Compatibility among Taurus and Scorpio


About Scorpio


It is true that Scorpions are clever and no one can easily deceive him or her. Scorpion is very mysterious character because they never show their real face to anyone and no one can guess about them. They keep their focus on their career and work hard to achieve their goals. Scorpio lose their temper very soon and no one can change their decision. Scorpio is reserved and take some time to open with others. Scorpions stick to their words and never break promises. They are charming and strong people who never leave their tasks in between. People born with this sign are very dedicated lovers. They are committed and intense lovers.

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Love Compatibility


Passionate nature and magnetic personality attract many people of opposite sex. When Scorpion falls in love once then they share everything with their partner they never keep any secrets from their partner. Taurus and Scorpio make exciting couple as they meet all the ends of desires and likes of each other. Both are down to earth and have quality to compensate with each other’s weak points. The life of both will go around the money and sex. Scorpions will get all his or her desires fulfilled by Taurus. Taurus will not let their partner down and will be remain committed.


Physical Compatibility


The Physical Compatibility among Taurus and Scorpio will increase intimacy between them and they will remain connected with each other for a long time. The caring nature of Scorpio will please Taurus. You both will enjoy outing with each other and romance and charm will blossom your relationship. Taurus like to please their partner in relationship and always stand in the favour of their partner. Scorpion like to enhance the quality of sex by doing new activities and styles. The best part of this relationship will be that kissing, hugging and cuddling will be the daily part of life.


Sexual Compatibility


Taurus is very shy so he or she cannot make eye to eye contact with their partner while having sex but with the time they get success in gaining confidence level. While making love Scorpion love to see their partner’s body and touches every part. Taurus are free and reveal everything to their partner that what and how they want sex activity. Taurus like to be driven roughly and safely and Scorpion like adventures and love to try new positions for making sex and at different places.


Professional Compatibility


Taurus have clear goals either they are professional or personal they put their all the best to achieve them Scorpio is very enthusiastic at work place and try to handle the things smartly time. If Taurus and Scorpio come forward to work together it will be beneficial for both of them. Scorpion is very self controlled and like to handle their matters at their own level and Taurus if full of self confidence. The creativeness of Taurus and the nature to work in organised manner will rise both of them together. Both are responsible to give work in time.


Career Compatibility


Scorpio is self motivating personality that never like restrictions at workplace and work according to their own wills. Taurus is born leader who never like to work under someone. If Scorpio and Taurus reach on the same platform to work then the results can go little wrong. Taurus is good in managing things so event management, tour management, property consultation or can do a government job. For scorpio the fields which have competition and smart work are fine the fields for scorpions are aviation industry, hotel management, food industry or can do business related to construction.


Family Compatibility


If Taurus is meeting the family of Scorpio for the first time he or she must take some information about the likes and dislikes of the family members first. Taurus must avoid shyness and try to be easy with them. To impress the family of the Scorpio he or she has to leave childish behaviour and has to face the family as a mature person i mean to say no kidding. If Scorpio is going to meet family of Taurus then he or she has to keep this thing in the mind that it is not a interview or professional meeting so act wisely. Do not speak too much it does not mean that you remain mum. Answer their questions properly and you too ask questions about the family members to keep the conversations going on.


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Emotional Compatibility


The person born with Taurus sign is really very emotional when it comes to relationships. He or she care for every person around them but some time Taurus becomes very possessive. For Scorpion happiness in relationship matters a lot. Both will be connected mentally and physically with each other and they together can handle all the issues. Taurus is very romantic and deeply falls in love but he or she is moody also and they change their mood according to the circumstances around them. Scorpio sometime assume the things according to their mind this should be avoided in the relationship.


Over all conclusion


Taurus and Scorpio score 85 out of 100 in compatibility test.



-Taurus and Scorpio will be a very romantic couple.

-Scorpio will lead this relationship.

-There will be intimacy among both the partners.

-Relationship will be full of romance and sex.


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