Compatibility between Sagittarius and Taurus


Little Bit About Sagittarius and Taurus


The merger of a Sagittarius man and a Taurus lady doesn’t hit the bull’s eye. He has a knack of having fun and has lots of excitement, until their affair lasts. A Taurus lady is never serious about making merry, but relies more on stability and unity. She remains on the ground and knows her desires very well. She has a good nature of taking care of her close ones, especially her lover. She has self control and lots of patience and knows how to win over others. She is generous and takes care of her issues herself, instead of crying her heart out. If pushed against the wall, she responds in a furious manner that can’t be forgotten easily.


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A Sagittarius man is a cheerful person who can create a dull environment into full of laughter with his bubbly nature. He has a specific goal in mind and knows the direction on how to achieve it. He impresses with his work, but doesn’t need to be appreciated. He believes in ‘live and let live’ and have all the fun. He can’t be pinned down by anyone and believes in his own commitments. When he knows the boundaries of his own freedom, he proves to be an expert in doing anything and remains totally loyal in an honest manner.

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Love Compatibility:


A Taurus lady falls head over heels in love with a Sagittarius man on the first date. She loves his intelligence and deadly optimism. She finds a new reason to live happily, ever after that. She starts taking care of her mate in a serious manner and he loves her company and is impressed by her tidiness. She has a balancing nature and has all the patience to keep listening to his remarks.


He also desires stimulation to keep things moving in a stable manner, but her talent lies in doing various things practically. A Sagittarius man is the mixture of many charms that she thought never existed. He twinkles and wishes that his lady love will make it shine against her dark thoughts that she carries with her. He is impressed by her earthly actions and mellows down in front of her.

Love Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Taurus

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Sexual Compatibility


When a Taurus lady thinks about having sex with a man, a Sagittarius man never comes to her mind. Their sexual life is full of passion and energy up to the brim. A Taurus lady displays her sensitive side while making love as she opens up fully and feels safe in the arms of her lover.
A Sagittarius man gets just the physical pleasures initially. He wants his emotions to come along, but when they get intimate, lust takes over and both try to outdo their respective mate. He enjoys her hotness and she has fun with his wild passion. Both have to try to be harder and wild, while enjoying such sessions, only then they become committed. Sexual intimacy doesn’t mean the physical pleasure both are getting but is the involvement of body, mind and soul.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Taurus

Family Compatibility


A Sagittarius man gets just the physical pleasures initially. He wants his emotions to come along, but when they get intimate, lust takes over and both try to outdo their respective mate. Both find the bridge of trust developing between them, making them cozy in any manner.
With the passage of time their love for each other blossoms into a beautiful flower spreading a nice fragrance. Warmth and gentle colors of romance enter their house making it giggle with joy. Now both start thinking of having a nice little family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Taurus

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Physical Compatibility


A Taurus girl has a height that varies from short to middle. She has a massive fore-head, thick and muscular neck, shining eyes, a flawless skin and a well developed body. She might appear to be a little plump due to her short height, but her body has enough curves. She is hungry for power and is ambitious.
A Sagittarius man’s height is between average tall and taller. He looks cheerful and man of sound character from his always smiling face. He has a lovely pair of eyes. His hair is well structured. When he gets in to the middle age he might put on some weight and look obese. He has an elegant grace and a soft speech that keeps him out of many awkward situations, something he is prone to various mishaps, which keep happening with him in every nook and corner.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Taurus

Professional Compatibility


A Taurus lady is not slow in her activities, but most of the time she can be found in bad temper. She can’t find trust in others that easily. She will save money, but not spend unnecessarily, but will invest it properly to grow more money. She knows the value of money and has a materialistic mind. She has an urge to go in the field of art, music, movies, and theater etc.
A Sagittarius man remains busy with his work, in any field, and loves his own freedom. He likes communicating with lots of persons and encourages them in doing whatever they are doing presently. He himself is good at doing work of any kind and loves a few changes now and then. He impresses his surroundings while doing a job. He feels suffocated when someone tries to pin him down. He loves the risks involved but never breaks any rule.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Taurus

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Final Outcome


– A Taurus lady starts an affair seriously whereas a Sagittarius man is not serious initially, as he loves cracking jokes out of anything.


– She gets impressed on their first date and he is impressed by her tidiness and taking care attitude.


– He enjoys his hot and down to earth lover and she also has fun with his wild passion and feels safe in his arms.


– Both do adjust to each other’s nature and take love to its zenith.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Taurus

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