Compatibility among Taurus and Sagittarius


About Sagittarius


The person who born with the sign Sagittarius is very conscious about future and have very big dreams and goals. Sagittarius is very honest and simple personality that suits everyone. This person never deceive or betray their friends and like to give helping hand to the people around him or her. Taurus and Sagittarius both have very good sense of humour and both like to be in crowds. Sagittarius always keep patience but Taurus is little impatient. Sagittarius are very good in reading people and never let the wicked and cunning people around. The people born with this sign never waste their time in doing unnecessary things and keep themselves busy in doing important and useful tasks.

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Love Compatibility


Sagittarius is flirty and Taurus seek security in relationship so there can be a little issue regarding this but Sagittarius if once take stand in relationship he or she never look back and do all the things to please the partner. Both have common sense and let the waste things go in dustbin. Taurus like to live independent and Sagittarius is dependent. Taurus is charming personality and keep everyone happy and Sagittarius take sometime to be socialise. In case Sagittarius get hurter from someone then it is very hard to tackle with him or her. They never disclose their feelings openly and keep their emotions in private.


Physical Compatibility


Taurus is attracted towards the smiling face and Sagittarius attracts by seeing the real inner personality of the person. Taurus like funny and charming person and mostly want to remain in group but Sagittarius is emotional and want to remain in the company of real and true friends. Taurus and Sagittarius both are sexually attracted by conversation and by seeing the fair skin. Taurus and Sagittarius will suit each other as they both like to have fun.


Sexual Compatibility


Having same sex drive is the main requirement of satisfied sex life, Taurus and Sagittarius have the same sex drive. Taurus does not want to have sex in the same style every time but he or she want to change the style and always ready to do something new while having sex. Nobody can expect cheating in relationship by Sagittarius. Every relationship need compromises from both the partners Taurus and Sagittarius will be ready to do for their partner.


Professional Compatibility


Taurus has value of time and the people born with this sign are punctual they never waste time. Sagittarius is very energetic and hard working and never take rest before completing their task. If Sagittarius is appreciated then he or she performs even more well. Taurus and Sagittarius will bring better results when they both come forward to work together. Sagittarius is very good in impressing clients by their speaking skills. Taurus is very good in handling the team and they are best mangers.


Career Compatibility


Sagittarius is ambitious and committed person and never leave their task in between sometimes Sagittarius cross the limits to complete their task. Sagittarius express themselves very clearly they will shine in the field like politics, government job, marketing or in production. The people with Taurus sign are very intelligent and the fields of teaching, accounts, corporate jobs and sports suits them well. Sagittarius and Taurus both will handle the task very well.


Family Compatibility


The person with the Taurus sign is intelligent so people are attracted towards their intellect. Taurus will handle the family members of their partner Sagittarius very well. He or she must have to avoid unnecessary talks before them. Sagittarius has to put best foot forward to impress the family of Taurus by showing respect. Taurus do not try to be smart before the family members of Sagittarius just keep mum even if you know everything about the topic and show you are really listening. The people with gemini and cancer signs in the family will have strong boding with sagittarius.


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Emotional Compatibility


Honesty is the basic need of healthy relationship Taurus and Sagittarius will have a very honest relationship. Taurus will never hide anything from partner and will like to give surprises. Sagittarius will become a support of their partner in each and every up and down. Taurus will feel little uncomfortable by the nature of Sagittarius to change them. Both will have a relationship full of charms and romance.


Over all conclusion


Taurus and Sagittarius score 75 out of 100 in compatibility test.



-You will have great future together.

-Both will enjoy each other’s company.

-Communication and romance will be the base of your relationship.

-Your relationship will be long lasting.


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