Compatibility between Scorpio and Pisces


Little Bit About Scorpio and Pisces


A Scorpio man and a Pisces lady have the same element i.e. Water, so a bond is inevitable. Both do understand each other’s needs very well. Both are in search of a deep relationship that comes naturally filled with emotions. A Pisces lady is a sincere in taking care of her loved ones and is clever enough to gain sympathy from her man. She just believes her surroundings and is totally innocent when facing this harsh world. She gets molded by her Scorpio man and respects him immensely. She always relies on her Scorpio man on how to approach different people and feels completely safe in his arms.


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A Scorpio man admires her spiritual and technical ideas to the hilt. He has a powerful will and a magnetic quality that makes him unique among the other males. He appears a calm person, but ideas about his love and career keep burning beneath his outer surface. His passion keeps smoldering with in him to reach a certain destination to enhance his persona. A Pisces lady seems to be lucky as he gives her total loyalty, respects her values and provides soft love, so that she can have all the fun she can have throughout her life.


Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Pisces

Love Compatibility:


After some time spent together both Scorpio man and Pisces lady start reading each other’s thoughts without uttering a word. Their stability and harmony for each other makes this alliance adorable. Both enjoy in this watery connection that is full of passion and sweet fragrance of love. Both win the trust of each other making Scorpio man less suspicious of her lady love and she responds by presenting herself in a strong way.


The aura of their home gives a sweet fragrance that resembles the fragrance of fresh roses, making it look like a flora of beautiful gardens. The tender touches and flowery expressions make them walk the love path, hand in hand, with both whispering in each other’s ears, makes it look like a fairy tale ending.

Love Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Pisces

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Sexual Compatibility


Sexual connection between a Scorpio man and a Pisces lady is the best as both mixes a blend of emotions to it. He craves with sexual desire and she willingly puts her mind, body and soul into this session, making it unique. Both feel its depth and it might be the reason for staying together. His passions are adored by his lady love, she feels secure in his arms and she responds by further awakening of his deeply held emotions by stirring them swiftly.
Their activities give pleasure to both in an agile manner, making their intimacy more powerful. He feels proud to have such a fragile lady close to him and she feels proud of the relaxation she is getting after coming so close to this man. Minor scuffles do take place but are quickly fixed by their physical sessions.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Pisces

Family Compatibility


Scorpio man and a Pisces lady appreciate each other for their various deeds done together. Both are such an amazing couple who can walk for miles without uttering a word, by just holding hands and enjoy its vibes. The love that surrounds them is so melodious that none of them realize what lies at the next bend and both keep dreaming about each other only. Both can’t feel anything, but ‘love is in the air’.
Both have shared so many secrets that no room is left for any doubt to raise its ugly head. Both create such a bond that is further grown with the essence of love. Both are strong together and when all alone start missing each other like a desert misses the rain. This couple thinks of having a tender family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Pisces

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Physical Compatibility


Very few Pisces ladies have a tall height; usually she is short and has bright eyes that keep glittering all the time. Not always, but some time they are large and very seductive. She has moving features like she has more dimples than wrinkles. She has a weird body, but due to her elegant grace it remains unnoticed. She has either tiny feet or burly like a tired old lady. She has a wide mouth and tiny and delicate hands. She might get obese in the later years of her age.
A Scorpio man remains serious most of the time with most of his features displaying a pointed look. His eyebrows are a little tilted and has a fine nose. He has a dark color to his hair that has a reddish tinge to it. When he goes in the sunlight they appear a little reddish. He looks weak but has a powerful will that stands alright even if he faces lots of stress.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Pisces

Professional Compatibility


A Pisces lady is blessed with power and wealth. Mostly she is in the service career, but she has a good business sense. She saves money to have a luxurious old age as she doesn’t rely on her kids. She is generous towards the needy and is ready to give them advance money. She does not like to be ordered if asked that way she works with full honesty and remains sincere.
A Scorpion man has a passion for everything that comes in his life, be it in the office or home. He has a precise goal in his mind and keeps making plans on how to achieve it. He has lots of energy doing his work. He has a great sense of imminent danger and he backs off if it doesn’t suit his plans. His swinging mood is the only bad habit he has, but it can be soothed by someone he loves.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Pisces

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Final Outcome


– Both have the element of Water in their signs, so both understand the needs and desires of their mate.


– After spending some time together both read each other’s thoughts without uttering a single word.


– Both form a unique connection the moment they come close as they mix a dose of emotion to it.


– When in love, both can walk miles together without speaking, and carries love flows along.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Pisces

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