Compatibility among Taurus and Gemini


About Gemini


Gemini is a cool tempered and never indulge in conflicts and arguments and one thing is also there they never tolerate pressure from anyone. The person who bear this sign is very thoughtful and assume the things going around very well. He or she always keep trying to gather knowledge and never leave any stone unturned. Gemini very soon gets irritated from such people who complaints every time and do nothing. Gemini will support all the people around and will encourage them. They have very good stock of energy so they never stay at one place. The people born with this sign are not fast in doing task but they are perfectionists. Gemini keep watch on their words and they never break their promises.

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Love compatibility:


Taurus and Gemini will never neglect their partner and give preference. You both will spend healthy time with each other that will make your knot more strong and you will come close to each other. Gemini will respect your thoughts and sentiments and will never let you down before any person. Taurus and Gemini will have a very good understanding and also will have same point of views on most of the things. Both will meet their responsibilities and will stand by their partner in all ups and downs of life. The understanding between you and your partner will be the power to handle the issues of life very smoothly. Your partner will encourage you in enhancing your capabilities.


Sexual compatibility


Taurus and Gemini both will be comfortable with sex and will find the new ways to have good sex and orgasm. Both of you will be fine and even enjoy dirty talking which is the best way to learn the desires of your partner during sex. The best part of your sexual compatibility is that you both will make efforts in pleasing their partner. Gemini love to enjoy the body of their partner thoroughly and Taurus love to be touched and kissed. The fire between both the signs will never vanish with age and your sex life will be awesome for a long time period.


Professional compatibility


Gemini is very clear with expectations and his or her role professionally. The person born under this sign like to work in a competitive atmosphere and work sincerely at their particular position. This person maintain connection with all the co-workers and always remain there to help everyone. When Gemini and Taurus work on the same platform they attaint their goals very soon. But if ego stands in between them then it can be harmful for their profession. Generosity and friendly nature of Gemini make him or her the favourite employee of many people.


Emotional compatibility


Gemini is a very emotional he or she cannot handle the bad things happened with their loved ones. The people of this sign are very much caring but they don’t have courage to express their own feelings. You observer the person very thoroughly before getting friendly on the other hand Taurus are of friendly nature and like meeting with new peoples. Gemini is reserved and Taurus is the person who please people by making funny gestures.


Career Compatibility


Gemini like to work in the field where there is public dealing like marketing the advertisement etc. but Taurus like to work in admin or managerial level. Both are compatible as they are constant and hardworking in their particular work or profession. Both can handle multiple tasks at the same time and make all their efforts in finishing the task perfectly. When Taurus and Gemini work on the same project it is very much clear that the project will be done well and it will satisfy the client also. Both love to learn new skills that are related to their profession.


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Physical compatibility


Gemini is very confident about his or her body and maintain their body well in shape. The person belongs to this sign are attracted towards the slim and tall physiques. Gemini is fine making sex with the person who is very much close they never take one time stand. To make up the mind of Gemini for sex is a little bit tough but once Gemini is open with you then it is fine. Taurus are adventurous and find new things in every field and want their partner to join them actively. Gemini also like to enjoy their partner’s body at extreme level and they never draw any limits. Gemini never feel uncomfortable in trying new ways and positions in the activity.


Over all conclusion


Taurus and Gemini score 75 out of 100 in compatibility test.


-Start and enjoy the relationship.

-Never let your ego come in your relationship.

-Communicate with your partner never keep the things hidden.

-Ask clearly about your desires and passions while making sex.

-Never ignore your partner’s feelings and emotions.


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