Compatibility between Scorpio and Scorpio


Little Bit About Scorpio and Scorpio


When the affair starts, both these Scorpions need emotional involvement. They are hungry for various compliments that come from one another, but both being different in habits keep this affair a little exciting. If both find harmony with each other and keep appreciating each other, this affair is going to rock and they will discover mutual respect and identical aims in their life.


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A Scorpion lady has fascinating look, and she is seductive, mysterious and amazingly beautiful. One stare and a simple gesture explain her nature. Her seductive attitude comes first if the man senses that what she is looking in a man. She doesn’t display too much emotional side, especially when she is in a public place. She doesn’t display, but emotions do run high within her. She takes a back seat initially in an affair, but knows how to become boss later.


A Scorpio man is clever and can scan his ladies mind quite easily. He is able to tackle any kind of situation. He is a powerful individual who himself is full of mysteries. He is in search of more power, but remains totally loyal to his lady love. But he has a suspicious mind and a jealous nature, but is good at hiding his emotions. He might create fissures in his affair, but he is a noble soul and the best lover a lady can find on this globe.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Scorpio

Love Compatibility:


Once these two starts an affair both have a desire to love and be loved and this is an authentic affair. No two zodiac sign gel with each other the way these two do. Both have similar needs and desires and keep chatting these with one another. One of them might not agree with the other and can lead to conflicts between them.


Both are proud of their own ego and none of them admits defeat, but both don’t display it. But both must realize that communicating in a positive manner is the only key to their beautiful affair to run smoothly. Trust is the only saving grace with complete honesty is responsible for this affair to go on and not worry about their love boat running into rough seas.

Love Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Scorpio

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Sexual Compatibility


Both Scorpion man & lady, when they crash into each other and get attracted, they don’t even have the time for introduction, their sexual encounter happens. Initially these two souls are burning with passion and enjoy all the physical pleasures as both know what to expect and what to get from their respective partner.
Both behave to the extremes, if they find their partner satisfactory this love affair can last a lifetime, or if not satisfied both go in different directions and behave as strangers. Both don’t add spice to each other’s sex life but are spices themselves. Both need to sit quietly and think calmly the pros & cons of this affair and not push things in a nuclear way. The result will definitely come when both hold each other in their cozy arms.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Scorpio

Family Compatibility


Unless both of them stay positive in their affair and both focus on their good qualities everything goes on smoothly, but ‘every day is not a Sunday’, when in distress, both start fighting on minor things. Both keep arguing and these scuffles lead to a full stop of this affair as none of them admits defeat. But this affair doesn’t end easily as it is an amazing bond formed between them on other levels.
Both need to communicate all the ins and outs of a crisis and do the full postmortem. It can make the problem solved within a short time. Both should pay respect to this affair and be positive in their attitudes and must feel sorry if one of them has committed a mistake. Such a beautiful affair should not end so abruptly. Both should have a happy family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Scorpio

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Physical Compatibility


Scorpion is called “KETA” in Sanskrit meaning a poisonous snake. One look in her eyes can hypnotize a man and he feels somebody is piercing through his soul. She has a fine persona with average height, muscular body, long hands, big face, short and curly hair. She has thick eye-brows, can get a stout body whose skin color is dusky. Her beauty is deep and mysterious.
A Scorpio man’s face has a pointed look at its features. His hair is generally dark with a reddish tint, they appear red when he goes in the sunlight. He has very piercing eyes, a nice nose, and finely curved eyebrows. His body is tender and slim. He appears as a weak man, but he is so strong willed that he can handle lots of stress without getting sick.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Scorpio

Professional Compatibility


As far as wealth is concerned a Scorpio lady has luck running on her side. She has a good position whether in-house or office or business. She spends excessively as her income is handsome. She is in a skeptical position at home; nobody dares challenge her reputation as she can go to any lengths for her honor. She is ‘penny wise and pounds foolish’ sort of character. She never reveals her power but is always hungry for more.
The first feature that comes to notice a Scorpion man is his passion for everything in life. Scorpions have lots of enthusiasm and he never loses his focus and determination for reaching his goals. This quality is awed by many other zodiac signs. He has a sixth sense also as he can smell a danger coming. The only negative thing about a Scorpio man is that his mood swings instantly. One moment he is all smiles and snaps he is cursing someone. But this thing can be controlled by a loved one, especially his lady love.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Scorpio

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Final Outcome


– With both Scorpions involved in an affair, both know the needs and desires of their mate and so initially gel well.


– Both go to the extremes of an affair, if satisfied both can continue this affair for a life time, if not can end abruptly.


– If both stay a little cool, they are bound to create a thriving family.


– financially a lady is lucky to earn handsomely and man is passionate about anything during his life.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Scorpio

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