Compatibility between Virgo and Sagittarius


Little Bit About Virgo and Sagittarius


A Sagittarius lady wants to play even when in love and she never gets serious with a Virgo man who is nothing but a grim person. With time she can mellow down and get seriously involved for reasons best known to her only. A Sagittarius lady just wants to have fun and enjoy life. May be it is not physical pleasure she is after, otherwise also as is her nature she never get serious about anything as she just want to have fun all her life. She can be attractive with ladies charms and requirements. She is totally honest with anyone who is close to her, she might sound blunt, but she is just stating the facts.


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A Virgo man is stable, connected to this ground and a man who faces the facts only. He can be both caring and loving and never deceives his lady love, but he can be a great critic to someone he finds acting fishy. He hates untidy, chaotic and careless people around him. He is willing to sacrifice his loneliness when he finds a correct lady. One day comes when he falls head over heels in love. His tidiness attracts the females toward him and he goes on a few dates with her, when he feels safe he can bring her to his house and love is sure to blossom.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Sagittarius

Love Compatibility:


A Sagittarius lady worships her Virgo man like a god, when they come close she realizes that this is the man she has been searching for all her life. It even makes a Virgo man proud of himself. She might have had the bad experiences with other men, but when she meets a Virgo man who promises her not to break her heart anymore and he soothes her other wounds with his warm love.


She feels safe and secure in his arms, something that she has never felt before. Very soon he wins her trust and she also brings in some cheerfulness and excitement in his life. He gives her the freedom to go around and make friends but starts feeling lonely when her outgoing trips increase. They do have little scuffles, but both ignore them and get along very well.

Love Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Sagittarius

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Saxual Compatibility


Such a relationship between these two is normal, nothing extraordinary. She is bubbly and loves experiments and needs to discover their affair from different angles. For Virgo man it is serious when they mate, it is a bond created between two bodies and two souls. The moment she realizes his seriousness she gets submissive. He keeps pampering her as the sweetest lady on this planet.
He loves the affection that arouses his sexuality towards her and he feels free to express his sexuality to her. Their mutual understanding each other brings in an amazing chemistry between them and both have fun to the hilt. She brings in passion and innovative things to their various encounters and fills in with stability with his loyal love for her. Both feel completely satisfied with it.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Sagittarius

Family Compatibility


Their love for each other keeps growing with each passing day. A Virgo man understands his delicate lady love and gets more attached to her physically and mentally and the Sagittarius lady also becomes more liberal and brave without losing her elegance. When both hug each other and look into one another’s eyes, both feel the currents running through their veins, making them the happiest couple on the globe.
With every soft touch and whispering in each other’s ears, makes this unique pair sent from heaven. Practically both are too scared to face each other’s nature is too hot to handle together. She is too fast and furious for him and him too skeptical about everything. He has an image of a hero in her life and has promised never to leave her. So both resolve their differences amicably and come to the conclusion to get married and have a family build on trust.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Sagittarius

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Physical Compatibility


Ladies born under this sign have a great buildup, they are tall, slim and a long or oval shaped face. Stray locked hair falling on the big fore-head to hide baldness. The color of her eyes is blue or hazel that has thick or bushy eye-brows. She has a long nose, a clean skin, double chin and cheerful expressions that are inviting friendship and exchange of opinions. Mostly she is restless and quick in physical movements. She is full of confidence and drives her can efficiently.
A Virgo man’s first love is neatness and cleanness. He displays an image of a serious and intelligent man who can’t be taken for a ride that easily. His height ranges from medium to tall and is slim. Most of the features are not worth mentioning for as he doesn’t like to be under the constant gaze of the public. He loves working in the background. His eyes are clean and sparkling. He has a bright skin that makes him look a younger man than whatever his age is.

Family Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Sagittarius

Professional Compatibility


Sagittarius lady is born with a golden spoon in her mouth, and believes in gains without pain. If Jupiter is not affected then she has a bright career in politics. She is an intellectually sharp minded lady who can’t sit in one place and work, she prefers frequent changes in work or place or both. She loves working in a tranquilized environment and can’t be ordered to do some particular job.
A Virgo man is crazy about being neat & clean to look bright at the place where his job is. He hates untidy, chaotic and careless people as he needs to study the project in hand thoroughly and seek good results, mostly they are, if not he criticizes the persons involved with the project may be himself. He doesn’t become rash but hides his feelings inside him.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Sagittarius

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Final Outcome


– He studies the projects in hand seriously whereas a Sagittarius lady takes these things lightly.


– She doesn’t go serious on the first date and he gets serious when he gets intimate.


– She is brave and aggressive when both mate and thinks that a Virgo man is a little too skeptical.


– She needs change in whatever she does and he studies the work in detail and seek good results when he achieves his target.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Sagittarius

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