Compatibility between Virgo and Leo


Little Bit About Virgo and Leo


Both Virgo man and a Leo lady have different manners and techniques initially. If, reason best known to these two, they start having an affair that can last for a life time if handled with care. A Leo lady is definitely the queen of her land as she resembles a lioness’s look. She has the colors of royalty and has an urge to grow famous. If one pampers her and take good care of her needs & desires, she rolls a red carpet for that person, if not handled properly she gets so much angry that no other lady can get so hot tempered. When she falls in love, especially a Virgo man, she needs pampering and never believes to be dominated by him.


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If a Virgo man has to prove it to her that ‘it’s a man’s world’, he has to do it very carefully and in a slow manner by giving certain hints, now & then. He lives in a clean atmosphere as a chaos can make him sick. He is a practical man that goes with facts and figures; he doesn’t have the time for idiotic things. He chooses a buddy carefully studying her emotions and how she feels about him. Even he is looking for a female that can enjoy life with him. Once selected both take good care of each other showing full trust and loyalty.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Leo

Love Compatibility:


A Leo lady is opposite to a Virgo man, as opposites attract each other; both of them also do the same. She displays her love more lavishly to her Virgo man who is a little reserved on these matters. She has romance in her feelings and if a Virgo man has the same frequency, he also catches the waves of love and falls for her. When they get intimate and start living together love raises its head between these two.


She is a little arrogant and behaves in such a manner that he also becomes an extrovert form an introvert. She is the only lady who is able to make him more creative and adventurous. She is hard to resist and is amazingly beautiful and independent lady. He is a little shy when he is in public and tries to make her realize her mistakes. He teaches her how to remain stable in both love and life. If both take good care of each other and adjust according to the situation, love flower is sure to blossom.

Love Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Leo

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Sexual Compatibility


The sexual encounters that take place between them can’t go along unless both share some emotions. A fissure does take place in her heart when he is passive in his approach and she feels unsecure in his company. She believes in aggression and is a social butterfly, which keeps flying making him feel insecure. It’s trouble for their alliance.
Both need a middle path that both want to travel on and keep this alliance on a smooth road. She must realize that a passionate man can also make these encounters more exciting than what was there in her imaginations. He must also realize that sex cannot be controlled and he must bring speed to his actions and enjoy sexual pleasures. Both will be satisfied completely if they adopt these measures.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Leo

Family Compatibility


Both find rough patches initially, to actually land on a safe road both have to adjust accordingly. It is not easy for both of them to change their nature, but as is said that ‘change is the sign of progress’ both need to do that if they have to move ahead in life. He has to be less critical and keep pampering his Leo lady love.
She has to more generous and reduces the speed of her aggression. She has to be by his side when he is in distress and help him by giving various advice on how can he come out of his depression. These things will soothe him and she can feel his devotion towards her increase. Both can build a very happy family after that.

Family Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Leo

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Physical Compatibility


A Leo lady always has a blushing face, full size head, large fore-head and she walks straight and feeling proud and shivering intensity. Generally all Leo females have dark brown pair of eyes that seem soft and gentle, changes its color instantly if criticized over anything. Often their shape is round and a little tilted around the corner.
Her hair is reddish in color, and is straight, often lose that keeps hoisting in the air. She has large shoulders with a thin waste, boosting her female figure. These are the features that attract a Virgo man toward her.A Virgo loves being neat & clean and has a steep forehead, with deep eyes, a straight nose and when the stars walking one foot doesn’t match the other. He is tall and has a fine jaw-line. His image pulls the Leo lady fall in his arms.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Leo

Professional Compatibility


Leo girl has a beautiful image when in public, she might be arrogant, but this does not mean that she will not take any advice on anything. She loves to boss around the place where she is working. She is like a lioness, ‘the queen of jungle’, but is fortunate to earn a huge income, but she spends money lavishly which starts getting less during the old age.
She tends to go to the casinos for gambling but should avoid it.A Virgo man doesn’t care his gut feeling, but he plans perfectly and studies all aspects in detail before investing any money. He wants the results to be the same. He can be critical if the results don’t match his expectations, even if he is a part of the job. In administrative job, he fits like a hand does to a glove.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Leo

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Final Outcome


– Both have opposite nature and habits, so both have to be flexible in order to form an alliance.


– She is aggressive and wants to fly and he is shy and remain in the background.


– She is an instant reactor and goes by her instincts and he plans in detail and then proceed.


– A Virgo man has intelligence that can melt a Leo lady slowly and form a stable alliance.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Leo

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