Compatibility between Scorpio and Aquarius


Little Bit About Scorpio and Aquarius


An Aquarius lady is totally opposite a Scorpion man as both have different views on everything. But as opposites attract each other, same way these two get attracted and have an affair, but both have to adjust with each other if they want to let this affair move on smoothly. Both can be charmed with their partner’s nature and general behavior. She has a frank and clear attitude as she hates diplomacy. She has a rigid nature and he can’t pin her down, she has her own goals to achieve. She has a hunger for change, but when in love she can make her man’s life fascinating.


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A Scorpio man is a serious man doing anything, having a rigid nature he can’t be taken for a ride anywhere he doesn’t want to go. His expectations are on similar level as are his suspicions. He can be fully loyal and can give his trust if he loves someone like an Aquarius lady. She has to decide beforehand that this man is right for her, otherwise it becomes a tedious task to opt out.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Scorpio and Aquarius

Love Compatibility:


Both form a fascinating pair, Scorpio man gets attracted due to her mysterious freedom and frankness and he falls head over heels in love with her out of curiosity. Both find a safe haven in each other’s arms. If a conflict takes place between them, it only strengthens their bond. Here Scorpio man has to suffer her bad temper calmly and try soothing the hiccups.Both have a top priority for their family and then loved ones.


Daily routines keep moving along them. He has many mysterious ways to excite his lady; he protects her, makes her his princess and loves her. She should not get irresponsible and he should not try to dominate her. Such a situation worsens their affair and comes to an end. She has to learn a lot from him as he takes care of her daily needs and their love keeps blossoming.

Love Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Aquarius

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Sexual Compatibility


Scorpio man has Water as its element and Aquarius has Air, when mixed both promote sexual freedom. It forms a sensitive network that is oozing with the fragrance of love. If both break up, both will hate the things both have shared so far. Both find it a hard task to find a harmony in emotion and passion.
An Aquarius lady cannot be tied down in a boundary of emotions and he is starving for sex with a deep emotional contact. Their sex life is like a wonderful arena or a worse than hell. Both need to be flexible enough to share some emotions and keep running stably. But both have a firm nature and getting flexible is not their cup of tea. So, these two forms a problematic alliance.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Aquarius

Family Compatibility


Both can get acquainted to each other’s nature, with the passage of time, making their affair quite cozy. A Scorpio man teaches her how to face and behave with the near & dear ones and she teaches him to take certain things lightly. He is serious about anything he faces throughout his life. If they listen seriously to their partner and behave accordingly than both have a bright alliance that can’t be broken by anyone.
Sparks of love keep this alliance keep glittering most of the time. Both should be of adjusting nature that brings a shine in their life. Their home becomes a warm place where anybody is always welcome. Both enjoy each other’s ecstasy and have all the fun of their precious life. Now both can decide to have a colorful family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Aquarius

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Physical Compatibility


She has a tall height with a well developed body. She has a flawless pale skin, the color of her hair is brown that are straight and silky, an oval shaped glowing face, with the dreams in her blue, green or grey colored eyes. Both display a magic or a mystery in them. She has an amazing persona with a scar or a mole on her beautiful thighs. All these fine features are enough to attract a serious Scorpion man and he falls for her like ‘love at first site’.
A Scorpio man displays a serious look and most of his features are of narrow look. The color of his hair is generally dark, with a slight tinge of red color. His hair appears red in color if he is under the hot Sun. He has a fine nose with curved eyebrows. He is strong-willed person who can handle lots of stress.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Aquarius

Professional Compatibility


An Aquarius lady works hard and not worried about the result as far as money matters are concerned. She has a laidback attitude and feels money is required for important necessities of life. The honor comes first, she can spend a lot to keep up her prestige. Once she finds any man fit for marriage, her marriage can prove to be a model for others. She keeps her home tidy and clean with all the modern furniture.
A Scorpion man has a passion for anything that encounters his life. He has lots of energy to remain focused on this goal and with fully developed plans on how to achieve it. He has an extra sense to detect an imminent danger coming his way. The only bad thing about him is his mood that swings so rapidly. It can only be soothed by his loved ones.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Aquarius

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Final Outcome


– Both form different attitudes, but are attracted to each other, if both adjust a little bit, they prove to be a model for others.


– A Scorpio man falls head over heels at her first sight, due to her physical appearance and her behavior.


– None of them can be dominating, but if respect comes first both gel so much as if no one can separate them.


– She brings in colors to his life and he teaches her how to face this cruel world in reality.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Scorpio and Aquarius

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