Compatibility among Taurus and Aquarius


About Aquarius


Aquarians never like to judge the people but first read the person completely before making any conclusion. Aquarian never let those people around them those are not ready to adapt their opinions and strategies. The people born with Aquarius sign choose their friends after analysing many things and they never show their emotions to others. Aquarius cannot be judged so mostly they are misunderstood by the people. Taurus never like to do the same things everyday they want change in their routine and try adventurous things. Aquarius and Taurus both don’t like being told to do things in this way or that way by anyone.

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Love compatibility:


Taurus and Aquarius both belongs to different worlds but it cannot be said they are not compatible for relationship. Taurus is very good in controlling temper but once he or she gets angry then never see anything. There can be some issues in this relationship but if both the partners will contribute their efforts and a little change can make this relationship successful. Taurus has to learn a very important lesson that if the things are not going your way it is better to leave them. If both fall in relationship they have to adapt adjustments and compromises. Aquarius is very down to earth and never let others down in any manner.


Sexual compatibility


Taurus love to talk dirty while having sex and Aquarius like the overall game. Taurus is straight and talk clearly with their partner about their fantasies and needs during the sexual activity. Aquarius is not comfortable to be naked in from of their partner but Taurus is free. Taurus is the person who leads the activity and Aquarius just enjoy the actions of their partner. Aquarius is more interested in trying new positions and places. Both will have great sexual relationship because both have great urges for making sex.


Professional compatibility


Aquarians love to wear stylist cloths, jewellery and like the comforts of life they can pursue in the field or fashioned designing, acting, singing, interior decor and also can start production of luxury items. Taurus can be agriculturist, economist, accountant and also can join as a banker. Aquarius never like to work under someone but if they are learning something then they never mind to work. Taurus is brilliant and have great wisdom while tackling professional issues. Taurus and Aquarian will have great partnership if they start business together.


Emotional compatibility


Taurus and Aquarius will handle the problems of life together and will have same approaches to life. Both will not let their partner down in any manner and will respect efforts of each other. Taurus has a far vision and saves money for future and Aquarius will help in doing this. Both will have mild quarrels but all will be resolved with smiles and kisses. Taurus can do anything to prove themselves right but after some time he or she will be ready to follow their partner. Bot will strive to spend time with each other.


Career Compatibility


Aquarian like to work in competitive atmosphere and remain curious to learn new things. The person born with Aquarius sign can make career in marketing designer cloths and accessories this will be the best field and also can start production of such goods. Taurus is very good in selling and satisfying customers or clients so they can work with multi national companies. The people with Aquarian sun sign focus on their work and never let their personal life enter into profession. The best part of Taurus is that they keep their skills and knowledge updated.


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Physical compatibility


Taurus is attracted towards the simplicity of the person and they neglect the people who show off. The people belongs to Taurus sign are very good listeners and they always give their help and support to the needy ones. Aquarius is mostly attracted by hair style and dressing sense they like thin and tall people with good sense of humour. Aquarius never mind to be open in first meeting and also like the people who become friendly very soon. Taurus and Aquarius both have different Physical approaches and attractions.


Over all conclusion


TTaurus and Aquarius score 70 out of 100 in compatibility test.


-Must do some homework before entering in relationship.

-Relationship will be successful if given preference to partner.

-Admit your mistakes.

-Never keep secrets from your partner.


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