Compatibility between Scorpio and Libra


Little Bit About Scorpio and Libra


Both Scorpio man and a Libra lady form a lovely couple. Both love commitment and togetherness, but in different ways. Both have lots to learn and teach, finding a common place enlightens their alliance. A Libra lady has a charming smile and is soft and elegant female who is bestowed with lots of social skills. She persuades sweetly and knows her tactics in a refined manner. She understands the people’s problems very easily as they do trust her and opens up with slightest provocation. He proves to be a lady behind every man’s success as she is always beside him through thick & thin and fully supports his work.y.


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A Scorpio man is highly suspicious, who is deeply in love. He has some extremely high values and functions his emotional side to extract work. These qualities of him come out when he is in a distress or a bad mood. When in an alliance he is very caring for his lady love and always stands in front of his lady, protecting like a shield protects a soldier, from this cruel world she is facing. He shares some secrets with his lady love that haven’t been shared by him with anyone else.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Libra

Love Compatibility:


Both form an alliance that’s very charming like poetry in motion. With her gentleness and soft approach to some basics of life, he starts missing her when she is not around. She lets her cool survive even at the time of a crisis and totally loyal that she helps him in reaching his aims of life. She is a great debater and wins an argument she gets into. She respects her man for all his deeds like strength, loyalty and devotion.


She pushes him to achieve his goals, but when she finds him getting upset she takes a U turn and becomes totally submissive leading to a happy alliance. He has an aura that he carries and to form a strong alliance he has to stay focused and determined and she stays emotionally candid. Trust in each other is the only common ground for both.

Love Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Libra

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Sexual Compatibility


There is an exciting and challenging nexus between the two in such an affair.Both become animals during their sexual combats as if both were made for each other. They both need to find the element of touch in between them as Libra lady has Air and Scorpio man has Water, both disconnect easily. When one of them say anything furious about Libra lady gives up her animal behavior, it is picked up by the Scorpion man.
Their sex life can be very meaningful and emotional as both pull each other very strongly and get possessive with one another. Both hug one another in such a way that it seems they can’t be separated. Both might not be satisfied with one another in other aspects of life, but their sexual intimacy doesn’t let them go.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Libra

Family Compatibility


A Scorpio man and a Libra lady’s love is like waking up on a bed full of fresh roses and smelling their sweet smell. Both have a dynamic persona. Both never get bored in each other’s company. He gives up his dominating attitude and protects his lady love from all the cruel storms this world has for her and she pampers him for making him the happiest man on earth.
Both fall madly in love and their love story ends as a fairy tale ending, giving them the warmth of love throughout their lives, making them the happiest couple on this globe. Now comes a time when both start thinking about having a nice little happy family that thrives on the warmth of their love for each other.

Family Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Libra

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Physical Compatibility


A Libra girls features are even and well proportioned, they sooth one’s eyes, but are not the ones to be noticed again. She has a dimple on her cheeks or the chin or even on a fascinating knee cap. Her face carries a pleasant expression. Her body is not fat, but has lots of curves and angles and she has curly hair. She also possesses a sweet and clear voice. She is fond of art, music, dresses and perfume.
The hair of a Scorpio man has a reddish tinge to their dark color. They look reddish in the sunlight. His face is a little narrow with a nice nose and curved eye-brows. His body appears slim and slender, but he is a strong willed person who can handle lots of stress. He stares with a very piercing look.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Libra

Professional Compatibility


A Libra lady has a great fortune of wealth, she will own a sound car and love for more money never dies. She excels in logic, reasoning, judgment, and foresight, she does analyze before investing. She does careful investment and makes more money. She is liberal and generous and friends support her better than the relatives. Lavish spending needs a check on her. This is where she needs a person like a Scorpio man who guides her how to invest money.
Mysteries do attract a Scorpio man and he loves solving them very gently. He has lots of resources to earn money. He remains passionate about anything in the world. He faces all the problems life has in store for him very passionately. The only trouble with a Scorpio man is his mood swings instantly, but it can be soothed by a loved friend.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Libra

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Final Outcome


– Both form a strange alliance when in love, both love togetherness and commitment, but in a totally different ways.


– She has some basic approach to doing things in life and he gets impressed with these basic movements.


– Both have a deep connection while having sex, both become animals and hug each other so tightly like no one should interrupt and no one can do that.


– Both have a dynamic persona and none of them feels bored in each other’s company.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Libra

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