Compatibility among Taurus and Aries


About Taurus


Taurus don’t like sudden changes and insecurity of anything. Aries like to be their limit and like to live on their own terms. Aries usually have very less friends because they become friendly with few peoples only. Taurus are very broad minded and like to be surrounded by friends. They enjoy visiting different places and also have interest in knowing about the different cultures. Aries like music, dance and also care for their health and fitness. Aries is a person who love to dress well and also have interests in reading books. Taurus is social media worm who spend most of his time on social media sites. Aries don’t express themselves before the people much they are reserved. Taurus have good comic timing so they make all people around them happy. People are attracted towards this nature of Taurus so they have many friends.

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Love compatibility:


If Taurus is attracted towards Aries it will take a lot of time to get the consent of Aries for friendship or relationship. Aries see many things before being friendly with someone so it is very hard and tough to enter the friend circle of Aries. But once you entered the friend circle of Aries then it will take very less time to get Aries in your love relationship. Taurus is like a open book anyone can be friendly with Taurus. Aries and Taurus have different back grounds as Aries passion is health and fitness and the whole world of Taurus is around the partner, money and wealth. If you are Taurus and seeing Aries for relationship you can go forward but keep your ego side. Sometimes Aries do awkward things to hide their true feelings but Taurus is very smart in reading hearts. Taurus will do many sweet things to keep Aries happy. Aries and Taurus are mysterious creatures for each other till they are unknown because the assume wrong for each other’s personality.


Sexual compatibility


Taurus make sexual encounters just to enjoy and Aries make love to remain connected with the partner. Touching and kissing special body parts really arouse Taurus at once but Aries need proper foreplay and naked hugs before starting the sexual activity. Aries wish to hear that what their partner felt during the activity. Aries love to be on the top for making love and Taurus let the things go as they are going. You are really blessed with a intimating and satisfying sex life with each other. Let us reveal one secret to attract Taurus for sex is that Taurus gets flat on red lingerie. Aries are turned on by just dirty talking.


Professional compatibility


Aries is fast learner and always remain curious to learn new things at work place. They have amazing energy and state of mind. Taurus is born leader and very disciplined at work. The personality of Taurus attracts every interviewer and the main strength of Taurus is they act very quickly. If you want a perfectionist Aries is the one and if Aries and Taurus works together it will be a very strong team. Making strategies for the task will be in the hands of Aries and implementing the strategy is the task of Taurus and both will bring best results. But if they compete each other professionally then it will be not fine for both of them.


Emotional compatibility


Aries have big dreams and they never leave chasing love and wealth. Aries remains a lot in their own mind so sometimes they miss what is going around them. Taurus are very romantic they like to be cared and loved by their partner. They are little possessive too that can rise some problem in the relationship. Aries and Taurus can go forward as they have similar tastes in life and the common understanding will keep them close to each other. Taurus wish that partner should take them priority. Aries keep their self esteem with them wherever they go they can never sacrifice it at any bloody cost.


Career Compatibility


Aries are brainy people and they can make their career as engineer, Dentist or surgeon, scientist or can pursue a government job also. Taurus will shine in the fields of Banking or as a capitalist, financier or can do the business related to jewellery, cosmetics and health products. Both have fire to grow soon if they both work together the results are sure. Energy of the Taurus and wisdom of the Aries will help in attaining the goals. Both of them can handle multiple projects together and can finish them well in time.


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Physical compatibility


Taurus is attracted toward the people who are elder and mostly make frequent eye contacts. Aries never some forward first for the relationship they even hide their emotions and feelings from the person they are attracted to. Taurus like big booty and elder mates for the activity and Aries do it with the person who is emotionally attached. Aries like smooth and mild love making and Taurus is little wild. Plenty of foreplay and nice touches are the basic need of Aries. Taurus need to change places for the activity. For Aries size and position matter least and they enjoy journey instead of reaching the destination. During sex Aries close eyes and want to feel everything but Taurus want conversation. Aries is complicated personality if Aries want sex is is hard to know because they will send mix signals.


Over all conclusion


Taurus and Aries get 80 marks out of 100 in compatibility test.


-Both will be physically and emotionally closed.

-You will make a mature and sensible couple.

-This relationship will have long haul.

-You will learn and grow together.

-Peace of mind and happiness will remain in the relationship.


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