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A Virgo man forms an alliance with a Gemini lady and it is alluring. Gemini lady has an urge to explore everything and Virgo man wants to see how she explores. They might encounter certain flaws between them, but love stands tall and make the problems vanish into thin air. A Gemini lady is wicked and has a bubbling nature that makes irresistible to all males. She is like a beautiful butterfly that has many colors and she tastes many flowers. She changes her color faster than a Chameleon lizard. She can go from a happy go lucky to a total disaster and just then comes back and delivers a lecture on some intellectual subject.


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A Virgo man avoids, getting in to a conflict of any kind, and just believe in his own ethics. His quite nature presents his image as a cold and selfish man. He plans everything perfectly with no flaws and gets a flawless result. Everybody wants to be around this honest person who proves to be the best person for a lady with his authentic love.

Love Compatibility:


When both start living together she can charm her Virgo man with the qualities she is enriched with. She never makes him feel bored, but bring in cheerfulness and amuses him mostly. She can fly around as no one dare pin her, she might go out, but will never deceive her lover. Even he knows that she can fly to any new place, but is sure that she will come back in his arms and feel safe & sound. By doing all these things both build trust in each other and worry nothing.


This way their love story gets a solid structure. Everything in his life is totally organized and planned. With the crack of dawn, he wakes up and prefers to stay near his beloved lady. But deep inside him he still possesses some secrets that he doesn’t share even with her.

Love Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Gemini

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Sexual Compatibility


Both come under Mercury, not a sexy planet on the first glance. Both gets affected differently, for Gemini its masculine and for Virgo being feminine sign shy and emotional. Both have a different understanding with each other. Both have to search a language that both understand very well. When they get intimate, he keeps his passion within him and tries to please his lady love to the full capacity.
He doesn’t play her boss during their various bouts as it can irk a Gemini lady and she leaves without asking any questions. This is great for a Gemini lady who loves playing games. He turns her on by arousing his passion for love and she excites him with her fore plays and keeps the fire of love burning. She is mentally and physically safe with this man and he feels fresh and rejuvenated when she is around.

Family Compatibility


The blazing fire of love that burns between the two makes a shining Gemini lady and a controlled Virgo man. Both teach each other so many good things life has brought for them. Their new day starts with the execution of some new plans for some new work, by sunset they see their plans worked out beautifully.
With complete devotion to one another both keep their conversation open and can walk miles to execute something new and thus keep involved so much with each other that they are least worried about the outside world. Their love is so radiant that every day they discover something extra happening between them. Now both are totally satisfied with their buddy and can start thinking about a radiant family that can survive a life time.

Family Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Gemini

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Physical Compatibility


Gemini born girls are so slim and slender that one can even see the blood vessels running underneath their skin. She is tall, slim and has a knack of doing all physical activities in a fast motion. Both her arms and legs are too thin and long, with a long face, nose and chin. The color of her eyes is hazel or grey those look intelligent and active. She appears like a ramp model walking on the ramp.
Neatness and cleanness are the two virtues of a Virgo man, His forehead is quite high, a beeline nose, deep eyes and when he walks his one foot doesn’t match the other foot completely. His jaws are great and his body is straight and tall. It is his neat & clean image that attracts a little flirtiest Gemini lady to him.

Professional Compatibility


Gemini girls hate those professions where she has to keep rotating the same work over & over again. She hates repeating work from the depth of her heart. She needs a work that keeps her excited and is interesting. No two days at the same place with the same kind of work, she gets bored easily. She loves going out meeting and making new friends if she finds such job, she is your game.
Accurate perfection is the only thing that a Virgo man craves for, in which ever work he has taken. He is so attentive that he studies the job in hand and has plans to execute it and he materializes his work that way. He has proved that he can be a gem of an administrator. He is also fit for research, proofreading and editing/writing various journals.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Gemini

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Final Outcome


– A Gemini lady is bubbly lady who doesn’t mind going to a party with other friends, while a Virgo man stays home.


– Both have an immense trust in each other and often bring in the amusement and excitement in their alliance.


– He is a little shy during the initial sex bouts, but she being bubbly brings in the joy both hate missing.


– A Gemini lady can’t do any job that repeats itself and a Virgo man first analyzes the job, studies its pros & cons than only he executes the job at hand with a perfect result.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Gemini

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