Compatibility between Scorpio and Cancer


Little Bit About Scorpio and Cancer


A Cancer lady and a Scorpio man attract each other like a magnet attracts the nails. A Scorpio man feels rejuvenated when a Cancer lady enters his life. Their warmth passes each test that life puts them into, with flying colors. Both get diehard romantic and express their love like a feel ‘at home’. A Cancer lady is mystery lady and he loves solving mysteries. She is soft, fragile and kind lady who has a good sense of humor, and so she carries an aura with her persona. She looks weak, but is strong enough to protect her dear ones, even if she is all alone she knows how to defend herself. She feels emotions and is her trust is totally spotless. She is patient and flexible enough to deal any situation. She is the most perfect match to her Scorpion lover.


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A Scorpio man is extremely calm person with a burning passion inside him. Ha possesses a soft voice but the plans are being made to enhance his career as he is in love with the comforts of life. He is a diehard romantic, when a Cancer lady knocks on his door he is ready to embrace her and together they can conquer the world. He is suspicious too, just pay a look beneath his outer surface and you will find his boiling passion.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Cancer

Love Compatibility


A Cancer lady is a mystery lady and a Scorpion man loves unfolding mysteries completely in a gentle style. She displays a sober look that attracts him, but once they come closer, her solid sense of humor makes this serious man smile. She brings in a rainbow of colors and joy to his otherwise dull life.


He also knows that he has a mate who understands his feelings and she is aware of his inner turmoil. She can swing her mood instantly like him and sometimes he lets her be the boss at home because he knows that no one else can take her place as he trusts her blindly. Both do understand each other so well that within no time their affair becomes a union that will never part ways.

Love Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Cancer

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Sexual Compatibility


Both have an element of water and as water mixes with water easily and increase the volume of water. Same way when these two becomes intimate their love keeps growing bringing in more intensity. The Scorpio man’s love style is more intense and hungry than majority of men and a Cancer lady’s love style is more romantic and touchy then other ladies. She feels safe and square in his arms and he values loyalty and she has it in plenty.
He can hear her heart beating faster when he comes close to her and her face starts blushing. Mostly she wants to act in the same manner, but she lets him do all the delicious activities. When they realize each other’s desires their sexual union turns into an awkward mixture of true love and erotic love.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Cancer

Family Compatibility


Both, Scorpio man and a Cancer lady make an amazing pair that gels both of them emotionally and physically. Their love keeps growing with time and both win the trust of each other and gain confidence. She helps him in discovering his own persona and he eradicates the fear from her mind and makes her soar heights and fly fearlessly, but she is under his constant gaze.
He starts trusting her because she provides complete devotion to the Scorpio man and he forgives her minor mistakes. She often makes him smile and he gives full credit to her for making his life more enjoyable. Even when her mood swings in a negative way, he still keeps his cool as he knows she is fully devoted to him and he will never find another lady like her.

Family Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Cancer

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Physical Compatibility


Cancer lady’s lord is moon, so her face resembles the full moon i.e. it has a round shape, fleshy cheeks and a very fine nose that can be outstanding at the tip. The color of her eyes can be sky blue, black or a little bit grey. Both her hand and feet are short, which have a pale colored skin. She also possesses large breasts. So she is quite attractive physically.
The Scorpio man has a narrow face. The color of his hair is usually dark with a red tint. His hair appears red when he is basking in the sunlight. His bodily structure appears to be thin and gentle, but he is a strong-willed person who can tackle lots of stress at times. He has a fine nose and curved eyebrows. His eyes display a piercing look and the person he is having a word with feels his gaze going through his soul.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Cancer

Professional Compatibility


A Cancer lady takes care of a Scorpion man to the extreme, one can never feel the care in such a manner unless he meets a Cancer lady. She is able to ride the waves of change and come out with flying colors. She is creative and provides brilliant ideas, remains totally loyal, acts instantly, very sensitive but protective.
Her moods swing instantly, she is suspicious, doesn’t want to move on as she is pessimistic by nature. The Scorpio man is a serious creature who has the sources to extract money from them. It takes care of his financial needs. During his life, he faces many challenges but is always ready to solve each challenge. He has the talent to take the bull by its horns but in a very gentle manner.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Cancer

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Final Outcome


– A Cancer lady is full of mysteries and a Scorpio man loves solving the various mysteries that come his way during his life time.


– She is a little reluctant in the beginning, but once they get intimate both realize they were made for each other.


– He has a hunger and intensity in love and she is romantic and touchy.


– Both can produce a family like no other pair can as both are totally involved emotionally and mentally.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Cancer

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