Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Aries

Compatibility between Virgo and Aries


Little Bit About Virgo and Aries


This alliance is made in heaven. Virgo has the element of earth and Aries caries the fire, the combination seems difficult to make. Virgo man goes for safe and secure relationship and Aries lady goes for fore play and excitement. If some energy is poured into their alliance, both can be very active with each other. A Virgo man has the knowledge of every aspect of life; he is a practical man with sharp intelligence. Mostly his hunger for success can make him take short cuts, with precise and calculated steps. He never gets rash even when he is furious, he keeps the grudge inside himself. He falls for an Aries lady, who gives him gentle devotion and steady relations.


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An Aries lady wants to have fun at the moment. With such an aggression she might appear to be lovely to the people living in her surroundings. She is a care free person who doesn’t take precautions to avoid getting hurt. ‘Prevention is better than cure’, it is here that a Virgo man enters her life and guiding her the proper way. She fills his life with excitement and fly high. She also respects his bright mind with a powerful passion.

Love Compatibility:


A spark and energy that is missing in an individual Virgo man is provided by an Aries lady. She is an ardent devotee of his intelligence, careful planning and doing the job at hand. She loves being with him through all ups & downs like a strong base. Even he gets delighted and forms an alliance with her to fulfill her desires. She just doesn’t like him to be dominant. She can sooth his nerves and teaches him to solve most of his problems in an amicable way.


She herself is a jolly and cheerful ally who can take his imagination to soaring heights. A Virgo man is the only one who can make his beloved an Aries lady trust him and she admires his working style to the core. He plans everything in detail. She feels secure and safe in his custody. The extreme nature of an Aries lady never threatens him and he admires her will and passion for love. Rarely, she might feel bored with his passive nature, but her impulsive actions fill the air around them with a sweet fragrance.


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Love Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Aries

Sexual Compatibility


A first look at this couple seems to be like ‘odd man out’, but when studied carefully Aries lady falls for him by sensing his disciplined way to tackle problems. A Virgo man goes for her open sexy nature. When intimate, both pamper each other’s extremes. She learns the true meaning of fore play sexual encounter with a Virgo man only. Virgo man is in search of a strong buddy who brings spark to his love life and an Aries herself is a predator.
She doesn’t have the patience to go in the details and a sexual encounter is inevitable. Both find each other too sexy to avoid further bouts, a love match happens between them and both start living together. If both avoid their own differences and only focus on the good qualities of each other, this alliance can go on forever.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Aries

Family Compatibility


Their union seems to be made in heaven. These two diverse nature people are made for each other. She finds the comforts of life in a Virgo man’s arms and he never interferes with her freedom. All their petty quarrels vanish into thin air when both love each other tenderly. He let go her minor flaws and trusts her dreams. She is impressed by his courtesy and honor. So love survives in this unique alliance, making their life amazing.
Both are happy physically and she provides the excitement and he provides stability with his passionate love. Both consider their love making as the union of mind, body and soul. The Aries lady proves to be a mystery for a Virgo man and he gets pleasant surprises every time he comes to his home. They never let the excitement go out and both are ready to form an excited family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Aries

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Physical Compatibility


Aries girls are slim, have a muscular and are of medium height. She had a reddish color of her skin; especially her face displays redness. She has a wide fore-head, long face, long neck and a narrow chin. She also displays thick eye-brows, the color of her hair varies from dark to sandy and her eyes are of brown or brownish grey in color. She always works in an active manner and is aggressive.
Virgo man has a beauty of his own; he keeps his body neat and clean and displays the same way. He displays a traditional look with a high forehead, deep eyes, and straight nose and when he walks his one foot bends more than the other. He is usually upright and tall and has a very fine jaw-line. It is his neat & clean image that attracts an Aries lady, who enjoys life in the current time, to him.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Aries

Professional Compatibility


According to a recent survey Aries ladies want a government job. She is a little aggressive by nature and she can have a word with anyone as she is famous for being a chatterbox. She can find a work within no time. Her honesty and work ethics can open many doors, but she can’t be dominated even by her boss. She is so alluring that she can sell sand in a desert.
A Virgo man is fierce, strong and independent person who seeks the perfection in any field he is doing his job. A Virgo has proved to be fully administrative all over the globe. He is capable of research, proofreading and relies on facts & figures. He analyzes his projects extremely attentively and studies its detail to the core.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Aries

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Final Outcome


– Both don’t have the same nature, are poles apart in that, as he has plans for a safe future and she enjoys the present.


– She provides spark and excitement to his otherwise dull and boring life.


– She never thinks twice to venture into any field and sometime it can prove to be embarrassing for her, but a Virgo man can guide her properly.


– Have different image in public, she has a jolly one and he is a neat & clean gentle man who can be a great administrative.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Aries

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