Compatibility between Scorpio and Gemini


Little Bit About Scorpio and Gemini


As opposites attract each other, these two also do the same, but both try to tame each other, thinking that he/she is superior then the other. A Scorpio man remains serious most of the time and she tries to infuse lots of fun as she is a lighthearted lady. Getting adjusted with each other is a little odd as both keep sticking to their habits, if they do then it proves to be a miracle. A Gemini lady has various personalities stored in her. She has a sort of split persona that acts differently in every situation. She needs a man who can bring some excitement, fun and control her nature of enjoyment. She doesn’t get serious in an alliance and doesn’t get involved deeply. But she can prove to be a loyal and trustworthy if she gets emotionally involved with any man.


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A Scorpio man is ready to solve all the problems that exist in the world, he believes in the saying ’he came, he saw and he conquered’. He can handle all situations very nicely, just as an ordinary situation. He continues his search for more power, but is totally loyal to his loved ones, especially his lady love. He is full of jealousy and if he gets suspicious of his lady love, than she should get ready to face his revenge that he takes brutally.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Gemini

Love Compatibility:


One glance of a Scorpio man is enough to seduce a Gemini lady. She simply feels un resistible charm to his rigidness and discipline. She doesn’t fall in love with him, but prefers to stay in love with him. Their flame of love rises instantly and sparks inevitably has to come out. She impresses a Scorpio man with her bubbly nature, clever conversation and she displays a fragile nature.


The initial fervor vanishes very soon, the moment she gets intimate and he starts regretting his decision. She also feels that he has started dominating her and she starts shuddering under his constant gaze. She might feel suffocated, but his deep rooted love is totally devoted to her. She has to adjust her behavior and she knows that it is he is the only one who can fill the cracks, which have come in their alliance.

Love Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Gemini

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Sexual Compatibility


Both experience an interesting connection the moment they get intimate. She is not serious at all initially; she loves playing with her Scorpion man and enjoys the sexual pleasures gleefully. She just thinks it’s a pastime affair and it shouldn’t be taken deeply. She keeps her feelings light. The Scorpion man feels deep rooted and mixes his passion with these bedroom activities.
He takes these sexual pleasures to a spiritual level and only then he enjoys this sexual session. If she gets along with him and reaches his level of intimacy, then she doesn’t have to worry about anything. He will never deceive her and always find him standing in front of her, like a protective shield saving her from this harsh and cruel world. She should fulfill his desires and make this union stable eternal.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Gemini

Family Compatibility


Minor scuffles and careless attitude of the Gemini lady is ignored by the Scorpion man as he thinks it’s a bit childish. But when he senses an imminent danger, when the lady tries to tame him, he can’t change as he was born with it. He should understand that her impulsive ways are asking for some space. If both do judge their alliance and discover the true love, their alliance can create a miracle with their glittering hearts.
She is full of feminine cleverness and trickery, teaching him to be freer and have fun, but he can’t get anything but serious. Both do enjoy together and can end this affair like a fairy tale romance ends. Their bond will not break that easily and both have a wish to have a happy family together.

Family Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Gemini

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Physical Compatibility


She appears like a model walking on a ramp as she is tall and straight. Her body is very thin and active, her arms are long and so are her face, nose and chin. She has a medium skin and her eyes have hazel or grey color in them. Her legs are so thin that one can see her veins too. She looks intelligent and very active. But it is difficult to understand her as she has many natures inside her.
The face of a Scorpion man always displays a narrow look. His hair is usually dark colored with a reddish tinge. These appear red when he comes under the Sun. His body is thin and soft but is warm and strong-willed as he is able to handle lots of stress. He has a nice nose and twisted eye-brows. His eyes are deep and when he looks at a person, the person feels like his soul being stabbed by this Scorpion man.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Gemini

Professional Compatibility


She is both fortunate and unfortunate. She enjoys life when fortune smiles on her, but she also stands a witness to extreme poverty. She breaks barriers with her family due to minor conflicts. She is herself responsible for her own downfall. A secret love affair can bring her land in trouble. Mostly such affairs bring in headache and difficulties. She knows that life is too short and so keeps making new friends, but soon leaves them after finding some vices in them.
A Scorpio man, on the other hand, is the serious creature and has the talent to find sources that can help him discover his fortunes. He loves solving crude mysteries. He is passionate about all the things he comes in contact with in whole life. He has the energy and talent to deal with all the worldly problems passionately.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Gemini

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Final Outcome


– Both have totally different attitudes, she is never serious and he is always serious about all the things.


– She behaves like a child the moment both form a bond and he mixes his passion with this bond.


– She thinks life is too short to have all the fun and he thinks it’s enough to enjoy and have fun.


– She is both fortunate and unfortunate to the extremes, but he might be born in a poor family, but dies as a rich man.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Gemini

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