Compatibility among Taurus and Cancer


About Cancer


The people who born under the Cancer sign are mysterious and very difficult to understand them. They cannot cope up with their feelings specially when they are heart broken. They over react when they are in some trouble or difficulty but they are very good in reading the mind of the other people. Their generosity impress people around them. Cancer keep secrets and never open with others. Nobody can come over by them and no one can win in words with them. These people are very deep in relationship and love to make their own home. Taurus and Cancer both are very imaginative and always try to find out new ways to grow. Both of them keep distance with other people and there are very few people in their life with whom they share everything. Cancer is the person who is very emotionally immature as compared to the other signs.

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Love Compatibility


If Taurus is choosing Cancer as relationship partner it is not a bad idea because Cancer is trustable and loving partner. Both of you together will understand life and will face all the ups and downs of the life together. Taurus and Cancer have positive attitude towards life and as well as relationship. You both will enjoy life and remain busy in doing enjoyable and exciting activities together. Taurus and Cancer will spend good and healthy time with each other and fire of love will remain in between them. When Cancer get hurt he or she never let others know about their feelings but Taurus is very smart in reading and in assuming the feelings of others. Taurus and Cancer is couple made in heaven because the things they love and like they found in each other.


Sexual compatibility


Taurus like to play with the body of their partner and they give full time for foreplay. Cancer make priority to give extreme pleasure to their partner. Taurus and Cancer if both have sex they will fully indulge in the activity. Taurus will lead the game and Cancer will follow Taurus to enjoy. Taurus can arouse their partner very soon but Cancer swings their mood very fast. Cancer and Taurus both love to communicate their feelings while having sex. Cancer sometimes go wild during the activity that is the best part Taurus to enjoy.


Professional compatibility


Taurus consider feelings and emotions of other people working with them so they are desirable. Cancer also never put their colleagues under pressure and always ready to gel them in completing the task or project. Taurus and Cancer make good management that can handle the team very efficiently. Taurus cannot take their mistakes but Cancer take their mistakes and learn lessons from the mistakes done by them. Cancer and Taurus both are polite at work place and their unity in business bring success.


Emotional compatibility


Taurus is completely emotional personality and if he or she is spending time with you then it is clear that Taurus is emotionally in touch with you because Taurus never waste their time just for making sex. Cancer is a little bit flirty person but once he or she has the love feelings for someone then Cancer honestly follow you. Both are very good listeners and really pay attention that what their partner is saying. Cancer is very sweet personality he or she love to do little things for their partner and also like to impress.


Career Compatibility


Taurus is go getter and remain in the spotlight by this confidence and intellect. They can choose their career in the field of tour and travel or can be guide or can pursue in the field of interior decoration and event management. The person born with the Cancer sigh is gracious and entertaining and have co-operative nature. They will shine in the fields of teaching or in information technology. If Taurus and Cancer work on the same platform they will give perfect results on time.


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Physical compatibility


Cancer has carnal attraction towards opposite sex and Taurus are of flirting nature. Cancer is aroused by romantic conversation and by kissing and touching on the other hand Taurus are straight. Cancer has more sexual lust as compared to Taurus. Cancer believes in beauty and personality but Taurus give preference to inner beauty. Both are physically compatible as both have craving for sex. Cancer like sex in different positions and at different places and always seek something new in sexual activity and Taurus like to be driven in the activity.


Over all conclusion


Taurus and Cancer score 80 out of 100 in Compatibility test.


-There will be trust and honesty in the relationship.

-Both will get support and appreciations from each other.

-Happy outings will make bonding strong.

-Love and romance will never end in your relationship.

-Both will spare time for each other.


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