Compatibility between Virgo and Aquarius


Little Bit About Virgo and Aquarius


An alliance between a Virgo man and an Aquarius lady is very regular one. Their minds might have the same frequency, but their desires and needs are totally different. An Aquarius lady is a genius, no wrong can escape from her eyes. Even when it does she has a strange feeling in her mind that something fishy is happening in the house. She doesn’t fall in love with the blink of an eye, but gradually she learns. She is a bubbly lady who knows how to chase a dream.


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Searching for a buddy who can satisfy her emotionally, mentally and physically, she comes in the contact of a Virgo man and gets ready to move into his life, but in a legal manner. A Virgo man is totally focused on himself and his work. He pays so much attention to his work that he forgets anything happening around him. He sometime ignores his lady love too. He doesn’t want to face the mirror himself, but can find vices in other people’s work. She can also be cold towards him, as is her bubbly nature, he starts feeling insecure.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Aquarius

Love Compatibility:


A Virgo man’s life changes with the entry of an Aquarius lady; from a lonely person’s life it becomes more cheerful and exciting. An Aquarius lady finds the stability of love only with a Virgo man and both enjoy a life full of warmth and love. Their love explores enthusiasm with romance and soothes their anxiety and stress.


Her bright face is brimming for love of a steady Virgo man and he takes care of all her needs making their love a blessing in disguise.Both have a blissful love affair that has deep intelligence. Both bring home the good results of anything they do together with both supporting each other through thick and thin. This way they keep their love intact and discover the right way to lead a blissful life.

Love Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Aquarius

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Saxual Compatibility


Their dating vanishes into thin air very soon, both are amazing with each other and communicate very well, but soon they realize that both don’t reach the conclusion that is acceptable to both of them. An Aquarius lady is so unpredictable that a Virgo man never finds out where she is heading. He is not able to hold or pin her down.
A Virgo man has set up a target well planned and an Aquarius lady knows when and how he will get the results. The sexual bouts both encounter can be a roller coaster ride full of fun and pleasure. She knows many ways to tackle her Virgo man that she proves too exciting in the bedroom. She tells him that any action if properly executed can bring in lots of pleasure consistently.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Aquarius

Family Compatibility


Both can move in the opposite directions if some doubt is created in their alliance, more quickly than any other two signs. She immediately detaches from him if she finds senses something fishy is cooking up, she just packs her bags and leaves in search of another trustworthy fellow. She always seeks for a purity that has been tainted. Both have a true relationship that can fizzle out anytime.
The only thing that can save such a doomsday is true love for each other. Both need to take care of each other in a true manner and no one should break this trust. A small fissure occurs, leading to total disaster. Both should mellow down from their rigid nature and try adjusting the cards well. If required, only then can they build a happy family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Aquarius

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Physical Compatibility


An Aquarius lady is usually tall and has a full height. She has a well form figure with an oval shaped face, hair are of brown color that are in line and silky and have distinctive color of her eyes that appear to be blue, green or grey. She will have a scar or a mole on her sexy thighs. She has a shining face with pale color skin. She appears to be friendly by nature and this reason is enough for the Virgo man to fall for her.
The physical features if a Virgo man is not so eye-catching that can easily be noticed. His height ranges from medium to tall. He looks like an intelligent man who is totally serious about the work in hand. He can’t be taken on a ride that easily. His eyes are bright and clear. He has a shining skin that makes him conceal his age, he looks far too young that he actually is.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Aquarius

Professional Compatibility


A Capricorn lady is in no hurry to get the result for she works so hard to do a job. Honor takes the preference over all the other things as she thinks money earned is to enjoy the luxuries of life that she can afford. She can be a little skeptical as far as finances are concerned. She is not good at amassing the wealth; she spends where she knows she can have fun.

A neat and clean man shows the picture of a Virgo man who hates chaotic and careless people. He is a serious looking man who pays full attention to the job in hand and seeks great results after completing his job. Usually these are good, if not he is a great criticizer, but not a rash one. He keeps his criticism inside him.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Aquarius

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Final Outcome


– Both are intelligent looking people who thrive on true love and form a soothing relationship.


– No one can play tricks on a Capricorn lady as she is too genius to miss out a thing with details.


– A Virgo man is intelligent enough to study all aspects of a job in hand and seeks good results.


– She might not be lucky in finances, but she is a hard worker and don’t care about the results.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Virgo and Aquarius

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