Compatibility between Virgo and Cancer


Little Bit About Virgo and Cancer


A powerful theme about care emerges from an alliance made by a Virgo man and a Cancer lady. As both crave for a secure and trustworthy alliance, can’t get it from any other alliance and so both keep each other safe & secure. A Cancer lady has heaps of charisma by which she can impress the people around her, but she goes for the needy. She has a vast imagination and definitely very sensitive. She has all the qualities of a perfect female, but her mood swings instantly, if not handled properly, she can prove to be a burden.


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She can make lots of sacrifices for the man she is in love with, with a Virgo man she keeps standing and supporting him through thick & thin. A Virgo man takes care of his nears & dears perfectly in an authentic manner. A fairy tale romance is not what he goes for, but he is a practical man who believes in facts and figures. He forms an alliance with a Cancer lady, but still needs a space where he can fulfill his dreams. It takes time for him to adjust initially, but once he comes in contact with a Cancer lady he proves to be a steady lover who has a stable heart.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Cancer

Love Compatibility:


Once in love a Cancer lady brings in lots of laughter in the otherwise lonely life of a Virgo man. He misses her terribly, when she is a little away. It becomes difficult for a Cancer lady to sketch a line between amore and a concern for her lover, which can make him suffocate. A Virgo man never makes his lady love feel lonely. He keeps this alliance shining and not gets it dull.


He always guides her the proper way so that she never ever lands in trouble, at least when he is there to help. He might not be a dream man for a Cancer lady, his trust and stable way to express his love, makes her at ease. Sometimes he can hurt her by criticizing her actions, but if he feels sorry within no time not putting a dent in their alliance.

Love Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Cancer

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Saxual Compatibility


What this sexual encounters of both have a name? This alliance has the potential of growing up between a Cancer lady and a Virgo man. They both shut their mind & heart before indulging in this affair. Virgo man lacks the emotional content; the moment they decide to get intimate they have to pull down the emotions, shut their minds and enjoy sex with physical pleasure up to the hilt.
They have to believe on their instincts and act impulsively and try the first encounter to have physical satisfaction. Both learn from each other lots of good things and their bond gets the strength from it. Now both realize that how two people with different nature become lovers, and no one feels sorry for the other.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Cancer

Family Compatibility


As love sinks deeper into a Virgo man and a Cancer lady, together they tend to make the bonding of water & earth produce beautiful grasslands that are full of flowers emitting sweet fragrance with the morning dew. He is an expressive man who melts the Cancer lady and she mellows down in his emotions of love. After each Valentine’s Day, their love gets more stable and both find their boat of love sailing smoothly even in a rough sea.
Their affair makes them a complete couple who has nothing else to take care of except their buddy’s love. Both are seen as two bodies with a common soul if watched from outside. Their lovemaking gets more sensual and satisfactory. So now both are ready to form a happy and satisfied family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Cancer

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Physical Compatibility


Aries girl is slim and have a little muscular body, which has a medium height. The color of her skin tends to be a little reddish. The color of her eyes can be light brown, grey or grayish brown. She has thick eye-brows. Her face has a normal redness on it and is a long one. Her other features are also long like neck, a wide fore-head and a sharp chin. She has dark to sandy hair, which can be stiff. Her features, when combined with her active aggressiveness draw a Virgo man to her.
The first impression of a Virgo man is impressive, because he loves to remain neat and clean. He shows a primitive look with a steep fore-head, submerged eyes, a straight nose and while walking his one food bends more than the other. He is tall, straight and has a sharp jaw-line. He impresses everybody around him. This is what an Aries girl falls for and he takes good care of safety.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Cancer

Professional Compatibility


A Cancer lady has the moon as it’s signed and so possess a round face, with plump cheeks and has a small nose that is jutting out at the tip. The color of her eyes can be blue, grey or sky blue. Her hands and feet are small and have a pale skin. She has big breasts and can change their moods instantly. She is sharp, follows the traditional customs and is the complete diplomat.
A Virgo man is quiet, calm and a man with cool attitude who stays aloof to what others think. He wants everything done in a planned manner so that the results are totally perfect. He can be highly critical if the result is not perfect, even when he himself is on the job. He doesn’t like sitting idle as he is hungry for some work, a workaholic perhaps. He doesn’t care about getting attention but keeps working in the background.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Cancer

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Final Outcome


– Both form an alliance just out of curiosity sake, if handled properly both enjoy each other’s company for a life time.


– She acts instantly and is always ready to invest money and he studies the project with all details before investing.


– Both have a one night stand and if remain intimate their alliance keep on gaining the ground.


– A Virgo man can create a funny scene even in a serious situation, this impresses the persons standing next to him.

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