Compatibility between Scorpio and Taurus


Little Bit About Scorpio and Taurus


A Taurus lady and a Scorpio man are attracted to each other and form an alliance that can last a life time. Both are ready and want to enjoy this relationship. Both go to the extremes and explore with a mutual respect they have for one another. A Taurus lady remains on the ground and keeps working hard, no matter how much wealth she has. She does not get impulsive, but makes an excellent plan before jumping into anything. She is a little reserved initially, but after a few dates she brings in warmth with her way of communications. She supports her man through thick and thin and her Scorpio man feels proud to have her around and this cozy alliance can go on for a lifetime.


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A Scorpio man is extremely experienced man who has weird ability to know the reasons and aims of anybody who he deals with. He has great values and exercises his emotional skills for some great purposes. He can be brutal who seeks revenge, but only when he is in trouble. But he can be soothed by a loved one who is very close to him. He is very protective for his lady love and always shields her from this harsh world.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Taurus

Love Compatibility:


When the eyes of a Taurus lady get the attention of a Scorpio man, she never loses attraction. It is impossible for her to stay away from him. Initially, she thinks not to get connected with this risky man, but his seduction wins and she falls for him. When an alliance is created, she realizes his loyalty that can last a lifetime.


The Scorpio man was searching for a lady who is strong-willed and an emotional heart. She is the one who has these qualities. Once in, she pleases her man, both physically and mentally and makes his house into a home, a real cozy place to live. If he has some trouble in life, she has a sharp mind and can give suggestions on how to clear such troubles.

Love Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Taurus

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Sexual Compatibility


The bond between a Scorpio man and a Taurus lady is like a mixture of water and earth, the best in this world. These two also get mixed like that, both were hungry for love. First they enjoy the sexual sessions for physical pleasures. Both were craving to form an alliance as they wanted to quench their thirst and both do achieve satisfaction.
A Taurus lady approaches sex for the physical pleasures that make her fly in the sky and a Scorpio man thinks that getting physical satisfaction makes his spirit soar the heights. Both start sharing some emotions too while having sex and form a complete bond that lasts long. When both face the mirror, a fissure might get created, but what goes on behind the door is a medicine for their rejuvenation.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Taurus

Family Compatibility


A Scorpio man feels proud when he forms an alliance with a Taurus lady. He knows how to pamper her, but she should know that he is a man and she shouldn’t try to dominate him. He passionately loves her and provides all comforts that are within his reach to her. He makes her sit on cloud9 and she taps her feet listening to a sweet music.
He also protects her from all evil things that are present in this world. He might get doubtful rarely, but she lets go her feelings as it is she who can soothe his troubled waters. His good qualities don’t let her argue with him. Both keep blossoming this love flower and get gelled and both are ready for marriage and have a fine family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Taurus

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Physical Compatibility


A Taurus girl has a height that varies from short to medium, but she has a large fore-head. She also has shining eyes, heavy and big neck and dark hair. She has a flawless skin that appears a little fleshy. She has a plump body, but it seems a well developed body. Her work can be slow, but she remains a steady worker.
The face of a Scorpion man looks angular, but it displays a strong look. His hairs generally look dark with a red tinge to it, can look reddish colored if he is basking the Sunlight. His body is thin and slender with a fine nose and curved eyebrows. He has a pair of deep penetrating eyes. A person can feel a chill going down his spine if he is just having a word with him.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Taurus

Professional Compatibility


Usually a Taurus lady saves her money, not because she wants to amass it, but she spends it carefully. She has a materialistic mind and knows she can extract money from others. She is a consistent worker who rises gradually. She is not brave enough to take chances, especially where money is concerned. Disturbing sources will not disturb her honesty and sincere dealings. She remains loyal to the person she loves and is a sharp-witted lady.
A Scorpio man gets attracted to unsolved and complicated mysteries that require solutions. He is a resourceful person who first analyzes the problem and then solves it. He remains passionate whether he is in the office or at home or in his bedroom. He has the energy and an amazing sense that makes him get conscious about the imminent danger. He has a bad habit that his mood swings instantly, but only when he is in distress, which is soothed by a loved one.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Taurus

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Final Outcome


– Both gel with each other instantly, a Taurus lady might be reserved initially, but brings in warmth when he wins her trust.


– Both realize that they were hungry for each other, the moment they start living together.


– She has a sharp mind that teaches her not to dominate her lover, and he brings in all the comforts he can afford and shields her from this cruel world.


– Both are intelligent souls, but she is afraid to take chances in money matters and he loves solving mystic puzzles.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Taurus

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