Compatibility between Virgo and Scorpio


Little Bit About Virgo and Scorpio


Both, a Scorpio lady and a Virgo man, have a friendly nature and both speak well of each other’s behavior. Trust is something that takes time to settle between these two. Virgo man knows her wishes and desires and works hard to please his damsel. She can sense all this and enjoys it. A Scorpio lady is strong, has a sharp mind and is totally seductive for her loved ones, especially her lover. She is very possessive about her man and will not tolerate his cheating. She is ready to have a fight with him if she finds anything suspicious about him.


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A Virgo man is quite clear about his various aspects that life has in store for him. He can easily explore various fields and require the result to be perfect. He mostly gets a good result, as he had studied its pros & cons before doing a particular job, if not he can be very critical too. He never shows his rashness openly, but it remains alive within him. He cares a lot for his lady love as he is totally a sincere lover who has a clean heart.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Scorpio

Love Compatibility:


A Virgo man does not need the words to impress a Scorpio lady, but he proves it by doing the job practically. He can make his lady love to let her emotions take rest and she also starts thinking with her mind. As long as their affair continues in achieving certain targets, both keep making their base stronger and remain happy. His stars start shining when he gets an intelligent Scorpio lady becoming very successful.


His blunt criticism can hurt her emotionally, but she knows his behavior very well in advance and knows that he will not find a lucky lady like her to be successful in future and can seduce him back. These things happen very rarely. After all both are accomplishing success together, so both stick together and rejuvenate their love.

Love Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Scorpio

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Saxual Compatibility


Both form a strange couple when somebody talks about their sex life together. A Virgo man hides his sexuality and plays a reserve fellow when a sexual encounter has to take place. A Scorpio lady plays the role of sex goddess when in a sexual bout. She can even be a little rough with her man, making him lose his cool, but both use their heads and get on with the process in an amicable way.
Virgo man is always in search of a lady love who can understand his emotions, he just doesn’t go for sex alone and a Scorpio lady needs a radical lover who satisfies her physically first and then emotionally too. A Virgo man is the one who fits the bill. So both prove lucky for each other and stays together for a long time, may be a life-time.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Scorpio

Family Compatibility


When this affair keeps going on it becomes a stronger bond between the two, blossoming the flower of love whose sweet smell gets more intense in the house both possess. Help each other, he brings in the wealth of trust that makes her more stable and she brings in a warm passion that makes him more romantic and cheerful making his face glow more. Both share their emotions and lovely shades of romance with each other.
Both learn some good things about each other whenever they are together and nobody to disturb them. He gets drawn by her mysterious ways and she gets pulled by his inquiring nature. She rushes to him whenever he is disturbed by anything and makes him comfortable with the warmth of her love. Both do mature with age and have the capacity to make a family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Scorpio

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Physical Compatibility


A Scorpio lady’s most prominent feature is her eyes, can be of any color blue, green, black or brown, so hypnotic that the person she is having a word with feels a chill down his spine. She has a good personality with normal height, stout body, broad face and long hands. The color of her skin is dusky. Her well proportioned body has the strength to pull a hard working Virgo man to go and ask for a date.
A Virgo man looks serious and clever, who cannot be fooled easily. He is slim and has a height from medium to tall. He has many features that are not noticed by the people around him, he thinks it in good terms as he loves working in the background. He has clear and shining eyes and his skin is so flawless that he looks lot younger than he actually is.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Scorpio

Professional Compatibility


Virgo takes too much care about tidiness and cleanness. He expects his colleagues to keep the place where he works to keep it tidy and clean. He can also be blunt even when he is facing his boss; he gets so critical that he is not afraid to point out the flaws that were ignored. Mostly the results obtained are satisfactory, if not; he gets critical, even when he was a part of that job. He doesn’t get rash but keeps those feelings alive within him.
Scorpio lady is lucky enough to become a rich lady, as she has many resources; she is intelligent enough to invest her money properly and make grow more. She holds a great position where ever she works and earns handsomely. She is not predictable regarding home finances as she wastes money in buying unnecessary items that are not required. She can marry a rich man, but at home, she makes sure that she is the boss.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Scorpio

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Final Outcome


– Both are bound to have an affair as both speak good things about each other.


– A Scorpio lady is a little aggressive while making love and a Virgo man stays reserved and shy.


– Their love keeps growing with the age and both can create a happy family.


– A Virgo man is not afraid to criticize any one when he finds a flaw and a Scorpio sooths him down with her warm love.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Scorpio

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