Compatibility among Taurus and Capricorn


    About Capricorn


    The people born with Capricorn sign are very practical they once set their goal then keep everything aside and put their all intentions and efforts in achieving their goal. The person who bears Capricorn sign is very gentle and disciplined. Capricorn never reach the conclusion without looking facts. People consult Capricorn for genuine and wise advice. Capricorn never look back while taking risks. Taurus and Capricorn both are patient and act wisely. Capricorn like to be in the company of smart and intelligent people. The people with Capricorn sign are hilarious and like to have fun.

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    Love compatibility:


    Capricorn is a honest and committed lover. Taurus is honest and passionate personality. Capricorn and Taurus both will like to spend time with each other and to have fun with their partner. Taurus cares for their partner a lot and Capricorn put all the efforts in making their partner happy. There will be nothing hidden in between them and they both will be open to discuss anything with each other. There will be strong bonding and trust between the Capricorn and Taurus. Mutual understanding will remain in your relationship and you both will understand each other very well.


    Sexual compatibility


    Capricorn is really terribly sexual and possess good libido as compared to the Taurus but both will enhance heat in the relationship. Taurus like to do sex in a gentle way but Taurus want to do it rough and wild this opposite desires will attract both the partners. You both will work equally together to reach orgasms and every time you will hit the buzzer. Capricorn is very mush pleased when he or she is complimented during sex. Taurus does not need special timing and occasions for making sex. Every Taurus really care for their partner during the sexual activity.


    Professional compatibility


    Capricorn is self motivating determined personality and enough efficient to handle multiple projects at the same time. The people born with the Taurus sign are very energetic and courteous. Taurus adapt the things very soon and remains curious to learn new things. Capricorn has ability to make positive relationship at work place and he or she uses them very effectively. Taurus channelized their energy and drive them in the positive directions. Taurus like to make their own strategies and implement them very smartly. Both can make a very powerful team that cannot be overcome easily by anyone.


    Emotional compatibility


    The person who is born with the Taurus sign is very open and has very friendly nature. Capricorn are very smart in hiding their feelings and secrets they never even let anybody learn about them. When Capricorn is deceived by someone then he or she never forget and forgive. They keep their grudges for very long periods. In case Capricorn and Taurus come forward for relationship they have to tell about each others emotions and feelings very clearly and both have to avoid negative feelings.


    Career Compatibility


    Taurus has the ability to express themselves with clear and strong voice and their mind is full of creative ideas. The career related to land and money suits them well. They can be property consultant or can be builder. They can also be financier, or can be accountant and also can do job in bank. People with the Capricorn sign are of very caring nature and they can start their career as a teacher, lecturer and also can also go in medical line or also can be a social worker.


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    Physical compatibility


    Taurus are attracted towards black and red outfits or their partner and Capricorn are attracted by seeing overall attitude of the person. Taurus get aroused by chatting weird but it take some time to Capricorn. Taurus love to make sexual activity adventurous and like to try new actions and rhythms while doing it. Capricorn like plenty of foreplay and like to have sex in a particular ambiance. Both don’t want to make their sexual activity scheduled. Both of you will talk in details about your pleasures and feelings during sex. You both will never lose the spark and will remain enjoying each other’s body and assets.


    Over all conclusion


    Taurus and Capricorn score 75 out of 100 in compatibility test.



    -There will be very less issues in your relationship.

    -Relationship will be emotionally compatible.

    -Both of you will just face the problem of lack of time.

    -Never let the lie enter in the relationship.


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