and a Virgo man the student, only if he listens to his teacher carefully. This thing adds spice and brings excitement to their sex life.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Taurus

Family Compatibility


When both stay together for a long time the flower of love seem to blossom between them. Both find a great rapport between them and both try to sustain it for as long as they can. Both love nature and go out for long walks holding each other’s hand, listening to the chirping of various birds and the sweet smell of flowers they come across.

Both help each other with their basics, she teaches him to relax and don’t think much about the various issues that spring up in his daily life, he teaches her to be a perfectionist in any job in hand. Both create such a peaceful environment in the house that neighbors envy and adored by the angles in the sky. If this lasts long enough, they can have a perfect family that enjoys life.

Family Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Taurus

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Physical Compatibility


The height of a Taurus lady ranges from short to medium, with a well developed body, sometimes it can be a little plump. She has a wide fore-head, dark hair, heavy and stout neck and a little plump bright eyes that keep on shining all the time. She displays a flaw less skin that appears to be totally clan. She has a lot of physical energy that she gets annoyed when continuously poked. But her sensual nature attracts a Virgo man towards her and she makes his life sparkling when she joins him.

Virgos are known for their neat and clean image that they sustain for a lifetime. They seem to appear primitive with high foreheads, with a refined hairline, upright nose, deep penetrating eyes and a well-made jaw-line. Mostly Virgo man is a tall and vertical person. His neat and clean image is the one that attracts a Taurus lady to him and makes life glittering for both.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Taurus

Professional Compatibility


Virgo’s goes in and study all the aspects of a job to the minor detail. He has a passion to gain knowledge and meaning from any job that is at hand. He will take into consideration all its pros & cons. He is happy with the careers that have research and accuracy in them as he wants to complete the job with no flaws. He is great in sales, social work, food making and writing/editing. His perfect results are esteemed by a Taurus lady and she gets impressed.

A Taurus lady should not be so rigid in certain matters. She earns money on how much she is worth of, but saves it for her nice future. She doesn’t scatter it easily and possess a materialistic mind. She climbs the ladder of success steadily and is not a flamboyant. She should not stay depressed for a long time, but solve her problems soon.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Taurus

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Final Outcome


– Both have many common interests, so these two form an alliance that gives love a new meaning.


– Both do their job slowly, she by nature and he has to study in detail, and then do his job.


– When both get intimate, a Virgo man feels shy to divest and she knows her skills so well that it makes him relax.


– When both are satisfied with each other staying together they can have an exciting family.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Taurus

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