Compatibility between Sagittarius and Libra


Little Bit About Sagittarius and Libra


Both a Libra lady and Sagittarius man can create a smooth alliance between them. They have lots of fun with their laugher can be heard in the neighborhood. Both have a positive conversation when they are together and shared emotions make their bond stickier. Both do understand their mate’s needs and desires. A Libra lady is highly wise, intelligent and clever. She has value for her mate’s honesty and loves a debate as she knows the skills to come out of it with flying colors. She enjoys a lavish life style and seeks appreciation from time to time. She ambushes her man with pleasant surprises. A Libra lady is above all the females in determination and feminine nobility.


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A Sagittarius man is always surrounded by his female admirers. He has energy combined with his sense of humor makes the crowd appreciate him with claps and a loud applause. He requires a certain freedom to quench his thirst and can’t be restricted. He is a positive guy who trusts everybody, when cheated he feels a rejected guy. A lady can enter his domain a little consciously because his frankness can hurt her feelings some time. But she can have all the fun and enjoy the various adventures he takes. A Libra lady is clever, who knows that a Sagittarius man has to sooth down when both fall in love and form an alliance.

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Love Compatibility:


Both form a great pair as a Sagittarius man’s desires are fulfilled by a Libra lady successfully. Very soon she makes him realize that she is the best choice he has made. She has the man like qualities in her behavior, but deep inside she is still a lady. She shows her feminine qualities by generously loving and adoring him, their love for each other grows deeper, adding spice to their love life.


A harmony gets created between them that are totally well balanced. Both stay like that up to the time when she gets career minded. When she goes after her career he feels neglected and might lose his interest and love. Otherwise, he changes her direction in life when both get together. He needs the patience to mold her and not dominate her and she is happy with her choice and stays in love with him.

Love Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Libra

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Sexual Compatibility


Both have lots of fun together when a sexual session happens between them, as both match each other perfectly. None of them feels any pressure from any side and both have enough space to have fun. Both feel safe when they hold each other in their arms. Both have the aim to satisfy their physical desires and both do just that. Both have new ideas and opinions and try experiencing them, ending in smiles on their faces.
Both provide the ultimate pleasure to their mate and feel relaxed. Their physical activities might not create curiosity, but both have a smooth ride as both quench their physical thirst. Sometimes she might be thinking of something else even when she is in his arms. His dominance in lovemaking irritates her, but practically it’s very rare.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Libra

Family Compatibility


Even when both find a unique bond between them, some rare hiccups has to raise its ugly head. Both need to compromise on certain levels. She proves her strength while loving him, but is negligible when he gets frustrated. Her emotions get hurt by his rude and blunt behavior, he starts uttering a foul language and she starts feeling unsafe.
She also responds in a similar way and things go out of hands.Quickly he senses her vibes and uses his intelligence to make her relax and be comfortable. Her frustrations might reach the sky, but his grace is there to save him from her clutches as it a Sagittarius man who can soothe her like no one else can. Both have to be patient to grow a happy family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Libra

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Physical Compatibility


She has good features that can’t be excellent, but are well balanced. She has dimples in her cheeks or on her chin or on her cute knees. She has curly hair and her body is full of curves, but it is not obese. She has heart shaped lips. She has a height that is taller than the normal. She has a great physical appearance that attracts a Sagittarius man to her.
A Sagittarius man has the physique of a soldier. His height is taller than the normal and he has a muscular body that appears strong. He seems cheerful as a smile keeps hanging on his face. He has bright eyes, which come with a expression of happiness. He has broad shoulders and is large boned fellow.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Libra

Professional Compatibility


She is blessed to be wealthy as she has a control over spending money very carefully. She excels in judgment, reasoning and has the sense to foresee things. She is liberal and generous, where financial matters are concerned. Her friends are more helpful than relatives and she can sometimes be spending lavishly, she needs a check on that. A Sagittarius man gets attracted to her due to her physical appearance.
A Sagittarius man needs answers to his many curious questions. He can go to any length to get his answers from anybody as he loves conversing with different people. He feels happy when he reaches a conclusion and everybody around him agrees to it. He loves his freedom but can be irritable if restrictions are put on him. He doesn’t break any rules as he works with full honesty, but he will take occasional risks.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Libra

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Final Outcome


– Both form a bond that pleases them both to their extremes and laughter can be heard emitting out of their home regularly.


– Once they find solace in their bond and adjust with each other’s behavior, their bond seems to be getting deeper and deeper.


– Both might not appear to be sexual intimate, but it is they who enjoy every move and keep trying many.


– Both have to be patience with each other and enjoy otherwise both have a furious nature when in distress.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Sagittarius and Libra

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