Compatibility between Virgo and Libra


Little Bit About Virgo and Libra


Both share a lovely relationship that is perfectly balanced. This being the only reason, which brings them attracted to each other. Libra lady is a dreamer who thrives on illusions whereas a Virgo male thrives on the facts he faces during his life time. When both come a little closer, both are ready to adjust with each other and share a peaceful life. A Libra lady is a master of flattery, knows all the skills on how to flatter a person, without him knowing that he is being taken on a ride. In any situation she can see both sides and give respect accordingly.


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A Virgo man is the one who just believe in what he sees with his naked eye. He never chases his dreams, but is materialistic man who believes only on the facts. He is not afraid to some hard work, he analyzes the work, studies it thoroughly with attention and seeks the result to be totally sound. He gets so absorbed in his project at hand that he forgets everybody around him, even his lady love. He is a true and loyal lover of his damsel, he might ignore her during the job, but he has immense feelings for his Libra lady love.

Love Compatibility:


If ever an argument breaks out between these two, she has the skills and charm to allure him into another subject and he forgets the reason for their quarrel that was taking place currently. Her charm and flattery skills just mesmerize him into doing what his lady wants. She doesn’t expect any result coming out and hates her own criticism.


A Virgo man is very careful about his near & dear ones, especially his Libra lady love. She is always supporting his judgment on others as she also shares the same opinions. She knows one can never restrict a Virgo man if done he feels being ignored and the end of this amazing affair. She knows he is a hard-working man and loves him immensely for that.

Love Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Libra

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Saxual Compatibility


Virgo has an earthen element and Libra has air, both form an amazing sexual chemistry between them. They feel totally relaxed living with each other as nobody is in a hurry for a sexual encounter. They might not have the passion for making love, but are happy to be lying on the bed silently. Both do enjoy silence of the bedroom and when making love both can satisfy each other. Their intimacy has lots of things to say.
He might have issues relating to his job or not working, or working and not getting the expected results etc. She can make him relax by just communicating with him and then displaying her love for him and he makes her feel safe & secure by holding her in his arms. When simple dating turns to have sex, Virgo man’s accuracy excites the Libra lady to be delighted.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Libra

Family Compatibility


Their alliance seems to be made in heaven and both enjoy each other’s company. Both have different habits and nature, but when together both get adjusted to the core. It is very rare that he criticizes her freedom and she feels totally stable with her man. Minor scuffles vanish into thin air when both take care of each other.
He doesn’t give an eye to her faults and work harder to fulfill her dreams and she knows he might not be a prince charming, but the way he loves her tenderly keeps this lady hooked to him only. With the passage of time, their love keeps growing, making their life authentically amazing. Then
Family Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Libra

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Physical Compatibility


A Libra lady has features that are well equitable ones. They are good to give them a glance, but not that good that they can be noticed. She carries the dimples on her cheeks or chin or on her sexy knee caps. She seems cheerful if one pays attention to her face. She is full of curves on her body and has curly hair. Generally she has a clear and a sweet voice. She is fond of music, perfumes and dress materials.
A Virgo man also possess some features that are not all that remarkable, as he wishes not to be noticed by public, he remains happy by working in the background. He looks serious and intelligent with the height ranges from medium to tall. His eyes are clear and sparkling. He blushes at a little pampering and he has a nice skin that makes him look younger that he generally is.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Libra

Professional Compatibility


A Libra lady is lucky in dealing with financial matters and earns handsomely. She is intelligent enough to invest the money where it sure is going to go upward. She is generous and loves freedom, making some people think that she is a diplomat, which is not true. Friends trust you more than the relatives. She needs to keep a check on her finances when spending.
The Virgo man acts tough somewhere he can’t see tidiness, total hygiene, and discipline. He can even get fussy about all these things as he himself does the job after studying it in detail. He wants everything in order, the work and its result. He is a man who can be trusted and blunt enough that he can even hurt his boss’s feelings.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Libra

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Final Outcome


– A Libra lady is a master of flattery and can seduce her Virgo man even if he is not in a mood.


– He makes her feel safe & secure form this cruel world and she realizes it and stays with him.


– Their love keeps growing with the age; she fills it with innovative ideas that make her lover more dashing.


– He works harder when she is love with him and both are loyal and trust worthy.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Libra

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