Compatibility between Scorpio and Leo


Little Bit About Scorpio and Leo


Both, a Leo lady and a Scorpio man start an alliance and both become extremely possessive about each other, this create troubles between them. They appreciate each other, Scorpio loves her strength and Leo loves his sensitive commitment. A Leo lady is a social animal who is warm, caring and generous. Her persona and freedom are definitely attractive. She gets social to be approved by public and feels proud the moment she reaches the top. She behaves fiercely, when angry and has to be pampered to calm her down. No doubt she admires her man, but never trusts her, the moment she realizes the grass is greener on the other side, and she spreads her wings and flees.


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Wherever a Scorpio man goes, he takes his persona with him, making him a completely different person. He displays a calm look, but nobody knows what’s going on within him. His emotions are burning on some plans on how to make his career better and how to achieve his goals. Any lady should feel proud to be connected with a Scorpio nab as he will take care of her needs and she has the freedom to go anywhere. She should not deceive him; otherwise an unexpected revenge is coming her way.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Leo

Love Compatibility:


Their pairing is a little bit rocky, but a passionate one. Both are fully aware of their pride and power. He holds a public style alliance due to his sex appeal and remains fully loyal and authentic towards his lady love. She being a suspicious lady always doubts his character. He is fanatic towards sex with a Leo lady and glitters brightest. He is curious for sex with her all the time and he solves his own mysteries that are within him.


He does it to create an ultimate ecstasy, which he has been lurking for. He wants her total devotion towards him, if doesn’t get it he gets skeptical. Both share the same intensity, when in love and can learn lots of things from one another. She gets stable and he teaches her to understand the meaning of true love.

Love Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Leo

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Sexual Compatibility


Both have an urge for sexual sessions, but a Scorpio man is passionate about sex, always discovering some new action each time. Both have different persona about sexual sessions. If they crash into each other and get attracted and have sex, but due to their powerful persona both have a different approach to everything.
Both don’t function the same way, a Leo lady needs respect and a Scorpio is least bothered when having sex. Both have different views on sex, so nobody reaches an authentic intimacy. A Leo lady thinks this is love between the two and a Scorpio man takes it as a time pass to quench their physical desires. Both need to give up their thoughts and find a middle path if both need complete satisfaction.

Sexual Compatibility Score Be een Scorpio and Leo

Family Compatibility


Both have qualities like they are rigid, over possessive, bitterness and jealousy is deep rooted between them. Most of their conflicts start due to finances. A Leo lady spends lavishly; buying lavish items that please her and he also spends lavishly, but does not like anybody’s dictatorship while spending.
Here only one thing comes to mind is that both should have a different account in the bank.No one should be worried about the other’s bank account and both can spend on what each one likes. They can share a great relation only when these two are co-workers or have the same aim. A child between these two is the best bet, and now both can build a happy family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Leo

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Physical Compatibility


A Leo lady is quite attractive and full of enthusiasm and she carries a blush on her face with a strong head. She Walks with a shivering intensity and has a massive fore-head. The color of her eyes id dark brown that appear soft and gentle, and snap can turn violent and red if she gets furious, these are round in shape and a little bending at a corner. Hairs are usually reddish brown with same color of her skin. She has large shoulders with heavy bones and a muscular body. She has a thin waste and cute knees. She has a majestic appearance that makes her look royal.
The Scorpio man has a dark color hair with a reddish tint. When he is out in the Sun, they become a little red. His face appears to be angular. His body appears to be thin and gentle, where as he is a strong willed man who can tackle lots of stress. He has a fine nose with angular eye-brows. He gives a very piercing look to all.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Leo

Professional Compatibility


She is a lady born with a golden spoon in her mouth. She has enough sources to take care of her finances. She earns lots of money when young, her bank balance starts getting thinner when old age comes. Due to her good fortune she might go in for gambling, but usually she avoids it. When in love she can be fiery, but is totally loyal.
A Scorpio man has so many sources that can help him solve financial problems. He loves to find mysteries and loves solving them gently. He gets passionate about anything that comes his way during life. He deals with all the problems very passionately.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Leo

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Final Outcome


– Both get attracted to each other and get intimate, when in an affair both become possessive thinking that he/she is better than the other.


– Both are crazy about sexual sessions and both indulge in it where ever the can find a chance.


– Both have certain basic qualities in them that both don’t want to give up like both are too rigid, over possessive, bitterness and jealousy, both think they are right in their daily dealings.


– A Cancer lady is born with a golden spoon in her mouth and is fortunate enough and he may look gentle, but his mind is always planning a better future.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Leo

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