Compatibility between Sagittarius and Scorpio


Little Bit About Sagittarius and Scorpio


Both Scorpio lady and Sagittarius man forms an unstable or stable to the core alliance. She loves him passionately and has fun in the fresh air provided by him. He appreciates her intelligence and her sensual ways in dealing various factors. He gets attracted to her magnetic personality and loses his heart instantly. She also gets attracted to his honesty and sheer hard work, making him realize that she is going to be the best he can ask for. He can spend a life time with this Scorpio lady, but he insists on some jealousy is also necessary for a healthy bond. If he keeps poking time and again, their down fall is inevitable.


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He is an honest soul that utters the truth only, sometimes hurting the listener. He doesn’t play the role of a diplomat as he hopes against hope to sort out the crisis of any kind. Once in an alliance he is totally loyal to his lady love, but suspicion has to come in her mind as majority of his admirers are ladies. Initially she trusts him, but soon realizes his female fan following his flirtatious nature irritates her. If she has the patience to tolerate all this, it’s ok, otherwise this alliance can end abruptly.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Sagittarius and Scorpio

Love Compatibility:


A Sagittarius man can try to support his lady loves desires and not be advises to her needs. She knows what is going on his mind as she has a better sense than him. Initially, everything looks fine, if he is earning well than their love boat keeps sailing smoothly. She knows her man’s dreams and advise him on how to achieve them.


Their bond gets a solid base as he finds new enthusiasm and devotion within him. He hangs out with his lady love and starts giving her more time. Both feel relaxed when the bridge of trust is constructed among them. With the time passing by, both find their love getting stronger. If both keep suspecting each other than their alliance has a very dark future.

Love Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Scorpio

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Sexual Compatibility


Their sexual sessions are vastly different, but are very exciting. He has all the hotness of fire and she has the smoothness of water flowing and together they can make a fascinating pair. A Sagittarius man has new opinions on different sessions, each time she welcomes them but can get irritated if both don’t get the physical pleasure.
Sometimes his new ideas are a bit childish and immature and she needs a safe & square passage in love. He sometimes hurt her with his fair uttering’s and she responds by making him realize his past mistakes, flaring up the whole issue. The passion that he has for her within him dies down and makes him go in search of another female who finds more compatibility with his views.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Scorpio

Family Compatibility


A Scorpio lady and a Sagittarius man has lots of different opinions about the majority of things, but can have a vibrating alliance if both of them mold some of their basic habits. He has to get a little careful while speaking as he utters some words that are not digested by his lady love, she has to make him aware of certain things. He can make her see the world from a different angle and not be serious about it all the time.
She doesn’t admire his female fans and he hates when she restricts him for not going his flirtiest way. If he tolerates her feelings little bit, she will not stare so ferociously at him; he can bring in more love and strengthen their love bond and keep having the enjoyable moments.

Family Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Scorpio

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Physical Compatibility


A Scorpio lady has prominent features on her stout body. She has an average height with a wide face, short and curly hair, long hands and the color of their eyes can be dark, black, brown, green or blue. But one glance at her eyes can hypnotize the person. She has very deeply penetrating eyes, under whose gaze a man can shudder.
A Sagittarius man is built like a gladiator, taller than the normal and muscular in strength. He has a smiling face because a smile always stays on his face making him look optimistic. His eyes express happiness and are bright as a diamond. He is a large bone person and has wide shoulders. He resembles as a royal person.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Scorpio

Professional Compatibility


A Scorpio lady is blessed with financial gains. She is blessed with lots of wealth as she is careful while investing her money. Whether she stays at home or has a job, she will be in a good position, but her homely budget is always facing the blues. She is ‘penny wise and pounds foolish’ kind of lady. She has a weakness for honor and can spend lavishly if someone challenges her prestige. In her house, no one can dominate her as she is the boss.
A Sagittarius man remains busy doing his own job. He loves conversing with different people and increases his wisdom and knowledge. He does do his job in full honest and authentic manner. He gets happy vibes when everybody agrees with his conclusions. He knows his own boundaries and never breaks his rules. Occasionally he loves taking chances but completes the job with his sheer hard work.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Scorpio

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Final Outcome


– Both has an interesting bond among them, it can achieve the heights like no other can or it will get finished before it starts.


– Both has an interesting bond among them, it can achieve the heights like no other can or it will get finished before it starts.


– Both have new ideas and opinions regarding their lovemaking sessions, sometimes she welcomes them and have fun, but she gets irritated if these are getting over board.


– Both need to play like a sportsman if both want to enjoy this game of love in their life.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Scorpio

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