Compatibility between Scorpio and Virgo


Little Bit About Scorpio and Virgo


A Virgo lady and a Scorpio man make a beautiful pair. Their blend can be seen as a mixture of emotions and practicality. Both work real hard to get this alliance moving steadily. The Scorpio man cherishes his lady love Virgo and appreciates her work. If these two do commit to each other, then no force on this earth can break this alliance. Most endurable features are her efficiency and critical nature. She believes in competition and organization. She works self-less for her dear ones and her best feature is her gentle nature towards the man she loves. She is a great home maker who has amazing new ideas and marvelous creativity.


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No one can win a Scorpio man as he displays a soft and gentle appearance, but he has a burning passion inside him. He is such an intense guy who can scale such heights that a man never thought they existed. Beneath his gentle voice lays a man who is continuously worried about his career and his own life. He can go to any heights to attain the comforts of life. When he falls for a lady he is completely loyal and wants her to take his heart out and say those three magical words.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Virgo

Love Compatibility:


Both have an amazing connection as he knows that nobody is perfect, if one loves another, it is not for perfection, but for many other reasons. She loves and respects him for his thinking and he also loves and cherishes her. He remains united as others expect from him. Both do communicate well with each other sharing secrets, but there are certain secrets that remain enclosed in him.


He is totally loyal with his mate, it’s very rare that he wanders away, but realizes his mistake quickly and comes back to his lady love. He is her lover and protects her when she is facing the world all alone. He is a true, authentic and a faithful person for a Virgo lady and she loves him for all these qualities.

Love Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Virgo

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Sexual Compatibility


If a Scorpio person ever fights for, it is the innocence of a Virgo lady. He can be a little rough with her during sexual bouts, but she is able to handle all this with her rational approach. Scorpio sign belongs to water, a highly emotional sign and Virgo lady is in search of an emotional human being, and both do share their emotions through their sexual bouts, which completely satisfies both of them.
It is the hardest time to separate them. The greatest problem that arises with them is their relation to Venus as both keep having sex with emotionless acts that can leave both unsatisfied. Both should indulge behaving gently and enjoy to the maximum otherwise both move on to find another mate.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Virgo

Family Compatibility


When both do discover love, both rediscover their soul and unlock their hearts with each other and share lots of secrets. Both remain fully loyal and devoted to each other. Both paint an exciting picture of whatever things both share and also know that they have the power to materialize their dreams. Both enhance each other’s virtues and bring out each other’s loveliness, this makes a Scorpio man more open.
Both realize that they have to travel the journey of their life hand in hand and remain closed forever. Their alliance also faces ups and downs as she gets upset because he never appreciate her works and she starts criticizing the Scorpion man and she never understands his depth of love. It can create differences; otherwise, both can raise a family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Virgo

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Physical Compatibility


Virgo born girl is tall, have a gentle body and dark hair. She has hairy and curved eye-brows. She has a clean fore-head, frank and a honest confession in her fascinating blue eyes. She has a fine nose, ears and lips. She has a thrilling voice and she will never have a fat belly. She appears to be very active in her physical movements. She walks at a fast pace.
A Scorpio man has a reddish tinge in his otherwise dark hair. They tend to bend towards a red color the moment he comes out in the Sun. He has a narrow face, with fine nose and curved eye-brows. His body appears slim and sophisticated, but is able to digest lots of stress. He gives a very piercing look to the one he is having a word with.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Virgo

Professional Compatibility


A Scorpio man is mad about mysteries if find them he loves solving them very gently. He has many resources that he seeks help from them helping him financially. He gets passionate about anything that comes to his life during its journey. He takes them gently and tries solving them very amicably. The only trouble with the Scorpio is that their mood swings instantly, but can be stabilized by a loved one.
She is a lucky lady born with a golden spoon and earns handsomely during her young age. Her bank balance seems to get thinner in the old age. She spends her earnings in a careful manner. During old age, she is tempted to gambling due to her good fortunes but avoids it. She must not spend money to help others but save for her old days.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Virgo

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Final Outcome


– Both form an interesting combination and both work real hard to get this alliance sailing smoothly.


– Both are totally loyal and trustworthy with each other, even if he wanders away slightly, he realizes his mistake very quickly and returns to his lady love.


– A Scorpio is a man full of emotions and a Virgo lady is on a look out of an emotional human being and both have to crash with each other and form an alliance.


– Both share lots of secrets when they get intimate and bring out the best mate and knows both have to travel a lot, hand in hand.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Virgo

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